Pitbull attack

My daughter and I were walking on the beach north of Carnation Ave IB on Sunday with our small dogs and a pitbull attacked her small snickerdoodle Simon.  As he chewed on Simon and he was crying and bleeding my daughter had the presence of mind to drag the Pit Monster to the water to put his nose in water to get him to release our dog.  She yelled at the Owner to help us drag her monster dog to the water.  The owner, as is typical, was just standing there dumbfounded with her thumb up her butt.  We got the pit's head into water and he released  simon.  but before we could pick him up he got loose again and attacked.  We tried again to get his nose in water.  When he released Simon I grabbed for him to pick him up but the Pitbull then charged me and my hands were bloody.  Again my daughter mounted the dog with her leg on his neck holding him to the ground.  She yelled to me to go and as I hurried stumbling away with bloody hands, one of many onlookers took the dog from me as i was in shock and could not carry him.  The Lifeguards came up and put their tailgate down to let the woman ride with Simon to the beach entry at Carnation Ave.  My daughter told the owner of the pit that she would not get off of him until she got her muzzle, collar leash whatever and got her own leg down on top of her own dog.  My daughter finally was able to leave the scene and we hurried to emergency with Simon who suffered his lower jaw, chin and teeth ripped apart.  Painkillers were given and we paid over $1,000 for initial surgery.  We then went to Emergency and 6 hours later after $5,000 worth of treatment we went home with bandages and splint.  Will you help me get a petition for the city to ban these dangerous dogs.  My email is rinakeri@yahoo.com.  They kill often....last year a woman bitten in national city died from a Pitbull attack; and  young man shot one approaching him on a sidewalk last year.  Will we all need to get permits to carry concealed weapons because our city refuses to protect us?  These pitbulls were bred to kill from using a rat terrier who has instincts to chase rats and small animals relentlessly until they kill them.  They bred Rat Terriers with large Bulldogs and got the Pit.  The Germans bref their dogs to kill:  their Shepherds chewed up jews in the last was, then they bred Rots and Doby's to chew up anyone trying to cross the Berlin Wall.  Thes dogs can manifest their propensity to attack and kill at anytime anywhere.  They are never safe merely because their owner sees a pattern of behavior they think is safe can never make them safe to associate with people and other animals.  Let's make IB a safe City.  Email me at rinakeri@yahoo.com
caesarina keri January 19, 2014 at 10:42 PM
Ms Tracy, I'm getting tired of answering your rantings.....I think this will be my last response to you. You accused me of being off meds...I don't take any....but it gives me a clue as to your state of mind and why you are so crazy. I'd sure like to know what wonderful things you claim to have done for the people of this city if you're not even interested in protecting us from Dangerous Dogs. You certainly show no sympathy to me or my daughter for the terrible attack on us and so I fail to see how you could show any interest in doing anything for anyone else. What have I done to offend you; you can see that there are many people here who agree with me about banning these terrible killer dogs and requiring Liability Insurance for their owners who usually run off after their attacks. You are the one who must be on meds to behave so irrationally........and your insults and name-calling confirm that you have the educational background of a third-grader. As for this Jon hall Creep who the hell is he anyway and what interest does he have in this matter except to want to hide under your skirts and not face me square like a man. Bye now and have a nice life.....look out for Pitbulls.
I <3 I.B. January 19, 2014 at 10:47 PM
You better hope the next time I see you walking your dogs around off of the leash I do not have my cellular telephone. I WILL take photographic evidence of you blatantly breaking the law. I WILL flaunt it for all to see. Including how poorly kept your animals are as well. Oh poor you now? You brought all of this upon your self bu unnecessarily calling people names, telling them they have 'diarrhea of the mouth' etc. as I stated before, you are a nasty woman. STFU!!
caesarina keri January 19, 2014 at 10:55 PM
To Mr I<3R2d2.........nobody offered me anything yet....I don't know who told you that. Don't believe everything you read; I never told any newsperson that and I never called any news person. They called me. Actually, my attorney thinks our case is at least more than double that amount. Dogbites in California are Strict Liability.......this means there is no defense for the Owner. Your dog bites...you pay....and you pay bigtime...unless you have a Chihuahua. This is my last post to anyone not interested in solving the problem and signing the Petition. I'm not wasting my time any longer with the hatemongers and the losers.
