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John Galt November 02, 2012 at 04:56 AM
Brash, Stop it already I'm laughing out loud at your comments. You have no clue about me personally. I can tell from your posting though that you've smoked too much weed As it is proven to affect the brain. Has continually been done by the pro POOP S side, You resort to personal attacks because you don't have a good argument. Do a little research and try to come up with something original. Personally I don't think you can because your brains burnt out from too much pot.
Brash Brazen November 02, 2012 at 04:57 PM
The good argument is that the law & the facts are on the Yes On S side ! The argument isn't about the use of medical marijuana,it's been legal in California for over sixteen years ! The argument is why has IB been allowed to defy state law by denying us our right to "safe & legal access" to our medication & how do we force the city to comply with state law ? The Appellate Courts have ruled that storefront dispensaries are legal & that local bans are "pre-empted" by state law as they contradict the intent of the voters & legislature & called that contradiction "direct,patent,obvious & palpable" ! Even the California Medical Assn. has endorsed the complete legalization of marijuana for both medical & recreational use ! I'd say that my argument in favor casts your repugnant,specious & fact-free argument against this measure in the proper light ! Vote against regulation if you like,because Measure S limits the number of dispensaries to three & if it fails there may be dozens of dispensaries in IB by this time next year ! Science,public opinion & the law are on our side now,while those opposed spread fear with their despicable lies & anecdotal horror stories ! Wake up,it's 2012 ! I'm a 58 years old cannabis patient,my parents are both dead & I certainly don't need any old bastards telling me what's good for me ! You can take your family values nonsense & stick it where the sun don't shine ! Intelligent & well-informed voters are voting YES on Measure S,only a fool would vote no !
John Galt November 02, 2012 at 07:18 PM
Only a fool would vote yes on POOP S. It is basically the unregulated sell of pot to anyone who broken into your home to steal your stuff to pay for it. Laws like POOP S have been tried and failed in many cities. In EVERY CITY crime increased. EVERY CITY. The campaign for NO on POOP S is about stopping the growth in crime that will surely in Imperial Beach. We feel you should be buying your medicine at a pharmacy, not in some back alley. The yes on POOP S cannot understand that the fight should be against the FDA. Hell, even the great liberal Obama does not support laws like POOP S, if he did, he would have made it so. Vote with intelligence, reason, and uncommon sense, Vote NO on POOP S. Thank you
Frank Mockery November 03, 2012 at 06:17 AM
VOTE YES on S !!! Everybodies doing it !!!
Bong Sativa November 04, 2012 at 06:17 AM
The reason Dante doesn't want us to comment on his specious & exagerated claims involving Measure S is that he wants you to tell him how you feel about his propaganda face to face ! If anyone knows where to find him,I'm sure that a very boisterous discussion (rhymes with concussion) would ensue ! Only the smug & arrogant would have the audacity to editorialize without giving the readers the ability to respond to their ill-conceived & blatantly biased work of fiction ! Apparently Dante is afraid of his audience & their opinions are obviously as meaningless to him as he & his poorly written diatribes are to the majority of Imperial Beach voters ! YES on S !!!


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