Write-In Candidate Ron Moody Makes Last-Minute Run for IB City Council

Ron Moody was approved to run for the Imperial Beach City Council Tuesday and said he's running because he's tired of current city leadership and a lack of progress to build a shopping mall at 9th Street and Palm Avenue.

With two weeks to go before voters head to the polls, Ron Moody of Imperial Beach has decided to throw his hat in the ring and run for City Counci.

The longtime local resident was notified that signatures he gathered received final approval Tuesday, the final day to enter the race as a write-in candidate.

Moody joins a field of five candidates vying for two seats on the Imperial Beach City Council.

He has contemplated running for office since the last time he ran six years ago, and more seriously in the past six weeks. He admits he's unprepared, and that he didn't want to have to run, but feels compelled to get involved.

The reason he's running for office can be summed up in words he shared with a colleague:

"I said 'Dave, you know, I'm just tired of getting promises and seeing nothing happen, and I couldn't not do anything about it anymore. The council's broken. Nobody is speaking to that issue,'" he said.

Moody has lived in IB for more than 30 years and said he entered the race primarily to return accountability to City Council. None of the other candidates are addressing what he calls IB's biggest problem.

"They make promises about how they're going to fix the economy, but none of them want to talk about how they're going to fix the council," he said.

"Not one person that I've talked to feels they're being represented by the city. Not one person feels like they know why the development at 9th and Palm has been stalled for most of the year," he said.

Moody wants to see progress reports on projects the city undertakes become a regular service so Imperial Beachians are aware of city actions.

"The information that ought to be coming out of the city is not coming out. There seems to be a lack of accountability. A real sense that what goes on within the city chambers, stays within the city chambers, unless they're pressed to get that information out," he said.

Developing tourism, bringing in new businesses and promoting IB are also among the issues he wants to address if elected.

"There's a strong political no growth lobby in this city that has perpetuated a myth that there is going to be uncontrolled development if the city tries to move to improve its commercial areas," he said.

IB can't even get 9th and Palm built when millions in free land was given to a developer to seal the deal, Moody said.

"Where are the high rises and rampant development these individuals that put down any kind of development proposals are talking about? It's a cry wolf tactic. And what it's doing is preventing you and me from having the services and the opportunities that everybody who lives here deserves," he said.

Moody has not attended a city council meeting since July 2011, when the city passed a strict ordinance regulating medical marijuana in Imperial Beach.

Moody is not in favor of Prop S. He believes medical marijuana began with the intention of serving patients with debilitating illnesses, but the issue has been "hijacked" by the "marijuana lobby" as a way to make marijuana virtually legal.

"Ganja Mama, Black African Killer Weed… I mean the names, these are not medical names. Look in the [San Diego] Reader, and you'll see it's the drug counterculture that is pushing this whole movement," he said.

The city already has a stigma and poor reputation for drug use in the past, he said, and Prop S won't help Imperial Beach.

"You cannot move a community forward if you're recognized for dysfunction, for non-productivity and all of the promises that the council makes never address that issue," he said.

Moody said he first ran for City Council six years ago after an alley assessment district failed to pass, but it was living through Hurricane Camille in Mississippi in 1969 that first pushed him into public service.

"Going through that taught me the value of community and standing with others, and it's a lesson that stuck with me the rest of my life," he said.

Local residents who want to learn more about Moody can visit writeinib.com.

