Maybe they let Khari go too soon. This new editor seems to have screwed up the formatting and its much more difficult to navigate the site. This sucks but, the politicians must really be having the last laugh right now. Who's going to cover  city hall and the elections. Some Novice?

It's been over a week since the Feb 5th City Council Meeting and nothing has been written or posted about what happened!  For this woman to call herself an editor or a reporter is stretching the truth. She is probably more underpaid and overworked than Khari Johnson was....but if you can't do the job and report local news.....then move on Ms. Editor.
Michelle Mowad (Editor) February 06, 2014 at 09:31 PM
We want you to know we appreciate community members like you, and we take your thoughts about Patch to heart. We're working hard to make significant improvements to the platform and to stabilize the business so we can serve our readers and communities for a long time to come.
Ed Kravitz February 07, 2014 at 11:51 AM
It took Khari 3.5 years to figure out IB politics...yet he still treated both sides fairly. How long will it take for someone who has not been watching local politics to figure out who the players are and who the behind the scenes "shakers and movers" are? Who will cover Council Meetings..Post Agendas....and cover local Politics? Not the Eagle Times or Union Tribune. Now we have lost our "Seasoned Reporter". So which of you good citizens are going to pick up the slack and fill the rest of the community in? Who's going to sit through those boring council meetings and write what's really going on...if they can figure out what's really going on? Pay SPECIAL ATTENTION to CONSENT ITEMS that begin with the # 2. Since they don't discuss these items in public before they vote on them.....if there is anything sneaky....if will likely be on the Consent Agenda. Millions are spent on a regular basis with no discussion and nobody in Council Chambers or watching video at home is any the wiser. You have to read the fine print folks. It's painful to read these agendas and should require an attorney to interpret the language into simple laymans terms. Fact is that the city is still deeply involved in continuing their redevelopent efforts almost 2 years after the State outlawed redevelopment agencies. They just changed the name of what they call it now. Every day the mainstream press has stories about corruption. Do you really believe that I.B. is corruption free? Arey they really doing a good job? Are they really being frugal with the city's limited resources? Do they need all these consultants and lobbyists because staff is incompetent to do their jobs? Oh Hell...they all just got a pay raise. Wonder who will pull up challenger's campaign signs this election season in IB ? The last guy at public works that got caught got an award for grafitti abatement after the two police cases were thrown out by the Sheriff's Department. If you want a fair democratic process Imperial Beach....you can't depend on anyone else . You have to get off your ass and do something yourself. Talk to your neighbors. Elect qualified people instead of hacks and rubber stamps or people you drink with down at the bar. Do they know anything about business? Do they have a legal backround? Do they know how to support themselves without writing grants? I. B. can determine it's own future....but not unless the public is better informed and becomes significantly less dysfunctional. ONLY YOU CAN SAVE I. B.
Ed Kravitz February 09, 2014 at 08:53 PM
Dear Editor: I cannot post on the boards as of today. I cannot edit previous posts on the boards as of 4 days ago. Nobody posted a report on the City Council Meeting which took place Wednesday February5th. Our real editor Khari Johnson who was fired , would have certainly posted a report on what occurred at the council meeting. Perhaps the Patch will be lowering itself to the same standards as the Eagle Times and Union Tribune and give City Council "COVER" by not informing the public of what's taking place at Council Meetings. Previous to SAVEIB.com and PATCH the local papers had little if not no coverage. City Council is now free to operate under the radar again and do whatever they want with little or no public opposition....as long as Patch does not assign a knowledgable reporter to cover these meetings. It is more difficult than ever to post on the Patch...so even if some citizen or citizens were to try to report or post comments....it's almost impossible. PS...a little less SAN DIEGO news and a lot more LOCAL news would be well recieved. If you still had a reporter on the beat covering news that knew everyone....your content would be a lot better than it's been since Khari Johnson was fired. So how about the City Council Report Ms. Editor? If you can't do that...then you can give up now. From a former reporter.
Abia February 10, 2014 at 10:04 AM
Jon Hall February 10, 2014 at 10:10 AM
Must be a full moon --- I am somewhat agreeing with Ed here (although his "flair for the dramatic" is still way over the top) --- but unlike Ed I understand the economics of a failed business like the Patch --- and unlike Ed I am thankful the Patch didn't completely pull the plug --- yet ...
