Dems Largest Party in IB; County Sets Record for Registered Voters

Registrar of Voters Office says about 11,000 people are registered to vote in Imperial Beach, 37 percent of whom identify as Democrats. No party preference is the second largest group of voters.

Setting a record for registered voters, San Diego County will have about 19,000 more Democrats eligible to vote in the presidential election than Republicans, according to final figures released Tuesday.

The county Registrar of Voters Office says the county had 551,931 Democrats and 532,585 Republicans as of Oct. 30, although many voting districts are safe for one party or the other.

County Republican Party Chairman Tony Krvaric, contacted for comment, replied: “At this point it’s all about GET-OUT-THE-VOTE and we have a massive deployment this weekend and through Election Day.”

County Democratic Party Chairman Jess Durfee told KPBS that he attributed the rise in his party’s voters to the new law allowing online voter registration.

With 1.56 million voters—including a flood of 85,000 new voters since Sept. 30—the county broke the previous record for registered voters of 1.51 million set in November 2004. 

The City of San Diego had a Democratic majority of 272,636 to 183,876 Republicans and 186,737 with no party listed.

Like San Diego, more Imperial Beach voters identify as Democrats than any other political party.

Imperial Beach voters by party

# of voters % of registered voters Democrat 4,141 37.3 No party preference 3,258 29.3 Republican 2,977 26.8 Other 730 6.6 Total 11,106

In the 51st Congressional District within San Diego County—pitting Republican Michael Crimmins against Democrat and State Senator Juan Vargas—the Democratic advantage is even larger. The 51st also includes Imperial County. Democrats make up 49.1 percent of the electorate, Republicans 19.8 percent and 26.5 percent of voters stated no party preference.

Ed Sorrels November 03, 2012 at 02:30 AM
Registering is wonderful, What is a damn sight better is getting out on the 6th. and voting and take along your neighbor, Who you vote for doesn't concern me near as much as whether you get out there and cast your vote for the canidate and proposition of your choice, For me I look at it as my duty as an American, And if you don't vote Please have enough class to keep your damn mouth shut about the outcome. VOTE !


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