Is Apple Uncool?

Teens are abandoning the brand, some pundits say, and the crowd at one Apple store may support that theory.

Has Apple become more mom jeans than teen dream?

Some tech bloggers have been talking about youth moving away from the Apple brand because they view it as tired, repetitive and, frankly, what their parents use.

Marketing experts say Millennial kids want newer products, such as the Microsoft Surface or Samsung Galaxy, according to a report released by Buzz Marketing Group.

Teens—who are at an age when individuality can be paramount—also don't want the same gadget everyone else has, this Forbes columnist says.

And part of the problem might be that parents hand off their old Apple products to their kids while getting the latest, greatest iPad or iPhone for themselves. Missing out on Siri and Retina Display apparently sends teens clamoring for other devices.

So while teens are uploading the newest social media apps to their Samsung phones (Snapchat is in, Facebook is out), their parents are at the Apple store doing really un-hip things, like asking why computers no longer have disk drives.

What do you think? Has Apple peaked? Is Apple still a hip trendsetter like it once was? Share in comments.

Jon Hall February 04, 2013 at 03:43 PM
The only reason Apple didn't go out of business 30 years ago is they still hold a large market share in schools --- even though the real business world doesn't use their products More and more young people are going away from Apple products as soon as they enter the real world of ROI (return on investment) --- which uses a simple premise --- getting more bang for your buck Oh, and SIRI is only right 68% of the time --- very lousy performance ...


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