Princess Samantha Kennedy Wants To Talk About Being Ready When A Tsunami Hits

Princess Samantha Kennedy
Princess Samantha Kennedy
Do not wait until a Tsunami strikes, be ready and plan now.  The potential Tsunami flooded areas will be all along Seacoast Drive in Imperial Beach, the danger zone for all who live along Seacoast Drive could be devastating.   Plan now and learn about evacuation routes.  Palm Beach Avenue and Imperial Beach Boulevard are the best routes leading away from the beach area.  Get to higher ground, leave immediately, do not stay around, go as fast as you can within minutes, moving inward and upward.  Do not Cal 911, call 211 for refuge areas.  If you are unable to go inland get above the second story floor in a high-rise that is reinforced concrete building.  Plan where family members will meet if they get separated.  If there is a Tsunami warning issued or you feel a strong earthquake, leave the low coastal areas, do not even wait for a warning if you feel a strong earthquake.  Listen to your car radio for updates, one station is KOGO 600AM, follow the instructions.  You should already have prepared a 3 day emergency kit when you evacuate.  Two places you can go to are Mar Vista High School at 505 Elm Ave. And Boys and Girls Club at 847 Encia Ave.  Tsunamis can come from great earthquakes far away or from large earthquakes nearby.  Tsunamis move very fast and carry in its path dangerous debris that can kill.  Natural warnings are ground shaking from an earthquake or a loud ocean roar.  Also, the ocean water receding unusually far exposing the sea floor are nature's warnings that a tsunami could be there within minutes.  Go immediately to higher ground inland, do not wait, go quickly.  Imperial Beach has three warning systems, by telephone, to be alerted by phone or email reqister at www.readysandiego.org. Also, public announcements broadcasted by local public safety vehicles and helicopters and by monitoring local television and radio stations for Emergency Alerting System broadcasts.  Move fast.
Dakota Cole March 31, 2014 at 09:26 AM
Princess, Ed Kravitz does not live in I.B., he lives in Chicago. He is just one of those people that have nothing going on in life so he likes to post negative stuff on our patch. He obviously has a screw loose.
Robin Clegg March 31, 2014 at 10:16 AM
D.A.C. what is wrong with you? This Tsunami route issue is legitimate and somerhing we as citizens should be concerned about. When Ramona was being evacuated due to fire they were in gridlock due to limited access based on population. You can call people names but it does not change the validity of the issue.
Princess Samantha Kennedy March 31, 2014 at 03:38 PM
Ed has posted the most negative and depressing comments towards me, it does not matter what I write about, he follows me around, it is almost like stalking. He has called me names, attacked me, degraded me. I have asked him to stop, but, he refuses. What we also need to be concerned is that the elderly, The disabled like my son who is autistic and myself, I am physically disabled, we need to be concerned about those in crisis and disasters, also. How to get them out, how to help them. I thought I was helping people here, because I have a fear for all of or lives and I do not believe people like Ed would ever be here to rescue or help any of us. All they want to do is cause problems and it is sad because we live here, we do not need people like Ed to put us down, why is he here, he acts like a troll spreading bad feelings and making people depressed, hiding behind his computer. Chicago is very far from here, their airport is a nightmare, and that is another story.
Pop Quiz April 08, 2014 at 09:10 PM
Hello Princess, Ed may do more to save you and your son that anyone. Prevention is always a better tact. He is telling you the facts about the Tsunami evacuation route(s). They have been reduced and restricted.We all get decide on our own if that reduction is a good idea. I disagree with Ed's train idea. But I agree %100 with his opinions about the logic of reducing our escape route. I also think he does ask some great questions. If he gets you thinking about your families safety you should thank him, not call him a troll. You may want to get a bit thicker skin if your posting on line. Somebody somewhere won't like you or you opinions (no matter how good they seem to us) Have a great day
Ed Kravitz April 09, 2014 at 12:09 AM
Dakota Cole...you and I don't even know each other. The only people who's screws are coming loose are the people in this town that have a lot to loose if ethics in government ever comes back into vogue! Some people cannot engage in a dialogue without being mean spirited. I was stating fact about the Tsunami Evacuation routes being constricted...Of course there is no warning siren or bell either. The Grand Jury told IB to deal with this situation years ago...and they have done the exact opposite of what would be prudent in the interest of public safety. Sometimes the negativity is in the eye of the beholder...not the messenger. If I can at least get some of you to think...really think...then it's worthwhile bringing it up. What would it take to get some of you to engage in intelligent conversation on real subjects instead of all this playground bully stuff. Politicians are fair game. Private Citizens...not so much...unless they put themselves in the public spotlight or public office. There are some that will attack me because I criticized their political friends. I've been pretty accurate overall. Thanks Pop Quiz for explaining what I meant. And thanks Robin Clegg for your always intelligent comments.


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