Libi Uremovic October 25, 2012 at 03:54 PM
the 3rd leading cause of death among teenagers is suicide... the psychiatric industry has no problem doping kids up with mind & body altering chemicals they produce & sell themselves... again - not impressed with studies from industries that are causing the problems in our society and trying to protect their own money interests kids are smoking pot...good for them....weed has far less short & long term effects than booze, tobacco, red meat, processed food, and 98% of the drugs prescribed by the medical industry... question: 'have you ever smoke marijuana that came from a store, or are you always forced to go to drug dealers on the streets?' good for colorado that they are providing safe access to their citizens "...teens in two Colorado substance treatment programs...'' kids aren't in drug treatment programs for weed - they're in there for booze, pills, & powders.... the psychiatric industry isn't concerned with why the kids are in treatment programs, only that they have accessed weed from stores... ...'marijuana is a gateway drug' - what they mean to say is that they want to keep weed in the hands of hard core drug dealers so the kids are given a 'gateway' to other drugs.....
Brash Brazen October 25, 2012 at 05:38 PM
Don't be duped by anti-marijuana zealots,storefront medical marijuana dispensaries are legal (a Wednesday ruling by the California Appellate Court reaffirmed their legality) & voting no will have absolutely no bearing on whether they can operate here ! Since the Appellate Court has already ruled that cities are "pre-empted" from banning dispensaries & that such bans are contrary to the intent of the voters & lawmakers,IB's present ban is illegal & unenforceable now ! Anyone who asks for a doctor's recommendation for any medical condition can become a cannabis patient,that's the law & if you don't like it that's too damn bad ! IB voters favored legalizing marijuana in 2010 (although the measure only received 46% of the vote statewide) & with polling showing support for medical marijuana at 81% in California one could surmise that Measure S will pass easily ! The city can't legislate marijuana out of town,can't keep patients from using it & can't ban dispensaries anymore ! The reason IB was chosen as one of the cities to put a dispensary measure on the ballot is twofold 1) the relatively small number of signatures needed to put a measure on the ballot & 2) the likelyhood of it's passage in light of the majority of residents favoring legalization two years ago ! Measure S will pass & even if it doesn't the recent court decisions in our favor mean that storefront dispensaries are legal & coming to IB whether the voters approve the measure or not ! Medical marijuana,it's the law !
ibsandyshores October 25, 2012 at 06:35 PM
Moody says he doesn't know what the City is doing and wants progress reports. No wonder - he has not attended a council meeting since July 2011. Sorry, but if "high rises and rampant development " is what you think IB needs, that a big NO VOTE on MOODY for us. Of course along with our NO on PROP S.
Libi Uremovic October 26, 2012 at 12:56 PM
the people that want safe access to weed are right here in plain site...we are the people... it is the city of ib and the no on prop s people that can not be found.... it is the city that makes deals behind closed doors..... the city keeps screaming that people are coming to change things...and they are right...but they aren't coming from far off lands...we are the people that live in this city and we are closing down the corruption....
Brash Brazen October 26, 2012 at 07:07 PM
Don't be fooled by those who oppose Measure S,the state courts have already ruled that storefront dispensaries are legal & that cities are "pre-empted" from banning them ! Unless the state Supreme Court reverses all the Appellate Court decisions there will be dispensaries in IB whether Measure S (conceived before the most recent court decisions in our favor) passes or not because IB will have to adhere to state law ! The courts have ruled that cities & their residents have no legal basis to obstruct "safe & legal access" to medical marijuana & that doing so contravenes the intentions of the voters & legislature ! You can complain all you want,but facts are facts & the law is the law & medical marijuana is here to stay ! Dispensaries will be opening shortly in IB whether Measure S wins or loses (talk about a win-win situation) on November 6th !!! Be a winner,join the winning side & Vote Yes on S !!!
John Galt October 26, 2012 at 07:14 PM
No on S. Not safe for Imperial Beach This is not about medical needs of a few people but big bucks by carpet baggers. Your yes vote will bring increased crime. Leave that to the bigger cities who can better afford it.
Bong Sativa October 26, 2012 at 10:41 PM
