Update: Gallery – Coronado's Jimmy Reilly Memorial Surf Classic

More than 80 surfers participated this year, the 30th contest to honor Reilly, who died in a car wreck.

More than 80 surfers took part in the 30th Annual J.R. Longboard Surf Classic in Coronado Saturday, organizers said.

The competition has been held for the past three decades in the memory of Jimmy Reilly, a local surfer who died in a car accident.

Money raised at the competion goes to surf teams at Coronado High School and Middle School

The Best Nose Ride Award went to Dough Smith.

John Elwell won the Big Kahuna Award.


Girls 14 & Under

1st Chrissy Seggerman
2nd Chandler Williams 3rd Aine Dwyer 4th Sydney Zoehrer 5th Haha Granillo 6th Dakotah McGrath


Boys 14 & Under

1st Lance Mann 2nd Ben Outlaw 3rd Kristian Kocherg 4th Noah Griffith 5th Joe Byrne 6th George Farley



1st Mel Rogers 2nd Blaire Herron 3rd Peachy Alldredge 4th Shredder 5th Carter Graves 6th Darcie Nixon



1st Sven Karlsson 2nd Jake Willis 3rd Jack Allredge 4th Patrick Powell 5th Sean Frank 6th Chuck Eaton


Legends (55 and Older)

1st Pat Mower 2nd Tommy Harris 3rd Paul Hamby 4th John Gillem 5th Bart Tucker 6th Craig Warriner



1st Mike Gillard 2nd Terry Gillard 3rd Doug Smith 4th Erik Karlsson 5th Jake Willis 6th Bart Albin

Click here to see more of the 3,000 shots taken by photographer Alan Jackson at the surf classic.


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