Marian Catholic HS Sold to Developer

The property has laid vacant since Marian Catholic High School was closed in 2007 after more than 45 years in the community.

An 18-acre property once home to Marian Catholic High School has been sold for $5.65 million, Diocese of San Diego officials said Thursday.

Residential developer MCP Ventures LLC purchased the land, the San Diego Daily Transcript reported.

The property stretches along Coronado Avenue just outside Imperial Beach in Nestor. Quinta de Guadalupe Community Center will not be sold as part of the agreement, said Diocese of San Diego Director of Construction Dan Rancourt.

In September 2011, IB Patch reported that the Diocese of San Diego was in negotiations to sell the property to a residential home developer.

The private school first opened in August 1960 and shut its doors in June 2007, said Mater Dei High School principal George Milke. In its absence, Mater Dei Catholic High School opened in Chula Vista two months later.

Jon Hall November 08, 2012 at 09:17 PM
Interesting --- we were always told that when Egger gave the land for schools, parks, and churches that part of the agreement was if the land was ever sold title would revert back to the family instead ...
Gary Trieschman November 08, 2012 at 11:34 PM
It would have been a great site for a "Senior Housing Development" for the area, like St James Plaza.
Mike G November 10, 2012 at 02:51 AM
On the bright side. $5.65 million pays for a lot of lawyers and payouts to cover up priest sex abuse cases. Notice the article just says residential developer? No mention of what will be built. If this is actually going to be 'residential' someone better be paying for increased school capacity (MVMS can only handle so much), traffic, sewer, and all of the other infrastructure that goes along with an additional 18 acres of housing. And by someone I mean the developer. The only thing I can dig up about this company is that they specialize in rental properties.
Rick Tirado November 12, 2012 at 08:32 PM
What a shame the property will likely become residential. This will be a disgrace to legacy of the school and tremendous loss for the southbay community. As a former graduate, this school was once a vibrant launching pad for many successful and productive members of our community. It was an affordable alternative to public education for working class families. Marian Catholic was rich with dedicated teachers that spent most of their teaching careers there. Shame Shame Shame.
Bowe Fertig February 06, 2013 at 10:21 PM
This company does a great job of staying secretive. I have had a tough time finding any confirming info about the where-abouts of the company or what they actually do.


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