Robbery Attempt at Palm Avenue Arco–Again

Sheriff deputies arrested a woman who claimed she was going to rob the Palm Avenue gas station.

A woman whose name and age was not made available was taken into custody by sheriff deputies Monday morning at an Arco station in the 1100 block of Palm Avenue, said Jeoff Weiss, a San Diego County Sheriff's Department Supervisor.

A 911 call was made shortly after 10 a.m. Monday by an employee who said the woman allegedly threatened to rob the gas station and convenience store.

"She just came in and said, 'Give me all your money. I'm going to rob you,'" Weiss said.

No altercation occurred and the woman was unarmed, he said.

Instead of going to jail, the woman was turned over to San Diego County Mental Health Services. After being cleared by mental health officials the woman was booked on robbery charges at Las Colinas Correctional Facility, said Sgt. Michael Rand.

In June,  by masked gunmen.

The incidents do not appear to be related, he said.


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