What part of bans are illegal & IB will have to accomodate dispensaries don't you clueless anti-marijuana morons understand ? This issue is settled,the courts say cities have to allow dispensaries & the cities present ban based on bias,fear, prejudice,stupidity & lower court decisions is now unenforceable ! Vote no & whine all you want because regardless of the results of Measure S "no one" can prevent dispensaries from opening in IB now whether the voters decide to regulate them or not ! The medical marijuana patients,caregiver's,their supporters & those who provide their doctor recommended medication have won at last ! Game,set,match !!!
ibsandyshores October 27, 2012 at 04:35 PM
VOTE NO on PROP S. Bong Sativa's final comment simply serves to illustrate that this a just a big game to the carpetbaggers. All of the big money going into their campaign ($70k plus last count?) is just the cost of doing business. BIG business. In our small town. They win - WE lose. We lose community safety, reputation, home values, businesses etc. Patients have access now. IB voters: Just Say No!
Summer Hemphill October 27, 2012 at 04:41 PM
Measure S does nothing more than force Ib to comply with current state law which authorizes medical marijuana dispensaries & doesn't allow cities to ban them (according to the latest court rulings) ! Vote Yes on S on November 6th (it's already the law & it will be enforced in IB regardless of the outcome of Measure S) !!!
Smiley ShakeANDwink November 01, 2012 at 03:33 AM
Carpet Baggers? You livin' in a Civil War Re-enactment fantasy world or something? You might want to find another term because the 'carpet baggers' historically re-envigorated the POST-Confederate South (Yeah, because they LOST.. *sigh*). Carpet Baggers were "JOB CREATORS": Many Northern and Southern Republicans shared a modernizing vision of upgrading the Southern economy and society, one that would replace the inefficient Southern plantation regime with railroads, factories and more efficient farming. They actively promoted public schooling and created numerous colleges and universities. The Northerners were especially successful in taking control of Southern railroads, aided by state legislatures. In 1870 Northerners controlled 21% of the South's railroads (by mileage); 19% of the directors were from the North. By 1890 they controlled 88% of the mileage; 47% of the directors were from the North.[9] Sounds to me like IB could really benefit from that sort of contribution (i.e.; replacing the inefficient (broke and pilfered) Southern plantation regime with MORE EFFICIENT FARMING! :D
ibsandyshores November 01, 2012 at 04:33 AM
Smeley Butler - Your "copy/paste" from Wikipedia is meaningless in it's application. Jus an excerpt taken froma historical account. Here's an actual modern definition - from Mirriam-Webster's Dictionary. If the phrase fits, you must ...................... VOTE NO on PROP S. 2. outsider; especially : a nonresident or new resident who seeks private gain from an area often by meddling in its business or politics
Ron November 01, 2012 at 06:41 AM
The city aka-the citizens-did not HAVE to. That was a decision made by our current council including incumbents King and Bilbray. Mayor Janey and fmr RDA director Selby acknowledged at the cmmty workshop Aug 26,'09 that we would never recoup the investment. The council felt the offer by Sudberry Development to build, lease and operate the center was a deal they should take. I disagree. Understanding the how and why of decisions like this, requires involvement at council meetings, focus groups and planning sessions year after year with the intention of contributing to the discussion. It takes an investment in time, and energy. While weighing in on forums is one way to spend time, it is no substitute for weighing in at meetings and taking an active part in the process. Not in favor of high rises. In favor of commercial corridors that, like our community, are unique in their design, environmentally sensitive, and denote vitality and functionality. Such development requires vision, a belief in the attributes of the community, and a commitment to creating something special, something that is alive. IOW, no cookie cutter development. The commercial center of Imperial Beach should be a place where residents go for no other reason than to enjoy the atmosphere and ambiance. I've yet to speak to any resident who prefers the disjointed, dysfunctional appearance, and woefully inadequate services of our current corridors to something more appealing and inviting.
Ron November 01, 2012 at 07:21 AM
The context of my post is that the council is our our biggest problem . Quoting myself: "None of them want to talk about how they're going to fix the council," To my knowledge, not even Ms Lowery, has addressed that issue. BTW, The State of Ca. closed down RDA's as of Feb 1, 2012 <http://articles.latimes.com/2011/dec/29/local/la-me-redevelopment-20111230>