Abia February 10, 2014 at 10:13 AM
The patch sucks now, why aren't we getting any news from the meetings, why are there no coverage of the campaign scandal that also involves ib , Chula Vista, sd . Ib being the one city that is the hardest to get public records( pbs roundtable tv show) aired Sunday feb 2nd states the ib is knee deep in the scandal
barry February 10, 2014 at 10:32 AM
The city council is probably paying the paper not to report. Its easier to cover up their crimes that way.
Ed Kravitz February 10, 2014 at 08:56 PM
Khari ...please come back. We'll figure out a way to pay you more than AOL. IB needs you. Please give us one more year through the elections!
Donald Wallace February 12, 2014 at 01:54 PM
pbs is a propaganda machine for liberals funded by taxpayers. You would gain more knowledge reading mad magazine. The only campaign scandal in I.B. is Serge Dedina wasting money running for mayor. What are his qualifications?
Princess Samantha Kennedy February 12, 2014 at 02:48 PM
I like the new Editor, years ago I worked for a newspaper, the Editor is a very good Editor. Princess Samantha Kennedy de Mountbatten of Oltu http://about.me/princesssamanthakennedy36 http://princesssamanthakennedy.com http://facebook.com/princesssamantha.kennedy
Ed Kravitz February 12, 2014 at 04:08 PM
So why can't she report on the City Council Meeting from a week ago? Probably because she wasn't there either? She could be a good newspaper woman. I'm just pointing out that from an Imperial Beach perspective....she's not getting off to a very good start filling space with neighboring towns news blurbs instead of reporting on her #1. Task. Inform the Citizens what local government is doing with their tax money and their city. We will have to take matters into our own hands to report on city council. I guess local citizens will now have to record or request video of council meetings and post links ourselves....since our new editor doesn't seem to understand objective local news-gathering. I can troll the internet for stories to post too! I used to do the same thing...except...I also reported on local government and was critical of many of their actions and expenditures. If you think looking the other way now is a good idea???If you think continued denial and putting your head in the sand is the answer????? Come on Princess! I'm only asking for what's just and fair. Suddenly the scales have tilted in a major way with the loss of our credible local reporter and editor. I'm not going to quit singing his praises until you "NEWBEES PLAYING BLOG" get it together and report some of the real news going on in Imperial Beach. I'm not talking about printing press releases made to look political figures look good. I'm talking about real investigative journalism on the local level. The only people who don't want real local news are the ones who benefit from working under the radar and away from public scrutiny and discussion. The last thing they want is more crowds like they had over the Sports Park Fiasco. If nobody covers the council meetings....who would even know to show up or why? I am urging the editor to get in touch with I.B. and start covering city council religiously. We already have plenty of fluff.
Ed Kravitz February 12, 2014 at 04:15 PM
The email address that was posted by the new editor is invalid! I copied and pasted it and it comes back INVALID. Yes. I am complaining about the NEW PATCH ! THE FAKE ONE. THE NEW WORSE ONE!
Princess Samantha Kennedy February 12, 2014 at 11:35 PM
Thank you Ed for your over the top informative view. I love the new Editor! Job well done, I use to work for a newspaper years ago back east. Of recent I have been in the hospital and I almost died from internal bleeding. I am enjoying Patch at home while I am slowly getting better and I am under a doctor's care. The Patch is a very good newspaper with a wonderful editor, thank you for bringing informative news to the people. Ed, we appreciate your views, have a nice weekend. I also wanted to take the time to thank The City of San Diego, The Mayor and The Library when a few years ago, they honored me three years in a row with medallions at the Authors Exhibit at The Town and Country Ballroom for local Poet and Author. I also wanted to thank my son's school when a few years ago, they gave my son, Adam, a medallion for running at their Special Olympic Games. President Clinton had also commended my son and Adam appeared on television. Newspapers like the Patch allows local people to share events and how they feel about issues. Thank you Ed for being an important voice for others who share your viewpoint, but, I love the new editor, my viewpoint. I want to thank the people of Imperial Beach for all your kindness and friendship that you gave to me and my son when we moved here a few years ago. Thank you Patch for your most enjoyable and informative news! It is good to be alive, to walk on the beach and enjoy each and every day!
