UT: "Mandela dead" - so good riddance?

"the county of San Diego deserves a better leading newspaper"

UT San Diego: Mandela dead
UT San Diego: Mandela dead
Sadly, a living legend died today, but what made it even sadder for me was UT San Diego's callous and disrespectful subject line, "Mandela dead".

I find it hard to believe "Mandela dead" was the best Manchester's UT San Diego could come up with for a man that deserves the worlds utmost respect.

Beside Patch and nixle.com alerts I also receive news alerts locally and nationally, none felt compelled to announce Mandela's death with such an air of satisfaction. 

What's up with that? Or, am I being overly sensitive about the passing of a personal role model and hero of mine?

Going back through my UT San Diego "death, dead, died and killed" email alerts, I found the same disrespectful subject line for James Gandolfini - HBO's star gangster - last June...
  • Mandela dead - 12/05
  • Actor Paul Walker killed in car crash - 12/01
  • Man's body found in Oceanside Harbor - 11/23
  • Driver commits suicide on I-5 near San Onofre - 11/20
  • Man Killed in trolley accident - 11/19
  • Remains in desert are missing McStays - 11/15
  • Four Marines die - 11/13
  • Junior Seau's brother Tony Seau dies - 10/11
  • Author Tom Clancy dies - 10/02
  • Man shot in head - 09/24
  • Gandolfini dead - 06/19
While crassness in announcing Gandolfini's death may be justifiable - not Mandela's, he deserved better - and the county of San Diego deserves a better leading newspaper.

Libi Uremovic December 05, 2013 at 10:20 PM
yahoo's line is 'mandela's dead' too.... he was 95 - you'd think they would have something more appropriate prepared....
Libi Uremovic December 05, 2013 at 10:26 PM
there were uprising all over the world in the 60's ....south africa had mandela and the states had martin luther king and malcom x ... people in the states look down upon south africa for imprisoning the ones fighting for justice ...but if king and malcom x had a choice they would have preferred the treatment of nelson mandela rather than their own...


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