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Petitions Available for the Removal of Mayor James Janney, City Manager Gary Brown, Ass Manager Greg Wade, and City Attorney Jennifer Lyon and Law Firm of McDougal, Love, Eckis, Boehmer, & Foley.

It is the duty of the Council to oversee the Appointed Officials of the City and to follow the guidance of the People.   When this protocal is breached it is up to the People to provide guidance to the Council.

Four petitions have been created to provide direction to Council. These petitions direct Council to remove the Mayor, City Manager, Assistant City Manager, and City Attorney.

On the next City Council Meeting the Petitions will be presented along with a 'Notice Of Intention' to seek the Recall of Mayor James Janney, Councilmember Lorie Bragg, & Councilmember Edward J. Spriggs for allowing waste of taxpayer money and failure to care for the needs of the Community.

All Signatures must be Registered Voters in the City of Imperial Beach.   Petitions can be signed on line and available in print form.  

Mayor James Janney:


Mayor Janney has demonstrated a lack of community awareness and desire to put forth the effort needed to govern the City of Imperial Beach.

As described in City Code 2.12.080 the duties of the Mayor is to preside over all City Council Meetings. Mayor Janney has abused his authority as Head of Council by closing off public discussion and refusing other Council Members the opportunity to speak about subjects not on the Agenda. Municipal Code 2.12.080 (D) clearly states: The Mayor may not deprive of any of the rights and privileges of a Councilmember.

Speaking up on behalf of the Community is a privilege and the only duty assigned to our City Council Members. Mayor Janney has lost Control of the Council and the City. The People have lost their confidence in Mayor's Janney's honesty and ability to lead.

The People direct Council to remove Mayor Janney from Office and encourage Mayor Janney to resign to avoid further burdening the Tax Payer with a recall election.

City Manager Gary Brown:


The duties of a City Manager are to work under the guidance and direction of the Council. The City Manager is responsible for the efficient administration of the City, to investigate all complaints, to see that the laws of the State pertaining to the City are enforced, and the Citizens' tax dollars are used for the basic needs of the Community.

Gary Brown has been the City Manager since 12/15/2003. Mr. Brown has proven to be a poor administrator and guardian of the People's tax dollar. Mr. Brown has wasted the People's tax dollar on Lawyers, Consultants, and Professional Services instead of providing for the needs of the Community. Mr. Brown has failed to provide an open government and his viewpoint on how to best utilize the City's tax dollars is not shared with the People of Imperial Beach.

The People direct Imperial Beach City Council to immediately remove Gary Brown from the position of City Manager as directed in Municipal Code 2.04.100.

Assistant City Manager/Community Development Director Gregory Wade:


Gregory Wade has been employed with the City of Imperial Beach since 04/24/2001. His job title suggests that he is paid to develop the community, but Mr. Wade has produced negative results.

Mr. Wade has abused his authority by over-regulating, stalling business and homeowners' building permits, and overall discouraging commerce and growth instead of working with individuals and small business to better the community.

Gregory Wade has proven the position of Community Development Director/Assistant City Manager is a waste of Tax Payers' Dollars for the City of Imperial Beach.

The People direct the Imperial Beach City Council to immediately remove Gary Brown and eliminate the Position of Assistant City Manger/Community Development Director. By eliminating this unnecessary bureaucracy the City of Imperial Beach can utilize the funds for the basic needs of the Community.

City Attorney Jennifer M. Lyon and the Law Firm of McDougal, Love, Eckis, Boehmer, & Foley: 


In the past Fiscal Year the City Attorney budget was $205,000, but the City of Imperial Beach was charged $416,548.89 from this Law Firm.

Every Council Meeting has a Closed Door Sessions with 5-10 items on the Agenda, but “No Action Taken” is the only response Ms. Lyon has declared in Council Meetings.

There have been numerous attempt by The People to obtain Invoice Copies to show how the taxpayer dollars was spent, but both the City and the Law Firm have refused to provide Documentation or Proof of Service. The People feel that Ms. Lyon and the Law Firm do not have the best interests of the City of Imperial Beach.

California Government Code 36505 allocates the duties of appointing the City Attorney to Council. The People direct Council to remove Jennifer M. Lyon and the Law Firm of McDougal, Love, Eckis, Boehmer, & Foley and hire an Attorney that has the best interest of the City of Imperial Beach.