Erika Lowery February 13, 2014 at 01:01 AM
Ed her email hasn't been working for months. I even let her know about it. I think we may be getting merged with Coronado. She never answered my question... We are not Coronado South, unlike the opinions of some en city "leaders". On a different note: can you send me an email? erika.g.lowery@gmail.com
Paula Winchester February 13, 2014 at 09:41 AM
I too am agreeing with Ed on this one, I found out, after posting a comment on a story I assumed was local, that it wasn't even in our state. Sad to say it but the Patch days are numbered. I am missing Khari, I really felt like he loved our town.
Abia February 13, 2014 at 10:25 AM
Facts. Are facts wether they come the left (pbs) or the right (fox) the fact is that ib took illegal campaign money from the same tycoons involved in the sd scandal . One person is in jail already. the question should be what were they promised for the money , why isn't ib releasing documents that should be public records . Not where the truth comes from. truth is truth.
Erika Lowery February 13, 2014 at 03:44 PM
Michelle, One question: is it too hard to have breaks in comments? I would love a hard line break somewhere in many of these comments. Or there will be too many comments to read because I will have a new comment for each new paragraph.
Ed Kravitz February 13, 2014 at 08:34 PM
Michelle, I can't seem to post to the boards or my blog. Are you blocking my password access or is the new formatting not working correctly....or all of the above? Maybe you could get Khari on the phone and he could tell you how to make the editor work correctly. It does appear that it's time for Imperial Beach to have it's own newspaper blog. I would donate the SaveIB.com and TheTalkOfImperialBeach url's if some folks would chip in with some time and enough coins to pay the bills. The Patch is dead for all practical purposes. Some woman from North County can't seem to fix it.
Ed Kravitz February 13, 2014 at 08:38 PM
Who in I.B. took campaign donations from this or other foreign nationals? There's some news for the Patch to write about! I want to hear more about that...and where that investigation is going. Don't see any political folks in jail or under indictment yet? One can only hope !
Ed Kravitz February 13, 2014 at 08:41 PM
PRINCESS, Does the new editor you love answer your emails...because she posted a bogus email address when responding to my concerns. When you call her with a news tip...does she go out and get the story and post it like Khari did? No...because she lives north of the 8 freeway and it's too far to drive to get the news from up there. AOL has sold the people of I.B. down the river to political insiders disguised as the press.
Princess Samantha Kennedy February 14, 2014 at 12:07 AM
I have not called or emailed her or give her a news tip, but, she is just fine. I am relaxing by the beach at my home here on the mend from being in hospital. I am not an insider, I am just a reader. My interests I have been working at for over 21 years is the care and safety of the elderly and the disabled. That is what I do.
Ed Kravitz February 14, 2014 at 10:07 AM
The Imperial Beach Patch used to be a "LIFELINE TO THE COMMUNITY". The recent cuts by AOL and the firing of our Ace Local Reporter and Editor has rendered this website pretty much neutered. The only redeeming value is that some folks are still able to post comments. It's obvious that this website is headed down the crapper and an alternate means of having community dialogue and news needs to be created. We used to get real news from one of them....but now we get fluff from Georgia, Chicago and everyplace except Imperial Beach. Who needs that? Start thinking about what real local news is worth folks. Would you chip in $10 or $20 dollars a year...or donate time...or go report on Council Meetings or local events. It would not be without a lot of effort...but if you want local news and some community dialogue that isn't controlled by hacks and flying monkeys....Don't wait for AOL / Patch or Huffington Post to give it to you. This site can currently only stay relevant by local comments and reporting because we are obviously on our own now. When the editor gives a faux email address and won't return calls...you know it's terminal. She's in Way over her Head. They thought nobody would notice. They figured the Sheeple would continue to follow blindly and believe that local government is being frugal and doing a good job. Someone must have noticed there has been a change....and not for the better. Khari Johnson...if you are out there...."HOW MUCH MONEY DO YOU NEED TO DELAY YOUR MOVE TO ICELAND UNTIL AFTER THE LOCAL ELECTIONS NEXT YEAR"? I know the community trusts you and respects you and they would chip in and come up with the money to get real news back! PLEASE!
Erika Lowery February 14, 2014 at 04:12 PM
Ed, this is the email I have for Michelle michelle.moward@patch.com
Donald Wallace February 15, 2014 at 02:27 PM
Typical, pbs reports illegal campaign contributions received by IB is another example of liberal bias and BS. The last campaign in IB was almost 4 years ago. Where are the facts? Put your money where your mouth is. Name names!!! No one who ran for office in IB 4 years ago has been accused or is under investigation.


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