South Bay Schools Corruption Defendants Due in Court Monday

Fifteen defendants in the ‘pay-to-play’ investigation involving San Ysidro, Sweetwater and Southwestern College officials have Monday court dates.

Defendants in the corruption case involving current and former officials for the Sweetwater Union High School District, San Ysidro School District and Southwestern College are scheduled for court appearances in San Diego on Monday.

Among the accused, 15 are scheduled for an arraignment on indictment Monday at 2 p.m. A preliminary examination hearing for an additional four defendents is also expected to take place Monday.

A grand jury handed down indictments last month in the “pay-to-play” corruption case that alleges school officials voted on large construction contracts after accepting lavish meals and other gifts from contractors.

Read the full report on Monday’s court proceedings on NBCSandiego.com.

Fayette (Davis) Driskell January 08, 2013 at 09:42 PM
Maybe the public needs to attend some of the court hearings, meetings, get the word out in the paper, etc. I realize the hearings may be closed, but there are halls that can be stood in, sat in, & rally's that can be held OUTSIDE the courthouse with signs depicting what the public thinks if necessary...I so agree, this is something that should not "just go away"..if you, the residents of the So Bay Sch. Dist., Sweetwater Sch. Dist., & all others involved, DO NOT stand up & SHOUT your voice, this is what just might happen..As a former IB'n (?), and a Mariner, I am still very concerned what happens..
Sissy Jacks January 09, 2013 at 12:40 AM
Fayetteville (what a cool name): Maybe tax payers in the South Bay need to start attending the board meetings. It is important to show up, stand up and speak up! Quinones going on camera and stating "I did nothing wrong" is enough to make a maggot gag! I encourage ALL of you to read the charges, WE ARE NOT TALKING ABOUT TAKING A PENNY PIECE OF CANDY here - Ms. Quinones is of the opinion that we are ignorant - WE ARE NOT!!! The true travesty is WHO IS LOOKING OUT FOR THE STUDENTS?
Fayette (Davis) Driskell January 09, 2013 at 01:20 AM
Thank you..I kinda like my name!! :)....Sissy, you are correct, it is time the residents, whether they have a child, gr-child, friend, or not, attending the schools in So Bay to step up to the plate..as long as they are a TAX-PAYING citizen, (& you can't even buy a piece of bubble gum w/o tax on it!!,), they need to attend these meetings..the longer their head is stuck in the sand, thinking the "other guy" will speak up, the longer the corruptness will go on...by the sounds of things, NO ONE is looking out for the students..I was there in Sept for my 50th h/s reunion..we were given a tour of MVHS..we all, I think, walked away with shame as to how the school & grounds have been & are being kept..it reminded me of what ole Palm City used to look like..BUT...they have an olympic-size swim pool!!!!..there is NO monies to paint the buildings, keep the grounds clean, but they can afford a pool????..we let the ass't superintendant know real quick, if we needed swim lessons, we either walked to the beach or went to the "Y" in CV...I think its time "reality" set in, folks...
Sissy Jacks January 11, 2013 at 02:19 AM
Fayetteville: the apathy in the South Bay has become a sort of cancer. It appears the news of the latest indictments has shaken many to their core. 99.9% of our high schools are on the states Program Improvement list and the reply we get from superintendent Brand is " many other districts have a lot of schools on that list to. ". Oh we'll in that case what the hey!!!!!!! Are you freakin kidding me? This guy is not spending OUR tax dollars on OUR middle and high school students, BUT he has money to start a charter elementary school. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!! Each and every person reading this needs to attend the next board meeting and tell Brand that we want him focusing you our students, leave the back room deals for when he retires.
Fayette (Davis) Driskell January 11, 2013 at 04:23 AM
Well, Sissy, with folks like you out here canvassing as you are, maybe the eyes will at least "peep" open..might think of getting flyers out there, get a group of kiddos to help pass them out..make up yard signs with the message..of course, all messages will have to be in Spanish as well as English..the Board meetings NEED TO BE PACKED, let folks stand outside if need be, but they need to get involved..so where is this Charter Elem. Sch. located?..who attends it?..I thought Central, Oneonta, Imp. Bch., & Westview were quite efficient, AND sufficient from the 40's to the 80's!!!


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