Kelly Tracy January 19, 2014 at 11:02 PM
IMPERIAL BEACHNEIGHBORHOOD NEWS Pit bull attack inspires petition for Imperial Beach ban 10 Poodle mix had his jaw “ripped out,” lost his lower front teeth By Bruce Kauffman, Jan. 16, 2014 Facebook Twitter Google+ Huumm I just ran across a story in the Reader and Miss Caesarina Keri is going by Caesarina Kelley??? Why two different names and in this version her dog is off leash?????? Things that make you go Huuumm???? A lifelong lover of dogs who says she lives in fear of them now is asking the Imperial Beach City Council to ban pit bulls along the shoreline. Caesarina Kelley planned to present a petition of some 50 names to the council at its regularly scheduled meeting last night (Jan. 15). Kelley, her daughter, and a four-year-old poodle mix named Simon that her daughter owns, tussled with a pit bull on the beach on December 22. Both women and Simon required emergency care. The incident took place around noontime on a stretch of beach near a jetty where the borders blur between the cities of Imperial Beach and Coronado. A naval communications installation nicknamed “the elephant cage” is nearby, as is the YMCA Surf Camp. Especially in the off-season, dogs are often seen running free on this section of beach. As Kelley recalls, Simon was unleashed, chasing balls of kelp around, when it approached a dachshund and a pit bull, both being held on leashes by a woman on the beach. The pit bull also wore a muzzle. Other unleashed dogs joined the get-together. As Simon sniffed around, the pit strained at its leash, broke free, somehow shook off the muzzle, and went for the poodle, which wound up between its jaws. Kelley said her daughter forced her knee onto the pit bull’s neck while, with Kelley' s help, she dragged the dog into the water up to its head, where it let go of the poodle. Simon lost several teeth while trying to break free of the dog’s jaws. Animal-control officers paid visits to the owners of both Simon and the pit bull the next day. Later, authorities ordered the pit owner to carry liability for the dog on her home-insurance policy for $500,000 minimum. They also ordered that the pit bull be neutered. Kelley said pit bulls — and other potentially unruly big dogs — should be banned from the Imperial Beach shores "in the interest of public safety." She's also advocating mandatory insurance for dog owners and a hike in the local licensing fees for dogs that have not been neutered or spayed. Right now, she said in phone interviews and by email, she has "hopelessness and a feeling of being trapped" in the house with her two dogs, afraid that venturing onto the nearby beach might bring another encounter with an unruly canine. "I'm getting a lot of support,” Kelley wrote in an email. "We just had our dog's outer stitches removed…. The inner stitches in his gums and mouth are gut and will melt eventually. The poor little dog had his lower jaw ripped out and lost his lower front teeth." Kelley's hands Kelley's hands After they took the dog to the vet, mother and daughter went to the emergency room at the Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center. They were there for three hours, said Kelley. They were given dry clothing and then treated for an assortment of cuts and bruises. Kelley's daughter, who was visiting from Bakersfield, where she works for the Kern County jails in the mental-health field, does massage therapy part-time for extra income, and her hands are too injured for her to be able to do that work right now. Kelley teaches and plays piano professionally; she said she still has hand pain and a swollen finger. Medical and vet bills aren't fully tallied, but they amount to several thousand dollars so far, said Kelley. On January 15, Kelley said she got a call from the pit bull owner's insurance company and was offered $100,000 to settle. Kelley said she is consulting her attorney about it.
