VIDEO: News Conference Held in Support of Red-Light Cameras

In a news conference held Tuesday, elected officials in Murrieta urged a no vote on Measure N, the red-light camera initiative.

Supporters of Murrieta's red-light cameras held a news conference Tuesday at Murrieta Hot Springs and Whitewood roads.

Those who spoke included Murrieta Mayor Pro Tem Rick Gibbs, Councilman Alan Long, Councilman Randon Lane, former Murrieta Public Safety Traffic Commissioners Steve Flynn and Robert DeCubellis, and City Council Candidate Joel Phillips.

They urged a no vote on Measure N, an initiative on the Nov. 6 ballot that seeks to ban the cameras from the city.

Officials claimed red-light violations dropped from 3,150 per month in 2005 to 85 per month in 2011 after the installation of the cameras.

They said the cameras save lives, pointing out that two senior citizens were killed in a crash last weekend at a Temecula intersection.

The Republican October 25, 2012 at 04:55 PM
Citizen you opinion really is like pissing in the wind at this point.. The cameras are going to get banned by a large majority of voters You do gooders in Murrieta never seem to want to abide by the will of the people. . We are ready for a post election lawsuit because we all know that is where this is going.
James C. Walker October 29, 2012 at 03:06 PM
Vote YES on N to ban the cameras. Red light cameras are a predatory money-grab program, not a safety program. Then, after the cameras are banned and the city of Murietta has no financial reasons to deliberately mis-engineer traffic lights to get more ticket revenue --- then insist that the yellow intervals on the lights be extended by one second. This will lower the violation rate so low that ATS or any of the other predatory red light camera cash register companies would not want to even bid for a contract. James C. Walker, National Motorists Association, www.motorists.org, Ann Arbor, MI
Diana Serafin November 01, 2012 at 04:17 PM
November 6th Election Night Party Join us on Election Night to watch the Election at Spelly’s Bar and Grille! Spelly’s serves Great Food and of course a full bar. Please support Spelly’s! Plan to eat dinner, enjoy a drink and watch the election with family, friends and candidates on large screen televisions. Spelly’s is letting us use the entire place with all TV’s on the election. FOX, CNN, MSNBC etc will be on the televisions. Most of us will probably be there about 6 pm, of course we can arrive earlier. Happy hour continues to 7 too. We need a few laptops to get Riverside County Election updates, so anyone having one please bring it! Spelly’s Pub and Grille 40675 Murrieta Hot Springs Rd Ste B1 Murrieta, CA 92563 (located between 15 and 215 freeways by Richie’s diner) Candidates attending: Jamie White – Temecula City Council Patrice Lynes – Temecula City Council Harry Ramos – Murrieta City Council Ban the Cams Yes on N – Murrieta Measure to Stop Red light Ticketing Cameras And maybe more candidates……… Everyone is welcome! Post this everywhere, email friends and invite everyone! Need more information contact Diana 951-677-7884 Vote First then come over and join the Excitement and Fun!
Diana Serafin November 01, 2012 at 09:53 PM
Just got a ROBO call from Steve Flynn, the man who sued us to stop the red light camera petition from getting on the ballot. The ending was.... sponsored by Traffic Safety Organizations and Paid for by major donor ATS. Yes that is the camera company ATS. They will not stop at anything! San Diego is taking them out too. http://www.utsandiego.com/news/2012/nov/01/sanders-wont-push-renew-red-light-cameras/
mike smith November 06, 2012 at 04:28 AM
@ Diana Serafin . Thank you for your endless work against the red light cameras. We hope to see you at Spelly's for a victorious high five. I have decided to take the yes on N sign out of my yard and hang it on the wall in my garage. Seeing it every morning will put a nice grin on my face. Thanks again.


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