Navy To Expand Training Exercises Along Silver Strand Shoreline

The U.S. Navy plans to extend training activities along the Silver Strand in between Coronado and Imperial Beach, adding more than 1,000 exercises to the amount done each year. Residents have until Feb. 13 to voice their opinion.

After five years of strategic planning and listening to public opinion, the U.S. Navy is ready to move into the final stages of expanding training activities along the Silver Strand, said U.S. Pacific Fleet Project Manager Alex Stone.

The Navy has proposed an increase in training activities annually from 3,926 to 5,343. There would also be a spike in firearm discharges and helicopter sorties. 

To give your opinion on an increase in military exercises, . Deadline is Feb. 13.

 “The increase in training would kind of occur gradually over time,” Stone said. “It’s not like all of a sudden we’re going to have a huge jump (in training). It’s kind of long term, so it’s not immediate.”

Stone said the increase in activities will be similar to exercises currently conducted in the area.

Training activities will include amphibious training, which is when training starts at sea and ends on land with landing crafts. Navy Seals will also get to participate in training for special warfare. There will also be offshore training in boats.

Increasing the expansion of training activities does not mean there will be an increase in sailors based at Naval Base Coronado, he said.

Most of the training Stone said will occur on the Silver Strand side of Coronado but the Navy will occupy some of the strand along the Imperial Beach side.

“There is no training taking place in Imperial Beach itself. There is training in the adjacent area,” Stone said.

“The Navy property along Silver Strand is divided into two sections separated by the state beach. So there is training in both areas. We call it Silver Strand South and Silver Strand North, but there is no training that’s apart of this environmental study in Imperial Beach and the base in Imperial Beach.”

Shorebird February 04, 2011 at 05:24 PM
I would far rather see our troops, hear our planes and munitions than something from some other country. This has been a Naval area for as long as I can remember. Resident of South Bay since 1953.
Gary February 05, 2011 at 03:35 AM
As I see it. That's awesome!!!! One thing I find funny though. They've already started the training so I'm not sure if they said they were waiting for all the opinions or not. I was curious why there was a lot of construction vehicles coming and going out of the area last year. Now I know as I watched helicopter landing exercises from the beach last week. They poured landing pads. Caught my attention when a helo was coming in for a landing over my head!! It seems INS also has a mobile observation tower there as well which is a great idea. Bout time I say! Proud of our military. Resident of IB since 1963.


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