caesarina keri January 19, 2014 at 11:10 PM
I walk my dogs off leash outside the Jurisdiction of IB as do many others.......so get ready to take alot of pix you loser. And if I were you I'd keep my trap shot when you don't know what you're talking about. I have never hurt you and neither have my dogs. And for your information you're a sucker....you play right into the hands of the city thinking their supergreat leash law protects its citizens. When actually, their leashlaw is a big joke.....it's ineffective at best and at worst it's just window-dressing because all the dangerous dogs break loose from their leashes anyway. We all cower daily from big dogs lunging at us. And you know as well as I do that these people come from outside the City purposely to let their dogs loose and dump on our beaches. Our beaches are the dumpsite for these big dogs. We shouldn't be fooled by the City into accepting their silly leashlaw as the answer for protecting us from these dangerous animals. Their duty to us can begin with a leash law certainly.....I'd rather see a Rot on a leash than off....but their duty doesn't end with a silly leashlaw.....not with so many of us being attacked. I talk to so many people who are victims of Dangerous Dog attacks..and that's why I'm asking the City to enforce a mandatory Liability Insurance requirement for all dogs over 20 pounds...and for people whose dogs are under 20 pounds to sign a statement agreeing to pay for any injuries their dogs may do and leave it on file with the City, and for Pits rots and dobbies to have $1,000,000 Liability Insurance like our neighbor States require...Oregon,, Hawaii and Montana because stats from the CDC (you're so great with your insulting abbreviations do you even know what that stands for?) list these dogs as the biggest natural born killers of people. I am also demanding that the City ban these Killer Breeds from the Beach. Now do you see your silly leashlaw in any of the above?? NO..because it's totally irrelevant to the attacks, the injuries and the deaths...because leashes NEVER stop these killers from attacking, and, as I just said, people bring these dogs to the beach for the purpose of letting them loose anyway. I suggest you stop hating me....you're a very hateful person....and start hating the owners of these dogs who attack and kill because they allow their dogs to do damage and then run off without paying for it. Bye now.......and please forget to write.
Kelly Tracy January 19, 2014 at 11:27 PM
Why are you using two different last names and your story keeps changing???? Who are you?? Caesarina Kelley or Caesarina Keri??? I wonder if ether one of these names you're using are even your real name? How many off leash VIOLATIONS do you have on record??? It would be interesting to find out what Really happened from others who witnessed this incident. I wonder what one may find out after speaking to the other dog owner, Lifeguards, Animal Control and other witnesses??
I <3 I.B. January 19, 2014 at 11:28 PM
caesarina keri: Take the money you are embezzling out of the pit bull owner and get your dogs the treatment they desperately need and deserve. You may want to look into treatment for yourself as well. You deserve everything that has been said to you. You are the one who has been name calling and just plain mean.
Kelly Tracy January 19, 2014 at 11:38 PM
The deeper you dig it's starting to look like an insurance fraud case.
caesarina keri January 20, 2014 at 01:14 AM
Ms Tracy you ask so many questions.......you're as persistent as a pitbull...tell me...does your husband have YOU on a leash .. or is this insistence to know everything about me going to continue ad infinitum. Well, about my name, every woman is legally entitled to use 3 names; married name single name and maiden name.....and now we all have internet email names. But I have a name I use for people I don't want to get to know or have them know me........and that's the name I'll let you use. How's that, then you can have three names too: Stupid, Stupider and Stupidest. But enough about me, I'm over-exposed; I was on the Channel 10 News this morning and in the Paper, let's talk about you. What about the answers you offered to give up.......about all the taxes you pay for "your residency" whatever that means. So you're in "Permanent Legal Resident" status and not yet a citizen? Well welcome to America. But please tell us about all the wonderful things you have done for IB......let me guess....you had the sand put on the Beach, the Cracks installed in the sidewalks........the dirt put in the ditches. I await with anxious anticipation to hear what your magnanimity has bestowed on the City of Imperial Beach, as do we all. Pray tell.......oh...and by the way..to commit Insurance Fraud you have to own and have paid for the Policy. But with only a fourth-grade education I wouldn't expect you to know that anyway.......nice try though. And you might tell your boyfriend R2E4 that no one cannot be accused of embezzlement of funds of which he never first had possession. But, once again, with a JD Degree and having been to Law School, it's difficult to speak on a par with somebody with a fifth-grade education. Best.....
