New Votes Counted Keep Distance Between Allevato and McCarthy

The numbers will change nightly as the county registers votes from provisional ballots and absentee ballots dropped off at polling places. Kim McCarthy, however, accepts her defeat.

With only 273 votes between second and third place for two seats on the San Juan Capistrano City Council by the time all the precincts checked in, Patch will keep an eye on how the tallies change with the counting of the provisional ballots and absentee ballots dropped off at the polling places.

Each night at 5 p.m., the Orange County Registrar of Voters will update the counts of various elections.

Interestingly, Wednesday the distance between winning and not winning stayed exactly the same, 273 votes, even though both numbers climbed.

“We still have 260,000 ballots left to count,” said Neal Kelley, spokesman for the Registrar. “[W]e do not know how many are left in San Juan at the moment. … Because the universe is so large of ballots countywide, it will take some time to extract the data and attempt to estimate the total number of ballots left in a particular city or district.”

Former Mayor Roy Byrnes received the top nod with 4,810 votes. After serving in the 1970s, Byrnes will return to his post on the City Council nearly 40 years later.

Incumbent Sam Allevato won his third election with 4,057 votes or 21.9 percent of the ballots cast. Challenger Kim McCarthy, who ran as a slate with Byrnes, was behind him with 3,891 votes, or 21 percent.

Wednesday's numbers put Allevato with 4,283 votes, or 22.2 percent and McCarthy at 4,010 votes, or 20.8 percent.

However, McCarthy is not demanding a recount and has accepted her defeat.

“I will continue to work to hold the council majority accountable for the decisions they make that impact all our lives and to share that information with the residents,” she said.

McCarthy also takes a certain gratification that combined with Byrnes’ votes, her slate received 1,200 votes more than Allevato and running partner Ginny Kerr, a San Juan Planning Commissioner, she said.

"While the 'good-old boy' majority still retain the votes needed to continue to raise our water rates and increase our cost of living, at least we know that many more residents are paying attention to what's happening in our town," McCarthy said.

JessC November 10, 2012 at 10:19 PM
I believe Mr. Bodenhammer lives in Irvine. The dynamics between the two Cities are like night and day. I know because I lived there.
SJCNative November 10, 2012 at 10:37 PM
JessC, here are the exact dollar figures. The figures I used before were from my memory: 2008-2009 $150.00 Deficit 2009-2010 $ 26,754.00 Deficit 2010-2011 $ 22,438.00 Deficit I agree totally. There is a hidden motivation, and it has now become quite obvious that motivation is money. The Chambers fiscal house is not in order at all. That is almost a $50,000 deficit over two years and it does not appear that there is any turnaround in the near future. This Chambe is very politically motivated and does not take a neutral stance on projects in town. Yet, they cannot keep their fiscal house in order as a non-profit. Maybe a new Chamber should be started that is located downtown comprised of volunteers. The new chamber would not take taxpayer money from the city and would have a lower cost to belong to allow more businesses to join and make it a stronger chamber without all of the politics this Chamber currently has. Just my thought. I bet we could get some people to donate their time to form the non-profit. There is some space next to Regency movie theater at the corner that is not being used. Maybe Mission Grill would allow a kiosk at his location next to the fence, which would bring in more people to Mission Grill. There are lots of ideas to make this work without city money.
SJCNative November 10, 2012 at 10:48 PM
Thanks. I new he did not live in SJC. I just could not remember where he lived. Hard to promote a city and say how great it is when you don't even live there. I wonder how many other people on the Board of Directors don't live in our city?
Rhen Kohan November 11, 2012 at 02:16 AM
To @SJCNative 3 hours ago JessC, here are the exact dollar figures. The figures I used before were from my memory: ......" I like the ideas you mention about the Chamber here...in cities I've lived in or visited, I like it when possible for the Chamber to be in walking distance within the areas most visited which would be around the Mission, the Amtrak Station, so the spot by the Regency seems perfect. I'm not in business at this time in this city so cannot speak from first hand experience with the Chamber but your rundown of the figures for the last years in commenting to Jess C seems to portray a business relationship for the City the Council should thoroughly re-address.
Kim November 11, 2012 at 02:39 AM
SJCNative,SJC5772...all very good suggestions. The location next to the Theatre is a great idea, and I like having volunteers..they are there becasue they want to be and are enthusiastic to have people visit "their" town. Something is just not right when you mix the Chamber, the City, politics and money together. I hope some of these new ideas can be implemented.


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