Attend the Palm Avenue Master Plan Event on Tuesday

Map courtesy: City of Imperial Beach
Map courtesy: City of Imperial Beach
The City of Imperial Beach and its consultant team continue to work on the next phase of the Palm Avenue Mixed-Use & Commercial Corridor Master Plan which will build upon the Master Plan Study approved by the City Council in February 2009. On April 29, 2014, a Community Workshop was held at the City Hall Community Room during which the Master Plan concepts were presented and comments, feedback and input was gathered from those in attendance. A summary of the Workshop and the comments received is available on the City's Web Site at ImperialBeachCA.gov/PalmMasterPlan.

The next event is planned for Tuesday, May 27, 4 PM:  Chamber Business Improvement District City Hall Community Room, 825 Imperial Beach Blvd., Imperial Beach, CA  91932.

Your participation and input are encouraged and welcomed! If you have any questions about the project or would like to provide input or comments, please email us at PalmMasterPlan@imperialbeachca.gov or call619-628-1354.

As always, you can view up to date information on our project website, ImperialBeachCA.gov/PalmMasterPlan.

To receive announcements about community involvement opportunities and project updates, CLICK HERE.

The City welcomes and encourages your participation!!

—City of Imperial Beach

Pop Quiz May 27, 2014 at 06:34 PM
Very little public outreach on this important issue. Always looks suspicious based on previous actions... 2 through lanes both directions on Palm? Can this plan be any stupider? Who living in this town thinks we need more traffic and pollution? I will go to the meeting this afternoon @ 4pm (before most blue collar residents are home from working), say my stuff. And once again the resident(s) will be ignored. Some high dollar consultant will get to speak for 40 minutes about how we could be a small New England artisans village. In their vision, we will live in over packed warrens with no parking. Each of us will ride our bikes to our pottery shops and weaving hemp shirts for tourists that will flock here, after this city is screwed over by them. Wake up!! more traffic is a bad, bad idea. Drive down Palm any afternoon for groceries. It sucks, traffic is stressful, it pollutes our air, the increase of sitting cars drip fluids getting into the storm water. Send these Dorks packing. Why do they hate this wonderful place so much?


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