Sexual Education, Head Lice, School-City Parks at SBUSD Meeting

Among several other topics to be discussed at the monthly meeting, a presentation on the use of Proposition X school bond funds will also be made.

Union negotiations and changes to policy related to sexual education, animals at school and other topics will be discussed at the South Bay Union School District (SBUSD) Board of Trustees meeting at Burress Auditorium Thursday at 6 p.m.

Following a recommendation by Imperial Beach Mayor Jim Janney, the Board of Trustees will discuss the idea of allowing school playgrounds to double as parks for the entire community. Public use would only be allowed when school is not in session.

The idea was originally proposed at a city workshop in January as a way to offer more open space for the city's "underserved" residents in Central and Oneonta neighborhoods east of 9th Street.

Superintendent Carol Parish and Board President Elvia Aguilar met with Janney and City Manager Gary Brown to discuss the idea on March 15.

The district and city have not had a joint-use agreement since 1997, said district spokeswoman Amy Cooper.

In other matters to be considered at the meeting, wording for several district policies may change, including:

- BP/AR 6142.1 Sexual Health and HIV/AIDS Prevention Instruction
Among revised language in the document governing sexual education, a portion that says the curriculum "…shall help students understand the biological, psychological, social, moral, and ethical aspects of human sexuality" will be replaced with "aligned with state standards" and "designed to teach students to make healthy choices and reduce high-risk behavior."

As the district only recently started to offer classes for 7th graders, policies have been added that specifically reference education for 7th graders, including abstinence instruction and the availability of condoms.

- BP 6163.2 Animals at School
Language has been added to plainly state that "the district assumes no liability for the safety of animals allowed on district property" and remove language that states animals "can be an effective teaching aid."

- BP 5141.33 Head Lice
Language has been added to a letter sent home with students who have head lice that states parents or guardians should use an over-the-counter lice killing shampoo "according to label instructions." Lice needs blood to survive so remove the lice from the source and they die. "Excessive cleaning measures are not necessary" was also added to the letter.

The Board of Trustees may alter, comment or change the amendments at the meeting.

Click here to see the district's current governance documents and board policies.

A public hearing will be held before the board votes on a counterproposal to the local California School Employees Association (CSEA) chapter related to wages.

See the board meeting materials packet for more information.

The board will consider changes to Child Nutrition Department staffing at various schools throughout the district.

Presentations will be made based on the pros and cons of alternative energy and use of Proposition X bond funds.

In part due to a short period of time between school years, the district will ask the state to waive a requirement that qualifying special education students receive additional instruction during summer break. The waiver will request five fewer days of instruction for special education students.

Prior to the vote on the waiver, Director of Student Service Erin Lain will give a presentation on the district's special education instruction. 11 percent of the student population receive special education services.

The board will recognize community volunteers and staff at the start of the meeting.

Former Reachout to Families Resource Center director Yolanda Araujo will join current Reachout staff for recognition as well. The Reachout to Families Resource Center is on campus at Central Elementary School.

For the full meeting schedule see the attached agenda and documents related to specific agenda items.

Loki April 17, 2013 at 05:59 AM
Why was there no mention of the LGBT Parade at Mar Vista High School today - Tuesday 4/16/2013 ? It is my understanding that there were several teachers and counselors in the parade. Apparently it was in the guise of an Anti-Bullying Parade. Back when I was going to High School people who were bullied were not gay - we were just different, introverted, smart and clumsy - nobody tried to label us as GAY! For gods sake - LGBT issues have no place in High School! Most of the students in High School are still minors ... Why was there no notice to parents that this was being organized? Mr. Braddock?
Libi Uremovic April 17, 2013 at 01:03 PM
'... nobody tried to label us as GAY! ...' nobody labeled anyone as gay ....racism against gays didn't start until the 80's... '...Apparently it was in the guise of an Anti-Bullying Parade. ...' it's not just gays that get bullied ....it's introverted, smart, clumsy kids...fat kids.... this country has developed a mentality that it's acceptable to degrade our fellow man if there is an 'excuse' ... if kids want to stand up against being harassed it is their right and their sexual orientation is none of your business... was it 'just the gays doing it'..?? wow - how embarrassing for the straight people that they don't have the decency to be the leaders in the anti bullying parade since they are the bullies....
Surf Cali April 17, 2013 at 03:08 PM
When I went to MVHS I remember at least 2 students who, now looking back were probably Gay. I also remember how they were tormented everyday and made fun of. I am ashamed now that I took part in it. To be honest I didn't even really know why I did it just felt better be the one teasing then the one being teased. I don't know what the Parade was about or if it did any good. But I do know that I support anything that try's to prevent that kind of bullying from Happening. Kids should feel safe at school period.
Maria Duran April 17, 2013 at 06:03 PM
I agree with Mr. Braddock. The issue is that parents must be notified and given the option to opt their kids out of such organized events. The schools won't tell us because if we keep our kids home they lose money!!!!
Loki April 19, 2013 at 02:35 AM
1st of all let's define GAY as what it is - it is a "homosexual orientation". For males - it is not being picayune about neatness - nor the desire to cook rather than work on cars ... and vice versa for females. It is not even the preference for companions of the same sex - that's normal. It is instead the preference for having sex with members of the same sex - this is not normal - and it should not be held up as an acceptable behavior for high school students. Children need to be given a chance to be "straight" - by using taboos, guidelines, moral code, religion, etc. They shouldn't be told that being gay is a normal or healthy choice - because it's not! How far are YOU willing to accept the gaying agenda from our "social engineers"? Libi - "racism (?) against gays didn't start until the 80's" - you are definitely living in LaLa Land. Do you even remember the 80s? The 80s was when AIDs raised its ugly head - and ironically instead of pushing the "gay" population underground or deeper into the closet there was a concerted effort by the press to make the "hetero" majority accept the "homo" minority and claim that the "AIDs plague" was not their fault - even blaming it on the government ... remember? On the other hand - Bullying is a completely different matter - NO ONE should be bullied - period! By promoting a GAY Parade to represent those being bullied obfuscates the real issue and is a disservice to everyone - especially those who are simply "different".


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