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Tim O'Neal November 19, 2012 at 05:47 AM
..."That is the point. To work together."... Agree. I just want staff, council, and other residents to be a little bit more receptive to new participants, ideas, and/or resources. The fact that we all choose to live in this great city; a city that might be a little rough around its edges, might actually bring disparate groups closer TOGETHER. .
Libi Uremovic November 19, 2012 at 02:46 PM
your cafe would be a great fit for the city, but your story of regulations keeping you from opening up a small business is the norm in this town....and we'll find the same in every cali city that's struggling ... the state needs to step in to prevent cities from sabotaging small businesses and individual right... and when the state has to protect the citizenry from their own city officials something is horribly wrong....
Jack Fisher November 19, 2012 at 03:00 PM
thanks for the kind works Tim, and yes I would bring chocolate with me. IBsandyshores, back when I ran for Mayor in 2010 I sat next to Mayor Janney at the forum held at the Boys and Girls Club and afterward I let him know that if I didin't beat him I would join him. I have never been approached to help on anything, maybe there is nothing that I have been needed for but my offer was sincere. I live right next to the 9th and Palm problem and have put up with all the issues over the years from the old owners and when the City took control. I delt with the trucks and dirt when it came time to tear it down. I went to the Council meeting when it became an eyesore due to large overgrown weeds and asked that it be taken care of and it was indicated that it would be taken care of. 6 weeks passed and nothing! I emailed pictures to everyone on the City Council and Gary Brown. Not one response!!!!! Two weeks later they had the CDC inmates clearing the space. I am NOT an enemy to CIty Council or City Staff, I am eager and active resident, willing to help.
Jack Fisher November 19, 2012 at 03:02 PM
Libi, yes it's true. I have been tring to get in with the Chamber to see if the will let me be the food chair for next years "Taste of IB" . Unfortunately there has be little response on their end.
Libi Uremovic November 19, 2012 at 07:06 PM
once we get the government books set i want to talk to you about a skills training program for kids... kids come out of high school without any basic skills that translate into money.... teaching kids basic cooking, sewing, carpentry skills in high school gives them a way to generate revenue while they are pursuing other interests...and some of them might find a career they really love... what's amazing about ib is that there are so many great people here if would could all come together as a community, but the government has everyone divided and broken ... which is a reflection of our entire nation...
Ed Sorrels November 19, 2012 at 07:27 PM
John, I did do volunteer work, way back when the carpetbagger came down from north county and ran for mayor, Worked real hard to defeat him, then I asked our mayor an embarassing question and was bluntly told that He our, Mayor was not responsiable for hiring employee's which he is not, but when a new position is opened by the city and then after someone is hired, schooled and equipt, Fired after just three week's I would think he should at least be aware of the waste of money, I applied for one comittee after that debacle and never heard a word back from our city. But you are right those of us with the time should do more, But as the camel; in this equation it is hard to get our nose under the proverbial tent flap with the city overseer's !
John Galt November 19, 2012 at 08:00 PM
Pamela, First good luck. I would create a spread sheet and list every requirement the city is asking for and in the adjoining column, the cost. Get it all down on one piece of paper. This will defuse the self imposed power that Greg Wade (loser) has over you. Have him sign off on each and every “requirement” so it is all documented as to what is necessary and in a third column why it is necessary for you to pay the fees. This exposes the planning department to do their due diligence before you spend the money. Spell out EXACTLY your plan. Kitchen size, grease traps, signage, restaurant size, seating… everything. After getting all the documentation, go to Coronado, Del Mar, Solana Beach, Chula Vista, and ask the same questions. See if Imperial Beach is consistent. If so – you are stuck, if not, then you have negotiating value. I know it is a pain, but information is how you beat Wade (loser). Good luck.
Erika Lowery November 19, 2012 at 08:04 PM
Libi, I would like to also include some more "advanced" training: ecological systems, accounting, engineering, etc. My oldest - 13 - is taking his first year of engineering now! By the time he's graduated high school, he'll have 5 years. The head up that he is getting over a Mar Vista grad is immense. I don't have the background for school board, but there are ways that we can incorporate the schools, volunteer agencies, outside government entities, private citizen all working to give our youth the same opportunities. I took one of the last home-ec classes that was offered when I was in high school, before the project was cut. Have the quilters that meet at the library run an after school program teaching sewing and cooking. I also took woodworking, which was a mistake for me because I am just too much of a klutz. But with the resurgence of hot-rods from TV shows like Counting Cars, we can get some of the hot rod groups to work with the youth to bring back that lost art. It just takes the city to look elsewhere, to come up with new ideas, work with the schools to get the ideas out, and act on them.
