Carved in Concrete: IB History Walk Complete

The walk includes 11 moments in city history deemed noteworthy by the Imperial Beach City Council.

The Imperial Beach History Walk opened with a ribbon cutting ceremony in Veterans Park Wednesday afternoon.

Former mayor and current Congressman Brian Bilbray donated a flag that was flown over the U.S. Capitol Building to mark the occasion. His son Councilman Brian Bilbray cut the ribbon along with City Manager Gary Brown.

The 11 events are carved in a path in the city's central park and next to the Boys & Girls Club. It initially proposed by Public Works Department director Hank Levien who came up with the idea when he saw a similar design in a park near his son's home in Denver.

Particular events memorialized in the history walk were compiled by Levien using local historian account of the city's history written in the 1970s.

It was then amended by city councilmembers. 

The project cost the city $2,200 instead of $20,000 originally planned for, Levien said.

By using a stencil to engrave then sandblasting concrete slabs already in the ground, city staff were able to avoid the initial concept to buy and install entire blocks of pre-engraved concrete.

Each of these moments in history are included in the Imperial Beach History Walk:

1300-1769: I.B. Part Time Home of Kumeyaay Indians

1769: Riveria/Crespi Expedition 1st Europeans in Imperial Beach

1887: Imperial Beach becomes summer retreat for Imperial Valley residents

1909/1960/1988: Imperial Beach piers constructed/reconstructed

1917: Aviation Field (Ream Field) established

1956: July 18 - city incorporated

1980: Operation Beaver - campaign for improved ocean water quality 

1981: First U.S. Open Sandcastle 

1982: Tijuana Estuary preserve established

1999: Opening of Nel Portwood Pier Plaza

2006: 50 year time capsule buried lat 32.578/long117.116

Kelly Tracy April 21, 2012 at 06:56 AM
Completion date of the new Hotel on the beach, Completion date of 9th and Palm --- Oh wait the hotel is only 2 years overdue but getting closer and the 9th and Palm project well your guess is as good as mine, who knows when construction will begin/end or what we will finally end up with there. Things that make you go Huumm???? :-/


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