Ron November 01, 2012 at 07:34 AM
FYI-Lobbying for a cause is not the same as a "lobbyist". Please strive for accuracy in your posts. Lobby: 1. "to urge or procure the passage of (legislation)...on behalf of a special interest. To try to influence legislation or administrative decisions" (Websters College Dictionary).
Ron November 01, 2012 at 07:43 AM
Thanks, Sully. You speak for the majority.
Ron November 01, 2012 at 07:53 AM
It's unfortunate the urge to get stoned is using up the energies of citizens who could otherwise be productive and contribute in substantive ways to improving the areas of our community they now only criticize. "If it's meant to be, it starts with me". It's a case of those who get it, and choose to protect the image and livability of our town, and those who don't, and don't care. .
ibsandyshores November 01, 2012 at 03:55 PM
Here's a website that exposes ASA (behind Prop S). Interesting, as the website is called "The Weedly News" and is a pro marijuana site! www.theweedlynews.com. They have a whole section called, "Americans for Safe Access WARNING". VOTE NO on PROP S
ibsandyshores November 01, 2012 at 04:03 PM
The only candidates that did not stand behind protecting Imperial Beach and are willing to give away local control in regulating pot shops are Lowery and Bilbray. Their choice. NOT voting for them? Our choice. Easy. Just say no. NO on Prop S.
Marcus Boyd November 01, 2012 at 04:39 PM
The folks behind the website mention above include sex club operator Randall Welty, and a disgruntled group of legalizationist who do not agree with ASA's sole (or soul) focus of safe access for patients. Beat Wife: http://www.gaviotaaction.org/docs/Ballantyne_Indy_8-7-08.pdf Child Sex http://mt.insidesocal.com/sb/iecourts/2009/06/strip-club-manager-welty-faces.html The Weedly News folks would prefer to use a liquor store to purchase what you're calling pot. http://www.utsandiego.com/news/2011/jul/08/flesh-club-owner-heads-medical-marijuana-effort/ Welty is the same person who purchased Anthony's in CV, and renamed it 'Eye Candy'.... http://www.nbcsandiego.com/news/local/Controversial-Strip-Club-Opens-in-Chula-Vista-173219881.html Be careful of the bus you would throw ASA's honorable work under, it could just back up over you.
ibsandyshores November 01, 2012 at 04:55 PM
Wow, Marcus - please explain your comment "Be careful of the bus you would throw ASA's honorable work under, it could just back up over you." We did not write the article/website. No affiliation. Just something to pass along that's out there on the web for anyone to read. Another opinion, right? We're all entitled to them, right? To voice them freely, right? We'll, here's a group that did. Maybe they're right - maybe they're wrong. If you are not happy about it, take it up with them. VOTE NO on S. That's OUR opinion.
Marcus Boyd November 01, 2012 at 05:11 PM
VOTE YES on S - It's the honorable thing to do for the sick and dying who use and need access to doctor recommended cannabis.
Marcus Boyd November 01, 2012 at 05:17 PM
Sorry, your comment really sounded as though you were siding with Randal Welty. Stop the name calling. Stop the derogatory references to the medicine that sick and dying patients rely on. Stop spreading fear and providing our neighbors with hate against our neighbors. VOTE YES on S -- Stop their political reefer madness!
Marcus Boyd November 01, 2012 at 05:18 PM
Or better yet - stay positive and VOTE YES
Jack Fisher November 01, 2012 at 05:31 PM
Ron Even though the State has closed down RDA's our City is using $45K per month, to oversee the "projects" that were part of the RDA's responsibility. The City has a payment due of 1.5 million dollars come January 2013 to cover the bonds that were taken to purchase property. While the development of Imperial Beach is important I think it has not been done carefully. I am equally interested in you concerns of 9th and Palm an it's lack of progress (BTW i can see my house in your picture above) I look forward to having the big construction trucks and the dirt and the noise next to me until the project is finished. Now that the developer owns the land I cannot see what the hold up is.
Smiley ShakeANDwink November 02, 2012 at 01:14 PM
@insandyshores: Your copy/paste of the #2 (!!!) definition is almost as meaningless as your trolling this site thinking you'll make any kind of difference in the outcome. Especially meaningless if that's your application for it because the vote is here with residents. My family dates back to 1952 in IB. So tell me, when did YOUR FAMILY move in with YOUR CARPETBAG and start bankrupting this fine coastal community? Because, all I know is that I go off to get an expensive education and fight a war for my country only to come back to find the city council keeping the balance in the RED. So what's all that about, huh??? Then you want to take away my brothers and sisters meds away? Oh, I suppose that since it's something that doesn't help YOU, then it's unacceptable for it to help anyone else, right? FYI: MY INTENDED APPLICATION for the historical reference I copy/pasted is ENTIRELY MEANINGFUL AND RELEVANT despite your limited mental capacity to comprehend my usage and inference. But hey, since your blowhard ego might not allow you to be able to wrap your head around it, then let's break it all down point by point, SHALL WE? :D