Libi Uremovic November 19, 2012 at 09:24 PM
it's like the people of ib are the little world shouting to horton; 'we are here we are here we are here.'
Libi Uremovic November 19, 2012 at 10:01 PM
you told her 'good luck' twice...but never once did you consider anyone on the payroll doing their job... ...nor did you offer to assist her... when a private citizen has a problem with the city they're suppose to contact council and council is suppose to take care of the problem... that's what we pay them for...that's their job....that's the only job that council is hire to perform - to care for the needs of the citizenry... she can call council, but council doesn't answer the phone....council has lost control of the city... and what's your suggestion for this struggling individual trying to open a small business in this town?? .....start a spreadsheet....spend years fighting for permits like everyone else that doesn't give the cockroach 'gratuity'... millions in tax revenue is lost in this city and state every year because the local governments refuse to allow small business to prosper... the state supports small businesses ... but the local governments find a way to shut them down... our problem is not lack of tax revenue, entrepreneurship, or over-regulation by the state - it is the local governments that are refusing to allow small businesses to even get their doors open... it's hard enough for a new business to make enough money to stay open...but now our local governments are so corrupt people never get past the bureaucracy..
John Galt November 20, 2012 at 05:00 AM
Libi - what idea or suggestions have you offered? You just twist in the wind and bitch. I think the SUGGESTIONS I gave Pamela are a good start. I work out of the area and travel for my business. I have no time when city offices are open to go fight for Pamela. My good luck to Pamela is truly meant that way. I wish Pamela the best. Also I am not a lawyer, although I am well versed on the law and know how to get things done. Pamela is likely smart enough to take a few ideas and run with them. As for her business, I am sure she knows that the vast majority fail in the first two years. I fear she will put thousands into it and it will still fail. Location is not good for such a restaurants. My first recommendation would be move to a more upscale area. Maybe a mall. The yuppies have money, that is her market. My business is to evaluate failing companies and get them into the black. This takes lots of work and everyone learning to put ego aside. Many of the companies I work with are manufacturing, but I have been with a few restaurants. It all comes down to the same thing, paying attention to the smallest details. Big picture is fine but if you watch the pennies the dollars will follow. Pamela - good luck
Tim O'Neal November 20, 2012 at 07:20 AM
Pamela - 1. Coastal Development Permit (CDP) - This is Coastal Commission permit. This was probably mentioned because you're cafe is "within three hundred feet of the inland extent of any beach". This permit requires costly environmental studies/review that really doesn't apply to your project. Glad City waived it. 2. Conditional Use Permit (CUP) - PER THE CITY"S WEBSITE: A Conditional Use Permit (CUP) is required for certain land uses that may exhibit unusual characteristics and, therefore, need to be reviewed for compatibility with nearby uses and the uses permitted by right in a particular zone. Your cafe is in the Seacoast Commercial Zone & Mixed Use Zone (C/MU-2)...which absolutely allows dining establishments by right. Nothing unusual there that would require a CUP. There's no "compatibility" issues, even with the homes to the west, because they are also in the C/MU-2 zone. So no CUP needed. However, look at the following section of the municipal code... 19.48.050. Required spaces—Commercial and other uses. The number of required off-street parking spaces for commercial and other uses shall be as follows: F. The following uses require one space for each seventy-five square feet of net floor area, plus one per two employees at largest work shift: 1. Establishments for the sale and consumption on the premises of food and beverages (minimum four spaces). Less than 4 parking spaces = CUP
Ed Sorrels November 20, 2012 at 07:43 AM
Libi, I also have unique skill's that I would love to pass on to any willing student's, You don't need a college education to make a nice living, there those of us that school is not meant for but are capable of wonderful thing's. Every item that we use in daily life is moved at one point or another by a truck, and working on them has given me a nice life, This nation is facing a real shortage of qualified Diesel Mechanics, It isn't a clean job but a very satisfying one to say as the taillight's go down the road I fixed that one. I just have no idea how to go about connecting somewhere locally. A Retired Master Diesel Mechanic !
Tim O'Neal November 20, 2012 at 09:00 AM
Also, the City might require a CUP for converting a garage, which is a residential use, into a cafe, which is a commercial use. YOU SAID:..."I have been told I need to repair the sidewalk and curb in front of the proposed café approx $6500"... I'm not surprised. I'm assuming this is because they want you to get rid of the curbcut in front of the garage and/or add ADA modifications to the ramp that leads nto alley (similar to the pop-outs the City's been doing). I have no idea whether there's a code that specifically requires you to do either of these. However, I do know of a homeowner who was in the middle of a $400,000 remodel of his home when all of a sudden the City said he had to cease construction until he agreed to install a new street corner. The homeowner said the City could not provide him with any proof that he was legally responsible for putting in a new corner. After already spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, the homeowner decided paying $20,000 for a new street corner and finishing his project, was better than spending thousands of dollars battling the City in court, resulting in more costly delays. Hopefully you found my comments helpful. P.S. I liked your kickstarter video
