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"none of our local elected officials currently blog on Patch to advance their message or agenda"

To Subscribe --> Click --> Get Email Updates
To Subscribe --> Click --> Get Email Updates
Hello fellow Patch readers, bloggers, and trolls¹;

I often wonder why very few Patch users "a.k.a. Patchsters" are using the new Patch 2.0 feature that allows us to - subscribe to and contribute to - another blogger's blog. So, I figured the best way to find out - is to just ask you.

Did you know you can subscribe to and contribute to another user's blog?

If you did not know about the feature, then I invite you to subscribe to the Seen Around Town blog by clicking the "Get email updates" link on the main blog page, and if you're willing to post things you see around town, leave comment below to be added as a contributor.

If you did know about the feature, then I invite you to also subscribe to the Seen Around Town blog, and if you too are willing to post things seen around town, leave comment below and I'll add you as a contributor.

Over the past few months, local Patch editor Khari Johnson has been busy recruiting contributors by conducting workshops on how to blog.

The next class is TODAY, Wednesday Sept 25th at 6 p.m.

Check out all the new blogs on Patch so far. Here's a few great examples; 
  • The T-Shirt Pastor blog already has eight posts and he just started a couple of weeks ago.  
  • If you're into poetry, since 2011 Gidge's Blog has been a must read.
  • More recently I've been reading a poem a day From The Heart*Cindy Santiago.
  • With nearly forty posts since May, Save I.B. is a resurrection of the old SaveIB.com website created by Ed Kravits, IB's well-known political satirist and self proclaimed Council Watchdog. 
  • For the more visual reader, IB Taking Pictures has proven worthy of subscription and the title seems inviting for Patchsters to request to be contributors.
  • Active Community: Ready? Meet. Action! - A conscious community is an active community. “Be the change you want to see in the world.” -Mahatma Gandhi “Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable...” - MLK
  • Whatever you do - do not see a movie before reading the TUBS OF POPCORN review on Jeri Jacquin's Blog. "She's a true movie maven if there ever was one!" 
  • For real estate all the time, Gary Trieschman's Blog is online!

There are so many more - too many to list - so here's a link to them all.


Although anonymous posting is allowed, many Patchsters provide real names - and stand behind their words.  While others mask their identities with pseudonyms².

Oddly thought, despite its reach - and ease of use - none of our local elected officials currently blog on Patch to advance their message or agenda. Which I guess goes hand-in-hand with the city not providing a video stream on the web of current and/or past council meetings.  Not to mention the numerous 'public' meetings held prior to posting in the local newspaper - or Patch.

If I were a candidate running in next year's election for one of the council seats, I'd seriously consider running on a platform of openness and transparency by blogging and commenting on Patch - with my real name.

Apparently, local elected officials do not wish to be transparent, open, or accessible to the public - I wonder why, don't you?  

Shouldn't we all?


¹ The art of deliberately, cleverly, and secretly pissing people off, usually via the internet, using dialogue. 

² a fictitious name, esp. one used to conceal the identity of someone official, such as ibcalifibsandyshoresCurmudgeon, ect...

Jon Hall September 24, 2013 at 10:12 AM
¹ The art of deliberately, cleverly, and secretly pissing people off, usually via the internet, using dialogue --- also defines anyone who plays on the sympathies of others to push for laws that will give them personal financial gain


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