Cupertino Vs. Troy, Michigan: Which is Better?

Don't know Troy? Money Magazine thinks it's a better small city than Cupertino. What say you?

People who live in Cupertino know it’s a great city to live in, but now thanks to Money Magazine the secret’s out. In its current issue Money rated Cupertino at number 27 on its list of Top 100 Best Places to Live in America’s small cities.

Among the magazine’s reasons for putting Cupertino so high on the list was the diversity in residents, home to high-tech companies such as Apple, and the top-rated public schools.

How Cupertino got edged out by, Troy, Mich., which got the number 26 spot is puzzling. (Editor’s confession, er um, note: I grew up in a neighboring city to Troy, so there is some bias in this article, which is why it’s labeled as opinion.) Troy is a lovely city, but lacks diversity with almost 73 percent non-Hispanic whites, according to the 2010 Census.

Troy’s climate is nothing to brag about either. In the summer it’s hot and muggy, and in the winter it’s cold and snowy. Cupertino on the other hand is, well, you know how beautiful the climate is, it’s probably one of the reasons you live here.

Where Troy might have an edge over Cupertino is in its housing costs. Median housing there is $166,000, according to Money, while Cupertino comes in at number 5 in the priciest homes category with a 2011 median priced home at $890,500. (But take a look at the list, number 4 is missing. Hmmm.)

The quality, look and feel of Troy’s homes are comparable to Cupertino, and Troy has Somerset Collection, a tony mall that stomps all over Vallco. But tell us, would you rather live in expensive Cupertino and sit at number 27, or move to Troy for a great house value, Santana Row-like shopping and be counted at number 26?

Incidentally, our neighbor Mountain View is ranked number 10 in Best Places for the Rich and Single, but Money thinks Mountain View is "in the middle of California Wine Country"

(Editor’s note: To my fellow Michiganders out there, weigh in on this!)

Mason Mccarty August 30, 2012 at 03:38 PM
I can see it now, another Trojan War is about to begin and we all know how the first one turned out haha. Where's our Odysseus, Ajax and Achilles? I'll start building the horse in the shape of a giant iPad haha
Gary E. Jones August 30, 2012 at 05:44 PM
Coop vs Troy Oh boy! It is with pleasure I recount on our treasure From prunes To iTunes We have evolved Technology we solved While maintaining a rural profile All the while From public gardens and creek side trails To preserving deer, raccoons and quails Widely known and esteemed More than we ever dreamed For our schools and learning We deliver on the yearning Yes our people are many shades Yellow, brown, black and fades The ethnic foods abound Troy From tacos, to tandoori and bok choy Now it is onward and rising We are not through surprising Just stand back City of Troy Your ranking of #26 we are out to destroy
Rick Kitson August 30, 2012 at 06:07 PM
Troy, a city that can claim to be near to Beverly Hills AND Detroit, must be special.
Gary E. Jones August 30, 2012 at 11:14 PM
@rick, this needs to be brought up before the City Council. The question is begged; are we going to put up with this? I say no. Money did not consider such issues as who has the most famous Rotary? Who has the bestest wines, I mean really - we have Ridge Winery; right? We need a proclamation!
Frank Geefay August 31, 2012 at 06:00 AM
I know nothing at all about Tory but if there are those who come from those parts and find Cupertino lacking then perhaps it is time that Cupertino wakes up and make some improvements. Do we have a museum that can rival Tory. If not let’s build a museum to complement the attendance of our great library. Do we have parks that rival Tory's? If not let us develop a park that can pull in a steady stream of devoted residents and visitors. I don't consider Apple a city attraction because common citizens and visitors cannot easily visit its facilities or really appreciate it. We probably have schools that can easily rival those in Tory but again schools cannot be enjoyed by the average resident of visitor. How about public transportation? Does Tory have a good transit system? This is another area that Cupertino could improve. The fact that we are ranked 27th instead of 17th or 7th goes to show how much the city could improve. We should see what other communities our size around the nation make them so much greater than Cupertino and see if we can make improvements that could get more residents to increasingly use and appreciate these features. I must admit that I find Cupertino a rather mediocre city regarding the appeal of places to go and enjoy. It seems especially a dull place for children, Cupertino’s most valuable asset.


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