caesarina keri January 20, 2014 at 01:40 AM
IB3d.....Why pray tell am I a mean woman? If I did live on Carnation as you seem to think, this street is out of IB Jurisdiction, as is the beach north of the fence where I walk my dogs along with everybody else. As for their general health; they are fed better than most people feed their kids. They get Foster Farm Chicken Breast daily with the best No-Grain dogfood consisting of real Duck, natural herbs and sweet potato which my Vet recommends. Would you like to try it? As for my Home of Record, it is in Big Bear, and I'm not going to tell you where I stay in IB because you are fast becoming a public nuisance to me and others. If you follow me, rest assured I will call the Police and if you and your girlfriend keep making accusations against me I will sue you for Slander. As far as the diarrhea you seem to see around you.......check again...it's coming from your mouth.
Kelly Tracy January 20, 2014 at 02:53 AM
Miss Keri AKA ? lets get a few things straight here First it was your negligence and your repeated violations of the leash law that got your poor little dog hurt in the first place. Your actions have caused physical and psychological trauma to both dogs especially your own dog as well as the minor abrasions and or contusions you claim you and your daughter received in addition to the financial burden to the owner of the other dog. Not only should you be sited for your dogs being off leash again, Animal Control should impound All of your dogs for your blatant negligence and repeated violations. I wounder why you claim you're outside of the Imperial Beach jurisdiction at the same time you are trying to ban all large breed dogs? You have repeatedly called my self and anyone else that is not on your BS train derogatory names in addition to numerous off the wall comments. Take a long hard look into the mirror, it is you that has been slanderous so if you feel you have a case against me or anyone else you have been name calling and threatening than by all means file suit. If you dont like it here in Imperial Beach than maybe you should move in with your daughter and leave the rest of us out of your drama you seem to create yourself .
SayaR January 20, 2014 at 07:18 AM
Caesarina Kelley, or Caesarina Keri, or Caesarina -whatever the 3rd name your "entitled to" is- you're a very, very hateful human being. I thought of so much I wanted to say to you while I was reading though all of your nonsensical rants above, but it's pretty obvious your mind is made up and attempting to have a logical, rationally discussion with someone who is so clearly irrational and illogical would be a waste of my time. But briefly, I do have to say, you kinda sorta (DEFINITELY) look like a little bit of a (HUGE) sociopathic liar. Heartless (open to shooting dogs that don't conform to your idea of what's acceptable?), and so incredibly full of shit. From your tale about the "incident" (with its many conflicting details), to your claiming that you never contacted a reporter nor told a reporter about any settlement offer (they evidently just pulled that tidbit from midair), to the CDC report (yes, I know what CDC stands for, so you don't have to ask me, too) listing pit bulls as "the #1 natural born killer" (no... just, no!) to about a thousand other things that just don't line up. Gut reaction: you're not exactly trustworthy. And surely your (alleged) JD degree and those 3 years you (allegedly) spent (wasted) in law school would have ingrained into you some sort of respect for the law; rather than yapping over and over about how it's okay for you, because of wherever you claim you live, to have your dogs off leash, other people need to be controlled by the government, in the way that YOU want, particularly those who have dogs that YOU'RE afraid of- dogs who are unfortunate enough to be born with characteristics YOUR not comfortable with, people who own dog breeds YOU have targeted on YOUR personal vendetta (which evidently includes more than pit bulls per your frequent mention of rotties, Dobermans, and heck, even Saint Bernards- females, specifically- and any other dog over 20lbs.) Breaking news: it's not all about you, princess. You got 50 signatures (1/2 of which were probably forged by you, the other half probably from people who signed just to get you to go away), but a quick look at the comment section of your story on the 10 News website alone, you're outnumbered by a significant majority of people who love their "monster" dogs and would fight like hell to protect them from the crap-ban you propose.
