When the Girls Fight Back


Earlier today 22 year-old David Monegro walked up to two girls while they waited for the trolley at the depot in the 6200 block of Imperial Avenue, and grabbed one of the girl's backpacks. 

When she tried to stop him, he threatened her with a knife. In her defense -  one of the girls pulled out her own knife! (I hope a YouTube video pops up!)

Mongero and the girl then tried to stab each other, while other girl picked up Mongero's skateboard and hit him in the head.

The girl with the knife then stabbed Mongero in the back of the neck.

The totally defeated would-be-robber then ran to a local barber shop, where he was taken into custody, then transported to a local hospital.

Mongero was - of course - booked into county jail for robbery.


Chico&The Man March 28, 2014 at 05:20 PM
That's the attituide were looking for ! Hell yeahhh
Fayette (Davis) Driskell March 29, 2014 at 12:14 PM
WOOOO-HOOOOOOO..bet he thinks twice before deciding to rob some "dumb" girls the next time!!!..Seriously tho, more women need to take a self defense course..they are given at the "Y", thru police depts., & some community centers teach it..we never know when we will be the next target...your key fob is an excellent determent also ..push the panic on it, it lets out a shrill loud sound that will attract others...stay safe ladies..oh..and men..:)


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