Spousal Abuse, Wienerschnitzel Vandalism in Sheriff's Blotter

Common crimes in Imperial Beach: drunk in public, license plate stolen and electronics or video games stolen during residential burglary.

The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department Imperial Beach substation reported the following arrests and crimes from Oct. 9-15. If you see a crime, please report it to the Sheriff's Department.

Oct. 15

9:18 a.m., license plate reported stolen on Carnation Avenue

10:23 a.m., license plate reported stolen on 12th Street

Oct. 13

2:46 a.m., 38-year-old man arrested for being drunk in public on Evergreen Avenue

10:01 a.m., vandalism reported at Wienerschnitzel, with an estimated $800 in damage

12:15 p.m., 26-year-old woman cited and released for disorderly conduct on 15th Street

2:05 p.m., residential burglary reported on 7th Street. Bicycles stolen $1,350

Oct. 12

3:41 p.m., residential burglary reported on Oneonta Avenue. Cell phone and video games stolen worth an estimated $1,200

8:28 p.m., vehicle theft reported on Imperial Beach Bouluevard. Stolen vehicle worth an estimated $10,000

9:09 p.m., 31-year-old woman arrested with felony warrant on 7th Street

11:47 p.m., 30-year-old man arrested for spousal abuse, threatening an executive officer with violence and carrying a concealed dirk or dagger on Date Avenue.

Oct. 11

1:05 a.m., 24-year-old man arrested for being driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs on Connecticut Street

4:22 a.m., 31-year-old man arrested for the possession, use and being under the influence of controlled substances and unlawful paraphernalia on Palm Avenue

10:37 p.m., residential burglary reported on Encina Avenue. Computer and other items reported stolen worth an estimated $1,660

Oct. 9

7:54 p.m., 20-year-old man arrested for selling or furnishing marijuana/hashish and possession of marijuana for sale on Palm Avenue


The following arrests or incidents were not detailed in previous blotters but were reported in the most recent blotter.


Oct .7

4:32 p.m., battery on person reported on 14th Street

10:48 a.m., vehicle vandalism reported on Palm Avenue, with an estimated $12,000 in damage

Oct. 6

7:15 p.m., 23-year-old man arrested for being drunk in public at the corner of Granger Street and Grove Avenue

Oct. 5

12:25 p.m., 42-year-old man arrested for possession of controlled substances and unlawful paraphernalia on Palm Avenue

John Galt October 16, 2012 at 10:41 PM
Libi - stop it already. "....of course you could use your real name and picture ....or are you going to tell us that you used to live in ib but have fled in fear of my 'harsh words'..." As I stated before, the pro S cannont be trusted. YES you fall into that group. No I don't fear your pen. S is bad on its on merits. Only the very stupid see otherwise. Even dumb people can see S is bad and dangerous for Imperial Beach.I live in IB, as does my family. We OWN several propertries, residential and commericial in IB. Prop S is set to ruin Imperial Beach, and losers who have nothing will be able to vote. Renters come and go, owners who invested in this community get the remains of bad laws like prop s. This is not about supporting medical patients, it is about ruining a city because of the law of unintended consequences. Show me ONE safe pot store and I can show you a hundred dangerous ones.
Libi Uremovic October 17, 2012 at 04:02 AM
...'prop s cannot be trusted'.....'stupid'....'dumb'.....'bad and dangerous'....'losers who have nothing'... why don't you cry about being picked on and being called names again... just a few minutes ago you wrote that you lived in the ghetto in north county...now you live in ib...and you own half the town... and yet you still won't reveal yourself... weed stores are no more 'dangerous' than jewelry or liquor stores... and if you would analyze the police blotters and health statistics the harm to self and society is far less with weed then it is with booze..... weed stores provide safe access....safe access for the farmer, the retailer, the consumer, the community.... ...that's why it's called safe access....it's safer for all.....
John Galt October 17, 2012 at 04:48 AM
There is nothing safe about prop S. Weed is not safe for Imperial Beach
John Galt October 17, 2012 at 04:48 AM
There is nothing safe about prop S. Weed is not safe for Imperial Beach
Rob October 18, 2012 at 12:47 PM
Weed is already here in IB and so far the only people profiting from pot are the police and prisons. Not in history have we seen a nation imprison so many of it's people.


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