Vote Paul Jacobs for Temecula City Council

Candidate Paul Jacobs asks for your vote.

The campaign trail has been a great ride and voters get to choose my destination. I humbly ask Temecula voters to complete the arrow next to “Paul Jacobs” for City Council on their ballot. 

I am humbled because though friends and family have suggested I make a run for office in the past, I was compelled this year when I was asked by complete strangers equally frustrated with a lockstep City Council to throw my hat in the ring. 

Since moving here in 1995, I have inadvertently racked up the experience and qualifications necessary to serve as a representative of the people on the Temecula City Council. I have previously served as chairperson on the Public / Traffic Safety Commission and as president of the Vintage Hills Planned Community Association. 

As an advocate for public access to open government, I successfully overcame the resistance of the sitting Temecula City Council to increase time provided for public comments from two minutes to three. I also successfully advocated for free parking for the disabled and for people participating at Riverside County Board of Supervisors meetings. 

My goals for a better Temecula include submitting a concurrent county, state and federal investigative inquiry into the entangled relationship between Granite Construction and the County of Riverside that forces Liberty Quarry upon our community. Public Safety is a greater priority than a business incubator in the old city hall. Temecula needs a police station to deliver essential departmental resources within our city. Please visit my Facebook page or website at www.pauljacobs4temecula.com 

Once I started this campaign and people contributed their talent, time and money, I was obligated to throw myself in it to win. It has been an amazing and exhausting experience, but the campaign trail has been a great ride – as has my campaign trailer pictured above. 

I am humbled by the people who came together to make this campaign happen and appreciative of the drivers and passengers who waved, honked, smiled, gave me the thumbs-up and other forms of encouragement when I have been waving on street corners with my banner and a volunteer or two. 

Two things will change after Tuesday. I will no longer be a candidate. Instead, I will be a campaign sign hunter trying to hunt down all the signs I planted around town. I will also take an indefinite hiatus from blogging on Patch. 

On Wednesday, I will either be fully retired again or have a new job as an elected employee of the people of Temecula. 

Join me Tuesday somewhere near the Duck Pond after 3 pm until sunset to wave the few remaining signs we have left – unless I am stuck at the County fighting the agenda item to give Liberty Quarry fast-track approval. Fulfilling my civic duty is something I began long before being encouraged to run for city council. 

Regardless of your voting choices, please go to the polls tomorrow and vote. Ballots are the currency of democracy and few acts are more valuable in a democracy than voting.

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Long Time Temecula Resident November 09, 2012 at 06:14 PM
Paul..Why did you lose the election? Honest question.
tbone November 16, 2012 at 12:07 PM
I am speaking up for those unborn children . Thats who I am speaking up for . Abortion is murder . It is up to a mother and father to protect the very creation that GOD has intrusted them with . If it be that the baby is born out of wedlock or not . If the child or baby is going to be born with severe difficulties then it is up to the parents to trust in GOD to see what best fits this childs spiritual life . Its not up to the Murderous parents to decide that fate . Its GODs alone and his decision . You typical hypocrite . If you have worked with these speacial children then why would you advocate or endorse abortion . What for an election vote wow really . If you have worked with these type of children then you would know they are the most loving of GODs creatures ever created . These are the ones that GOD reserved for himself . With a world so full of evil is not GOD entitled to this beauty there souls which glows like an angel from heaven . But yet you have a right to take this away from GOD . So tell us now you want any vote you can get so thats why you refuse to defend the very babies that are murdered each and everyday .
tbone November 16, 2012 at 12:27 PM
KB I suggest you do a ride along or visit a DUI check point and see for yourself . Why for further mindcontroll to get another American to say this is ok . We all know these check points are illegal we all know that the boarder check points are illegal . Who in the hell actually answers these questions . Oh those who do not know their constitutional rights . Never would I answer these officials it is my GOD given right to travel from one point to another with out having to be bothered . I do not answere them if I am an American citizen I do not answere the police if they ask if I been drinking . The only thing I say is am I being detained and am I free to go . Unless you are truly guilty of wrong doing . You should exercise your rightes . Never consent to an unlawfull unwarrented search . Never make conversation while going though these unwarrented check points with the public servent or federal officer . Two words am I being detained and am I free to go .
tbone November 16, 2012 at 12:32 PM
Oh ya sorry about the grammer it is harf to spell on these darn phonesd


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