The Library Foundation of San Diego County Seeks Support In Honor of San Diego County Library’s 100 Anniversary

The San Diego County Library’s (SDCL) is seeking public and private support in honor of its 100th anniversary. All donations would benefit the Library Foundation of San Diego County.   SDCL was recently named the 2012 Library of the Year – a national honor given out annually by Library Journal and Gale Cengage, Founder of Cengage Learning, to the public library that best exemplifies outstanding innovation and customer service. 


“SDCL has worked tirelessly to increase the services offered the community and ensure that customers are getting the most from their tax dollars,” said Richard Wayman, President of the Library Foundation.  “This is evident in what is provided to the customers of the library.  Last year alone, the value of SDCL’s services totaled $73.4 million in books, movies, and music CDs checked out, $23.4 million in internet sessions, and $4.8 million in free programs.”


Moreover, said Wayman, SDCL has built nine new libraries in the last nine years, including the award-winning Fallbrook Branch. New libraries in Alpine and Imperial Beach, currently in the pre-construction phase, will be built to provide greater access to SDCL’s singular library services.


“We recognize the library’s critical role in the county,” said Bob Kelly, President and CEO of The San Diego Foundation, “and encourage community support for the Library Foundation of San Diego County.


SDCL is celebrating its centennial, 100 Years of Stories, throughout 2013.  People from across the county have come together to celebrate outstanding library service and to share their stories about how the library has changed their lives.  One of SDCL’s customers whose life was changed by the library is Daniel Padilla.


“The library helped me get through difficult times in junior high, high school and college by escaping the streets and finding a safe place to hang out and learn at the same time,” said Padilla. “I would spend my afternoons doing homework at the library because my home was a chaotic and stressful place. The library is a safe haven where you can learn about the world and other people's struggles.  The library probably saved my life since it was the most peaceful place I could go during my teen years.”


By giving to the Library Foundation of San Diego County, your dollars are being put to helping your neighbors succeed and achieve their goals in life.   For contributions, send checks to The San Diego Foundation/Library Foundation of San Diego County; 2508 Historic Decatur Road - Suite 200; San Diego CA  92106


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