Suspected Gang Members Arrested In Lake Elsinore For Graffiti Vandalism

The two men are allegedly part of "one of the city's most active criminal graffiti groups," police say.

The Lake Elsinore Police Department has made two more arrests of suspected taggers.

Lake Elsinore residents Gilbert Rocha, 19, and Gabriel Orellana, 18, were both arrested Tuesday morning after deputies served a search warrant in the 14000 block of Cobblestone Lane in Lake Elsinore.

The two were “found to be in possession of numerous items linking both men directly to several dozen documented acts of vandalism. The damages caused by these actions are estimated at nearly $9,000,” the Lake Elsinore Police Department announced in a news release today.

According to the department’s released statement, “The warrant was obtained as part of an ongoing investigation into the destructive activities of one of the city's most active criminal graffiti groups.”

In addition to the graffiti vandalism charges, both men are being held in custody for alleged gang membership; Rocha is also being held on a probation violation, according to jail records.

Both men are due in court July 19, jail records indicate.

“Lake Elsinore Police Department and would like to advise all residents it will aggressively ” the department has stated on numerous occasions. According to the department, t

Anyone who witnesses a tagging in progress should call 9-1-1. To report past acts of graffiti vandalism, call the sheriff's dispatch non-emergency number at (951) 776-1099.

To make a request for graffiti removal, call the city's Graffiti Hotline at (951) 674-2701 or submit the request online at www.lake-elsinore.org.

xartistx July 27, 2012 at 09:25 PM
there is graffiti on the Colosseum in rome that has been there as long as the stone, graffiti on the great pyramids in egypt, thousands of years old. graffiti has been around since people were marking on cave walls. ever since there has been people, there has been graffiti. its not going anywhere. instead of putting some possibly good natured artistic kids in JAIL possibly construct a place where kids can paint in peace. it wasnt long ago that skateboarding was against the laws in most larger metropolitian cities.....solution.... build skate parks so these kids have a place to have fun be safe and do their thing in peace. embrace the artform. i am in no way condoning destruction of other peoples property, and or painting on anything that isnt yours.... but why dont we solve the problem, instead of just arresting people. i have trouble believing that INCARCERATION is the answer. arent our jails and prisons crowded enough with rapist/murders/child molesters without throwing every kid with a can of spray paint in there on top of that. im sure im gonna get flamed for saying this, but just my 2 cents, peace:)
You Mad? August 09, 2012 at 06:16 PM
I love vandalizing just for the sole purpose of pissing off Right Wing, Chic-Fil-A eating / supporting, racist, George.W. Bush loving, grew up in the TV Generation getting brainwashed into eating Fast Food everyday, overweight, hating anything that they don't understand or agree with (compliments of the American Government), yuppie gun toting white ppl. The more you ppl get pissed about it the funnier it is to me. Another factor that entertains me to no end, is the fact that you will see me go into your place of business and you won't give me a second look because I don't fit the description of your average "Tagger", and later on you will see the destruction I have caused. FYI to all you white ppl, because I am more then sure that most of you complaining are white based on the sentiment of the comments, some of the ppl who vandalize and write graffiti are ppl you would never suspect. And the ones you see vandalizing on ppl's fences, garage doors, or other civilians property are little ignorant kids. So have fun catching all the little kids while the rest of us keep doing what we are doing. Another FYI, I am a Software Engineer who probably makes more money then most of you fat miserable slobs complaining on here. So keep eating your shitty MSG and artificially flavored flavored food while complaining about these little "Punks" and let us "Liberal" (as you white ppl refer to us as) have all the fun. :)
Diana August 10, 2012 at 02:13 AM
@you mad, you think you're pretty smart but in all reality you are an idiot, you just incriminated yourself in your own words. In case you are new to the Patch there is a feature above your comment that says "flag as inappropriate", once someone clicks on that the editor receives your comment for viewing Einstein, you're really lacking some common sense Mr. Software Engineer. LER loves this kind of stuff and you can bet he will be at the Sheriffs Department with your post in hand first thing in the morning. Great job of ratting on yourself.........
jill smith August 10, 2012 at 02:57 AM
It really is pathetic how foolish you are, putting all your energy into anger. Your a racist fool full of anger and hate nothing more nothing less. You hate white people because many work hard and are successful. Stop wasting your energy hating them and you could be successful too, and maybe do something good that makes the world a better place. The amount of energy you wasted in the comment above projecting your hate tells me you must be very tired, get some rest and grow up.


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