Sand Replenishment Ponds on Beach and House Party Ordinance at Meeting Wednesday

Photo credit: Dave van de Water
Photo credit: Dave van de Water

The Imperial Beach City Council will convene Wednesday at City Hall to reconsider a new house party ordinance, extension of an agreement with SANDAG to mitigate the impact of beach sand on Seacoast Drive condos and other topics.

The meeting will begin in closed session at 5:30 p.m. where city leaders will discuss anticipated litigation.

If deemed appropriate, an announcement of action will be made by City Attorney Jennifer Lyons at the start of the public meeting at 6 p.m. At the start of the public meeting commendations will be given to local lifeguards who helped save a man’s life a couple days ago.

Port of San Diego Commissioner Dan Malcolm will make a presentation to update the city on port activities.

This is agenda item 1.1.

After asking for clarification from Public Safety Department Director Tom Clark at a meeting last month, the Imperial Beach City Council will again be asked to repeal Chapter 9.54 of the Imperial Beach Municipal Code and adopt a new social host ordinance to make the adult at a house party responsible if minors are consuming alcohol.

The current ordinance has not been enforceable for five years, Clark said. See the agenda packet for analysis by city staff or click here to read about the previous conversation about the matter.

This is agenda item 3.1.

On the consent calendar, items approved with a single vote, include:

-   At SANDAG's request, city council may extend a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with SANDAG to pay the city to use bulldozers to drain ponds that form on the beach during high tide or other extreme weather events. The MOU was originally signed in an emotional meeting in January and extended an additional six months in June. Approximately 450,000 cubic yards of sand was dumped on the Imperial Beach shoreline last fall. Ponds that formed on the beach led to flooding of Seacoast Drive parking garages and threatened to block the mouth of the Tijuana River.

This is agenda item 2.9.

-   Approve the appointment of Doug Bradley as Imperial Beach’s new Administrative Services Director/Treasurer. Bradley comes to Imperial Beach from Yuma, AZ and replaces Kathleen Von Achen as the city’s chief financial officer following an investigation into city finances by the San Diego County Civil Grand Jury. After the city filed a restraining order, a judge denied an effort by the city to stop the grand jury from using information the city says was inadvertently provided by an employee overseen by Von Achen.

This is agenda item 2.3.

-   A request to move $36,000 from the new strategic capital improvement program reserve to the Seacoast Drive aesthetic project. The money will go to pay for a recent lighting demonstration and work by consultants Nasland Engineering and Perterre Landscape Architecture.

This is agenda item 2.4.

-   Commission and advisory council appointments that will expire in 2014 are listed per state law.

See agenda item 2.5. for more information.

-   The 2014 city council meeting schedule and city closure schedule is listed ahead of the new year per state law.

This is agenda item 2.6.

-   Approve a resolution for new lifeguard and fire classifications including a temporary position to create extensive maps of buildings in the event of a fire.

This is agenda item 2.8.

Changes to the city’s Local Coastal Program approved by the California Coastal Commission will go through their second reading and adoption. Click here to read more about modifications to the city’s coastal plan and zoning law.

This is agenda item 4.2.

City council will move to adopt an ordinance to have the Imperial Beach Fire Department pay  three percent more of  pension payment.

This is agenda item 4.1.

The city will sign an MOU with Service Employees International Union Local 221 Wednesday. This is agenda item 6.1.

A contract will be awarded to fix street overlay for the following streets:

-   12th Street, Holly Avenue to Oneonta Avenue

-   Granger Street, Grove Avenue to Imperial Beach Boulevard

-   Oneonta Avenue, 10th Street to Adelfa Court

-   Grove Avenue, California to 5th streets

The city will sign a contract to develop and implement a water quality improvement plan for the Tijuana River watershed.

This is agenda item 6.4.

To download the complete meeting agenda and documents related to agenda items visit imperialbeachca.gov.

Cox Communications customers may watch the meeting live on channel 24. If you are disabled and need help to attend a meeting call 619-423-8301.


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