I <3 I.B. January 20, 2014 at 07:32 PM
She repeatedly harassed people in our little neighborhood. Most did sign her petition just to get away from the awful stench emanating from her and her malnourished, sickly dogs. This woman is rotten in every sense of the word. I know from PERSONAL experience.
caesarina keri January 20, 2014 at 07:45 PM
Mr IB3B how can you say you know anything about me FROM EXPERIENCE when I don't even know you. Tell me, have we ever met? Are you the guy who came by the house selliing tootsie-rolls and I didn't buy any? I remember now, you needed to sell a certain amount of candy in order to take a trip or something...but you seemed to be on drugs hence my refusal to buy your tootsie-rolls? Was that you; did you sell them? Do you even know where I live? Actually, I made alot of new friends getting the petition signed and they are anxious to come to the Council Meeting to support it. They volunteered without any encouragement from me. So hope to see you there. But if you speak I recommend you be more polite to the Councilmembers than you have been to me or they'll get the Police to throw you out. Best....
I <3 I.B. January 21, 2014 at 01:00 PM
Caesarina keri: If you are going to argue the validity of your case, try doing it with some class. Everywhere you have spoken about this, you have terrorized people. I am actually one of the surfers you harassed while getting out of the water tired and soaked. I did not sign your foolish petition and was at least civil to you (something you should learn how to do).
caesarina keri January 21, 2014 at 07:38 PM
I3B.......don't know what you mean.. I never talk to surfers and have never brought the petition to the Beach. I keep it at home. and everyone I spoke to signed it. If I offended you in some way I didn't mean to. I'm the one who was terrorized by the attack and so I don't have a clue about what you're referring to. Think about it, why wouldn't you want owners to pay for the damage their dogs do? Isn't that basic decency and common sense. My dogs carry Liability Insurance and a Pitbull owner even agreed with me and signed the Petition because she carries Liability Insurance for her dog. So what part of what we're trying to do for th City don't you like.....maybe there's some misunderstanding and I would like to clarify.
Kelly Tracy January 21, 2014 at 10:32 PM
Miss Caesarina Keri AKA Caesarina Kelley AKA Sarina Kelley. You have some nerve to bring your unleashed dogs to the beach while claiming you are afraid of pit bulls as well as all other breeds of dog over 20 LBs and let your Unleashed dogs approach and haras a large dog "pit bull" on a leash and then when your dog gets hurt you go on attaching all large dog owners and start a petition based on half truths and scare tactics praying on the fears of others. This unfortunate incident could have been avoided if you had your dogs on a leash and steered clear of dogs you are afraid of. It is because of your blatant negligence and putting your own dogs in harms way that this incident happened. Miss Caesarina Keri it is you and you alone that should be held accountable not only should you be fined, you should have to pay the owner of the other dog for emotional pain and suffering damages as well as any all all related cost do to your negligence.In addition I believe that Animal Control should impound all of your dogs and you should be prohibited from owning or possessing any dogs ever.
Toni January 21, 2014 at 10:35 PM
Wow all of the above threats and comments amongst you all make me sick! Too many losers in IB and I don't think they care and I know it and don't walk anywhere I think of drug dealers losers etc. is enough for me! Cleanup IB period!
caesarina keri January 21, 2014 at 10:44 PM
Toni Jean, yes...I know....I agree with you...how much of this will we have to hear.. these guys must have an IQ of 4 because they evidently can't read. I can't keep on explaining to them what they don't want to hear anyway. Even when I was Military officer I never saw such low-class irrational men in the Enlisted Ranks.
caesarina keri January 21, 2014 at 10:57 PM
Tracy ....sorry to burst your bubble after you had your orgasmic fit over my dogs being unleashed but my dogs weren't even there; we brought my daughters' dogs to the Beach. So now gee whiz, you'll have to go back into your hole and drum up another slanderous rant. It's too bad now that everyone in IB knows you're a wacko......and that you can't read. But tell me, can you read well enough to be able to get a job and actually do something useful..because I think MacDonalds is hiring. If not Mr Brilliance.....just stay at home as usual and wait for the Mail because I expect to serve you very soon with a suit for Libel .....I think we have enough now......but by all means don't let me keep you from providing us with more....keep up the Rants!
caesarina keri January 21, 2014 at 11:07 PM
SayaR...fyi..it's not I but the CDC that has labelled Pits as the most dangerous natural-born Killers. California had more digbites than any other State according to their Stats, and all the fatalities coming from these attacks were from Pitbulls. Now that's enough evidence for me........but why don't you go and argue with the CDC yourself...and insult them and tell all the scientists there how stupid you think they are and how superior your stats on Pitbulls are. You must have some don't you.....you know you'll need facts to try and combat facts you can't just rant away like you do here. Maybe those scientists need to be enlightened with your brilliant ideas about Pitbulls. Or do you even know where to find the CDC?
