Border Patrol Shooting Death of Southcrest Mother of 5 Stirs Questions

Autopsy is pending for “Monique” Alvarado, who allegedly ran into a patrol agent with her car.

Did a Southcrest mother of five deserve to die?

That’s the question swirling around Friday’s fatal shooting of Valeria  “Monique” Alvarado by a Border Patrol agent.

An autopsy was pending Saturday for Alvarado, 32, who allegedly ran into a Border Patrol agent with her car and was fatally shot through the windshield about 1 p.m. Friday on Moss Street near Oaklawn Avenue, according to federal agents, Chula Vista police and broadcast reports.

Border Patrol Deputy Chief Rodney Scott said the agent was in the area to serve a warrant. He apparently was not in uniform.

The agent was carried several hundred yards on the hood of the Honda Alvarado was driving, then he opened fire,  “fearing for his life,” Scott said.

Alvarado family members told U-T San Diego the woman had five children, 3-17 years old.

“Where’s the evidence my wife threatened a trained officer?" asked her husband, Gilbert Alvarado.

“I want justice," he told the newspaper. “They said they didn’t know what had brought her to that neighborhood.”

Chula Vista police told the U-T the Honda was going west closer to Broadway when the agent was struck.

Hector Salazar, who lives nearby, told the U-T he was standing at his mailbox when he heard a man yell,  “Stop!” 

He said he saw a man on the hood of a two-door car, aiming a gun at the windshield. He said heard five shots.

Eduardo Comacho, 22, said he was walking on Woodlawn Avenue with a friend. He told the U-T they heard about seven shots. He said he saw a man in a red shirt, without a badge, holding his gun. He appeared shaken. Other undercover officers joined him, pulling out their badges as they walked.

“The lady was hanging out the door, barely moving," Comacho said. The agents checked her pulse, and medics who arrived shortly after began CPR on her
on the ground. Comacho could see what appeared to be bullet wounds in her chest, shoulder, arm and leg.

“He did not miss," Comacho told the newspaper.

Ayanna Evans, 19, who lives in a nearby apartment building, said she never saw the agent on the car. She said she happened to look out the window and saw the Honda backing up slowly, and a man in a red shirt walking toward the car.

“Then I heard, ‘Pop, pop, pop,’” she told the U-T.

Another resident of the same building, Prince Watson, told the newspaper he also saw the Honda going backward, with no one on it.

“She wasn’t speeding or driving erratic at all. I heard the agent say, ‘Stop.’ He was in the street and started shooting and walking toward the car,” Watson told the U-T.

Border Patrol agents would not say who they were looking to arrest when the shooting happened.

Christian Ramirez of the Southern Border Community Coalition to the U-T the shooting was  “troubling," in part because Alvarado was not wanted by law enforcement authorities and was a U.S. citizen. 

The U.S. Inspector General’s Office will review the investigation being done by Border Patrol agents and Chula Vista police.

—City News Service contributed to this report.

CVHS Alumni October 22, 2012 at 09:40 PM
Mike G don't take the truth personal man, just think before you infer your belief towards me as probability. If any evidence proved her side you would still refute it to the end. Go Spartans!
CVHS Alumni October 22, 2012 at 09:43 PM
alexpinca at least both sides of the story are being looked at now and more facts of both sides are out in the open, before all we had was one side of the story and a forced opinion based on that.
Mike G October 23, 2012 at 12:30 AM
You said it better than I can. "If any evidence proved her side...", Of which there is NONE. Way to put that High School education to work Slappy. Let me guess. CVHS debate team captain right? Go Spartans! "Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life son". Dean Wormer, Animal House.
CVHS Alumni October 23, 2012 at 08:25 AM
Mike you can put the angry condescending spin on whatever you like, but I am open to the possibility of a conclusion one way or the other, and you?. What happened to "I'm not taking a side on this issue" or "There are MANY more questions to be answered". I'm done responding as it is clear you have no intent on looking at both sides of the story or the concerns and tough questions the public have. Justin Tackett obviously has a past that brings all these concerns back into question.
Mike G October 23, 2012 at 10:23 PM
Sorry to see you leave. Your opinions, though uninformed and uneducated, will be missed. NOT! I as well am open to multiple conclusions but if it doesn't go your way, i.e., use of excessive force, you will just cry cover-up and conspiracy. There will be no pleasing you and your ilk, nor will there be a happy ending for anyone involved. Kids lost their mom. A husband lost his wife. Family lost a daughter, sister, etc. I'm sure many lost a friend. But please don't try to act as if the deceased had no role or responsibility in this tragedy. Good day, Sir!


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