Pond 20 Development Ideas Sought at Workshop Monday

A workshop will be held Monday at the Dempsey Holder Safety Center where residents will be asked to submit ideas for how to develop the area which borders Imperial Beach.

The Port of San Diego will hold a workshop Monday from 4:30-6 p.m. where residents are being asked to contribute their ideas for how to develop 95 acres of land bordering IB known as Pond 20.

The workshop follows one held last month in the same location and continues a process which will end with recommendations by port staff to commissioners for proposed development of the land.

A petition requesting that the area be declared protected preservation land was started by AJ Schneller, Coastal and Marine Conservation Program Manager for .

The petition has received 214 signatures and will be sent to the City of Imperial Beach, City of San Diego and Port of San Diego.

In January the two cities and the Port of San Diego signed an agreement to explore the potential of developing the land.

To comment on Pond 20 or receive updates email pond20@portofsandiego.org.

Conner June 25, 2012 at 10:44 PM
AJ Schneller brings up a good point- the City of IB could benefit from habitat restoration at Pond 20- and have a beautiful and productive wetland at the same time. Let's not homogenize the south bay to look like the rest of San Diego Bay......riprap rock shorelines and boats that site in slips....There is plenty of developed shoreline around San Diego Bay. Let's think of a way to restore the wetlands and draw in the ecotourists. A viewing platform over a restored wetland would be a great addition to the area.
Jacki F June 26, 2012 at 03:48 AM
Mark, This is for you: Pond 20 is important: Birds, land critters and ecotourism. Ecotourism will generate money for jobs and the economy. The ecotoursts are people who come here for conventions and vacations. They spend money. They drool over our beatiful waterscapes and then we make money. You make more money. If you make more money you can afford your slip. Of course, we get the added benefit of a place for fish to spawn, so you can catch them in the ocean. What makes you think a slip in Pond 20 will be cheaper than J Street? The better our economy is, the less you spend. The ecotourism tourists help us all, without leaving a big, negative footprint. I don't know if you are familiar with the Famosa Slough in San Diego. It once looked like Pond 20. It is now a draw for higher real estate prices in the area: http://www.famosaslough.org/. Check it out and google Famosa Slough. Please keep an open mind about what long range planning will do for you. Jacki Farrington
JWright June 26, 2012 at 05:24 AM
I live adjacent to Pond 20. I would be very interested in seeing Mr. Mike MCoy's presentation! My absolute favorite area of IB is the Tijuana Estuary Visitor Center. It is my understanding that he is the one that helped preserve that area. When friends visit me here, I take them there. I like the idea of merging Pond 20 into the emerging EcoTourism that seems to be trying to get off the ground in Imperial Beach. Make this a place where people want to visit and THEN build a hotel. Maybe build a hotel on the other side of Los Ponchos, where there is already a vacant condemned motel for sale. There is NOT enough land dedicated to our birds. And that area is NOT an eyesore to the home owners that bought property along that area. We love the open space and our wildlife. We love the Ospreys, the Clapper Rails, the Hawks, even the Skunks and Opossums that live there. We also love White Heron and Great Grey Egret; all these critters live in or along Pond 20. Let’s preserve or restore the habitat and make it a relaxing ecofriendly destination, an area where all people will want to come and visit and enjoy. Not that many people own boats. And please….DON’T BUILD ANOTHER CAR WASH!
Mark June 29, 2012 at 07:10 PM
Jacki F. I know where the Famosa Slough is and have been there. Problem with developing Pond 20 similar to the Famosa Slough is very basic, is there is not enough revenue to the city of Imperial Beach from increased property values, or ecotourism. I don’t think a marina slip in Pond 20 would be cheaper than J Street. I do think a marina and businesses there would thrive and one at the Tijuana estuary would dominate the San Diego marine industry bringing significant revenue to the city. Enough to pave the alleys, repave the streets, and add staff for public safety, parks and pay for the natural areas. Imperial Beach has very limited resources to draw from for revenue. It has two wonderful natural resources that can be utilized for revenue which would pay for an improved quality of life. I envision more like Coronado, where it is safe to walk around and people want to come. We need money to have that. Thanks Mark
Nanci July 25, 2012 at 05:35 PM
I think a portion of the land should be used as a dog park. I know a lot of local residents that drive pretty far to let their dogs run and play..Just a portion- of course a boat area would be great too.It does not take TOO much space to have a dog park....


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