Charleen Miller January 22, 2014 at 12:02 PM
caesarina keri....your statement that the CDC has labeled pits as the most dangerous is in fact wrong. Check this out. http://www.understand-a-bull.com/BSL/CDCReport/CDCReport.htm You are relying on very old information to try to bully your point. BTW I saw the video of you with your daughters dog. You had the leash in your hand, dog running lose. So you break the law then want to ban another breed because your dog got too close to it and is now hurt. I am sorry you dog got hurt, but you need to take responsibility for part of it. And to ban a whole breed because of one is just ignorant. How about you being banned because you couldn't follow the leash law. I no longer live in IB (if I did I would be at the council meeting against you). Any dog can be aggressive, as can any human. We have a neighbor who has two small dachshund that got out of their yard and attacked another neighbors cat, in the cats yard and it had to be put down due to the injuries. Do I want them banned from our neighborhood? No I want the owner to take responsibility and keep them in their yard, like we and the other neighbors do with our dogs. Another neighbor has both a pit and a Rottie, two of the sweetest dogs you could find, why? Because their owner took the time and responsibility to make them that way. Their 4 year old granddaughter plays with them and they could not be sweeter. Another friend has a Yorkie that is a vicious mean dog I won't even go around. So to blame a whole breed for one is prejudiced on your part.
SayaR January 24, 2014 at 01:25 AM
Ms. Keri, it seems that you have a problem with the truth. Not only do you lie, quite frequently as it appears, you also hide from the truth. Rather than addressing real facts and real issues, you make them up. And then you insult anyone who questions you or dares to correct your misstatements. (I’ll provide examples of both below) Your pattern of dishonesty is concerning; especially since what you’re attempting to do is deprive many responsible, loving dog owners from having the dogs they want and love dearly. You petitioned the City Council to ban pit bulls in IB based off of a ‘violent attack’ that you claim happened- but how credible are you? You tell a lot of stories, you skew a lot of facts, and even the statements you’ve made on this forum alone are filled with so much contempt and hatred, it’s actually really quite sad. I, myself, certainly question your motives and your integrity; I hope the IB City Council does, as well. In your last post you said, “It’s not I but the CDC that has labelled [sic] Pits as the most dangerous natural-born killers.” Do you have any proof? Evidence? A link? I can’t seem to find a single thing that substantiates your claim; in fact, everything I’m locating seems to contradict your statements entirely. For example, two days ago in response to a proposed breed restriction in S.C., similar to the ban you are advocating in IB, a CDC spokesperson is quoted as saying, “Any dog of any breed has the potential to bite humans. The key to reducing the potential for aggressiveness is to properly socialize and train a dog.” So your proposed “solution”, which would prohibit pit bulls (and many other breeds) from the coast line, could actually make the situation much more dangerous in effect. To flush it out a little, if aggressiveness can be reduced (if not eliminated) by proper training and socialization, and you’re suggesting owners not be allowed to bring their dogs to the beach- a place that is an exceptionally useful and advantageous tool for socialization and training (that those of us lucky enough to live in Southern California have at our fingertips!)- wouldn’t your proposition actually be putting the public at more at risk, not less? As a result, these dogs would be less socialized, less bonded to their owners, and would receive significantly less training if they’re banned from the beach. Sure there are other places to train and socialize dogs, but there are also other ways to prevent dog bites; your targeted petition is clearly not the answer.