Smiley ShakeANDwink November 02, 2012 at 01:17 PM
@ibsandyshores: (part 2) IB is 'nearly BANKRUPT': JUST LIKE THE SOUTH WAS. RELEVANT. The carpet baggers ended up SAVING the South ECONOMICALLY as well as EDUCATING them to boot. Seems to me that lots of (apparently) much needed revenue generated from said dispensaries could easily be funneled into the IB Education System if it isn't already. RELEVANT. I'll also add that back then, many of those plantations were growing AND SMOKING HEMP like the FOUNDING FATHERS of this great nation did. Added point of pot smoking founding fathers = ADDITIONAL RELEVANCE (SEE??). The 'carpet baggers' were INDEED job creators, DUALLY RELEVANT in that I went on to point out that: 1) IB could use the jobs and revenue generated by dispensaries, and 2) because you're obviously a Tea Bagger, and think much like the Civil War LOSING Seditionist Traitors of the South, which also applies to the fact that Tea Baggers often like to blather on and on about how great the "Job Creators' are. R-E-L-E-V-A-N-T !-!-!
Smiley ShakeANDwink November 02, 2012 at 01:19 PM
@ibsandyshores: (Part 3) Choosing to use outdated slang which originated from the historically WRONG side of the Civil War shows a complete lack of intellectual integrity on your part with regards to several points which I have only begun to outline during this discourse. Perhaps you've been hitting the bottle a bit too hard lately to be able comprehend that fact? Better watch your HEALTH, my friend!!! Come to think of it. the only thing that's IRRELEVANT here is your 'no' vote on Prop S, because as Summer Hemphill so kindly points out to you below: "it's already the law & it will be enforced in IB regardless of the outcome of Measure S !!!". I'm a longstanding IB resident here, NOT A CARPET BAGGER. I'm also a taxpaying patriot veteran who would rather see my brothers and sisters who would benefit from having a healthier alternative for pain and other afflictions than the dangerous pharmaceuticals which claim numerous lives years after year, which marijuana claims NOT ONE IN RECORDED HISTORY... EVER. http://www.drugwarfacts.org/cms/Causes_of_Death I'm a resident voting YES ON S. And my vote is JUST AS RELEVANT as it was when I voted for Prop 215 in the first place. I hope that will be 'meaningful' enough for you.
Marcus Boyd November 02, 2012 at 02:15 PM
Prop S Town Hall Meeting video has been released on Patch, unedited and in its entirety. VIDEO: http://imperialbeach.patch.com/blog_posts/video-prop-s-town-hall-meeting#youtube_video-12007401
Ron November 02, 2012 at 10:41 PM
You've been duped into believing that progress means the end of your town as you know it. Not so. Have you ever been to a beautiful town that had an attractive and pedestrian friendly commercial district? Why not so for your own town? a commercial district to hang out in and enjoy, not worrying about traffic etc? Progress can be a good thing, and is necessary for survival. What do you feel about the Sports Park talks going on w/YMCA, and the prospect of loosing that community asset? For an accurate picture of my position on growth and progress, please check out my web site writeinib.com. I think you'll find that using the assets and resources we already have to reflect the character of our town, being creative and environmentally respectful (including height limits) is what I regard as progress. Here's a link to a meeting of the DRB (design review board) prior to the city's decision on a height variance to the Seacoast Inn. My position on height limits clear-----http://www.writeinib.com/?page_id=251 Grow
Ron November 03, 2012 at 04:24 AM
Prop S is a veiled attempt to provide easy access for recreational marijuana use. The advertisements <http://www.mmofsd.com/>for these cooperatives validate that. Its backers have no empathy or concern for those with the medical necessity for the relief marijuana can provide. The pro marijuana lobby with its deep pockets hijacked the legislation and exploited the intent. It is a classic example of good legislation gone bad. No one on the council with the exception of Councilman Brian Bilbray, voted in favor of allowing cooperatives to operate within our city. He sided against the Sheriffs department and the City Attorney.


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