SayaR January 24, 2014 at 01:26 AM
[Now this is the point where I am sure you will, (a) disregard everything I just said; (b) call me names and attempt to insult my intelligence; and (c) claim that you’re not trying to ban a specific breed, but rather require insurance for all dogs in accordance to the potential harm they may inflict, yady yady ya. I’d like to nip that nonsense in the bud right off the bat: Per the local news report that you somehow talked ABC 10 into broadcasting, “Caesarina Kelley circulated a petition and presented it to the Imperial Beach City Council on Monday demanding it ban pit bulls along the shoreline.”, as well as the article published in the San Diego Reader, “Pit bull attack inspires petition for Imperial Beach ban”, in addition to your very own statements, including, but not limited to, “Pit bulls — and other potentially unruly big dogs — should be banned from the Imperial Beach shores in the interest of public safety.”, and “The way to punish the owners is to Ban these dogs from the beach and fine the owners $500 if they bring them to the beach.”, and “We must insist that the City of IB enforce a ban on these dangerous dogs.”, and “This City and others can entertain merely banning Pits, Rots and Dobbies from the Beach to protect its Citizens from Attacks”, and “There are many people here who agree with me about banning these terrible killer dogs.” [Sadly, there are more- many, many more- examples that show what you’re really after.] If you’re going to push for such laws, at least embrace it- spare us all the, “you’re so stupid, you’re not listening, you have the education of a 2nd grader, you obviously don’t know how to read, you have an IQ of 4” crap. You want to ban Pit Bulls, Rottweilers and Dobermans from IB- fine. Stop insinuating everyone else is delusional for responding to the statements that come directly from you; it just makes you look insane, which for the record, I have no doubt that you are.]
SayaR January 24, 2014 at 01:26 AM
Now- to return to the CDC issue. You and I (and anyone with a modicum of common sense) knows the CDC never said that pit bulls were “natural born killers”, much less “the number one most dangerous natural born killer”, as you claim. (Surely domesticated dogs can’t forge ahead of humans in that respect.) First, the CDC stopped tracking dog bite-related fatalities according to breed in 1998; they issued a press release stating that such information was no longer considered to be of discernable value. So I’m not entirely sure where you get your data or its currency; 1998 was a pretty long time ago, assuming you got your figures from a legitimate source (doubtful), it’s surely outdated by now as it’s been over 16 years since the CDC even recorded this information. Additionally, based on about 12 minutes of my own research, I’ve found that the CDC is pretty much opposed to your position entirely. Of significance, they have recently said, and these are direct quotes!, “There is currently no accurate way to identify the number of dogs of a particular breed, and consequently no measure to determine which breeds are more likely to bite or kill.", as well as, "Because of difficulties inherent in determining a dog's breed with certainty, enforcement of breed specific ordinances raises constitutional and practical issues. Many practical alternatives to breed specific ordinances exist and hold promise for prevention of dog bites." So there you have it: the CDC, whom you’ve placed quite a bit of reliance on, EXPRESSLY states that there are “many practical alternatives” to the breed-specific ordinances you propose. In your own (scathing) words, “You know you’ll need facts to try and combat facts, you can’t just rant away like you do on here.” I challenge you to abide by the same standard. Citations to the sources I’ve referred to herein are below; I’m anxious to see yours.
SayaR January 24, 2014 at 01:27 AM
Now, I know you were being facetious when you asked me if I “even know how to find the CDC”, but in any event, the answer is yes, I do. And I will provide their contact information to you, too, in the event you would like to contact the “scientists” and “tell them how stupid you think they are.” [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1600 Clifton Road, Atlanta, GA 30333, T: 800-232-4636.] I’m sure they would love to be, as you so eloquently put it, “enlightened with your brilliant ideas about Pitbulls.” Finally, to address your tendency to- how do I put this subtly- lie out of your asshole: One- you go by about 16 different names- not necessarily wrong or illegal- but indicative of at least a little bit of deception, no? [Caesarina Mokarram, Reyna Kelley, Reyna Kary Kelley, Rina Kary Kelley, Rina E. Kelley, Rina Kary, Riena E. Kelley, Riena Keri, Keri Caesarina Mokarram, Cheserina Kelley- and those are in addition to the names Kelly Tracy has mentioned, I believe. Yikes.] Two- how many professions have you had? You claimed in a previous post that you hold a Juris Doctorate. Are you a licensed attorney? [Typically, people don’t spend 3 years in law school if they don’t intend to practice law.] Further, you claimed in a previous post that you were a “Military Officer” who “never saw such low-class irrational men in the Enlisted Ranks.” [The lack of respect you have shown every person on this message board is certainly not in line with expected military etiquette] Finally, you claim on your Facebook page that you are a “former high school teacher” who has “watched in horrow [sic] the erosion of the human side of H.S. curricula…” [In my experience, educators are pretty type-A when it comes to spelling, grammar, punctuation and the like.] So it appears that you’ve either had a very, very diverse career, or you tell a lot of stories. Makes me wonder what other things you’ve embellished in order to make your point—my gut feelings is that one of fictional tall tales you’ve been passing off as ‘fact’ involves a certain “big mean dog” that broke away from its leash and somehow shook off his muzzle in order to attack your (non-aggressive?, not-leashed?) “harmless” dog. It’s an issue of credibility; surely you learned all about the importance of credibility in your law school evidence classes. It’s terrifying how cunning you are. [Sources: http://www.10news.com/news/woman-wants-pit-bulls-banned-along-imperial-beach-shoreline-01182014; http://www.sandiegoreader.com/news/2014/jan/16/stringers-pit-bull-attack-imperial-beach-b/, http://www.thestate.com/2014/01/19/3216437/pit-bull-lovers-rally-against.html, http://www.cdc.gov/ncipc/duip/biteprevention.htm, http://www.cdc.gov/HomeandRecreationalSafety/images/dogbreeds-a.pdf, http://www.thestate.com/2014/01/19/3216437/pit-bull-lovers-rally-against.html#storylink=cpy, http://www.cdc.gov/ncipc/duip/dogbreeds.pdf , https://www.facebook.com/rina.kelley?fref=ts&ref=br_tf]
caesarina keri January 24, 2014 at 12:54 PM
for Sayr..here's the site from CDC and AVMA (Ameri Vet Medical assoc) on Top 10 Most Dangerous Breeds and Fatality Figures: www.prweb.com/releases/2012/7/prweb9692432.htm And everybody knows about these dogs anyway. Go to the Emergency rooms who will you that all fatalities from dog attacks that come in are from Pits and Rots. If you can't get the site I will give you the Printout. As a matter of fact, when this issue is open to the council Meeting i will bring 100 of them with me to pass out. i can't help it if you choose to remain willfully ignorant on this issue. Just read the papers...it's all around. A Pit killed a baby in TJ last week....every week there's Pitbull incident. There was one here last week on Elkwood as I stated above; it broke through its backyard fence (Shocking!) and tore into a small dog . Do you live in this City...or do you stay stoned inside your Apt Pal?
Kelly Tracy January 24, 2014 at 01:08 PM
Thank you Saya R. for bringing to light the truth about Ms. Caesarina keri AKA (what ever her real name is)and exposing this unstable, angry, name calling, fiction storytelling BULLY. Please contact all of the related News agencies with your discoveries and request a follow up story retracing the Fiction told by Ms. Keri. She should be held accountable for her blatant disregard to the leash law, the physical, emotional and financial damages to ALL involved as was as the negative impact on our city.
caesarina keri January 24, 2014 at 10:07 PM
Mr. Tracy, The only negative impact on our city that I've seen so far besides Pitbulls is you when you open your filthy mouth.
I <3 I.B. February 24, 2014 at 08:29 PM
Truth be told about Ms. Keri: My daughter and I were walking down the street the other day, Ms. Keri's animals were off of their leash and one of them started to growl at my daughter!! I scooped up my daughter quickly to avoid her being bit (I would rather take the bite). Ms. Keri obviously has a problem not only being civil but also controlling her own animals. This is absolutely the primary reason her daughter's dogs were bit. I will be a witness in any trials if need be about the neglect Ms. Keri has when it comes to maintaining control over the animals in her care and or custody.


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