Tim O'Neal November 20, 2012 at 09:16 AM
John and Libi - You guys disagree on 99.9% of the stuff each of you post. In my opinion, you guys should concentrate on is the .1% that you do agree on :)
John Galt November 20, 2012 at 12:29 PM
Tim- It's more like the 80/20 rule. Close. It's as if we were married...
Libi Uremovic November 20, 2012 at 01:48 PM
"...My business is to evaluate failing companies and get them into the black...." and now you're mitt romney.... how could you possibly run a business when you can't read a simple spreadsheet ? it's obvious by your comments that you and 'ibsandyshores' are the city... it's evident in your disdain toward the tax payer... and it's also evident that you are not from this state ... the city does not have a vision to make ib prosperous... they are preventing businesses from even starting....they are creating the blight... healthy eating isn't a 'yuppie' fad, it's a much needed and growing movement.... and the perfect fit for our city and state... you mentality is the reason the big 4 have to go ....too old....no vision....no business sense... no consideration for the small business or individual...
Libi Uremovic November 20, 2012 at 01:51 PM
imaginary character wants to continue to pillage tax payer money without any repercussions.... too bad for him...
Libi Uremovic November 20, 2012 at 02:14 PM
"..Libi - what idea or suggestions have you offered?..." let me reference you to the audit: http://libionline.net don't forget that this all started because of the city's treatment of the art kids....i walk the walk.... but i solve problems, i don't just parrot political talking points and stick my hand out for government money... let's see your website...you're so rich and successful that multimillion dollar companies turn to when they need help.... surely you have a website...?? or are you so rich and successful and you've helped so many people and companies that you have to hid your identity to protect you from your millions of fans.... ?? why don't you name one company in this town that you've helped get from the red to the black...in this county...or in this state.... ? no more lies and fantasy - time to deal with reality.....time to walk the walk...
Libi Uremovic November 20, 2012 at 03:01 PM
Ed Sorrels "..Libi, I also have unique skill's that I would love to pass on to any willing student's, You don't need a college education to make a nice living,..." you're exactly right ed - cooking, sewing, carpentry, & mechanics are all basic skills that will provide a kid with a living wage right out of high school.... and they can make money on their own instead of depending on others.. i'd also add boating skills for our town - the boat building, mechanics, sail making, sailing, and even the varnishing skills are all good money jobs that people use all over the world... maybe we could have a coordinated program so kids coming out of the military could learn the same skills.... but how to compensate you ed - how to pay you for your time and skills....i've already thought about this...you've got a house..you need basic maintenance, maybe a coat of paint ...you pay property taxes.... we give the kids high school/college credits for skills training ... in exchange the kids give a certain number of hours 'back to the community' - whether it's working for ed directly, or some other project that requires basic labor and skills... give the eds of the community choices for their time; they can have work for the kids, they can give their time to their neighbor, or they can get a tax credit or something..
Libi Uremovic November 20, 2012 at 03:27 PM
and no, there's nothing wrong with with teaching kids how to work ... when i was a kid our high school ffa put in a catfish farm...and we raised the money by doing a few big projects and people donated the money to the school... built corrals, painted a barn, and harvested some produce .. our economic problems as a city, state, and country is that we do not hold on to our money and we are not helping each other...we are making the money, but our money is leaving our city, state, and country ...
Pamela Olvera November 20, 2012 at 08:13 PM
Thank you for all your great advice. I am looking into your recommendations. I've made a few calls in hopes of gaining additional answers and/or explanations. I just want to make sure I am treated equally and that this city understands what challenges they have ahead of them. As to all the other comments and opinions, I hope all of you can come together and collaborate your ideas as each one of you have valid points. Actions speak allot louder than words ... and it takes a community if you want change! Everyone has their own opinion and has the right to express it. Id like to see if all of you can come together and form change. Because that is what is needed. I see it everyday. Not everyone has to agree - we are human. But we can agree to disagree and make a difference.
John Galt November 20, 2012 at 08:58 PM
Libi - just for the record, making no mistake about it, YOU ARE AN IDIOT. Is that clear enough for you? You make person attacks because that is what stupid people default too when they have nothing else to argue. I respond to how I am treated and your friends like Hemp, Bong, Marcus, and others have nothing else. Back to Pamela's quest – Hillcrest, downtown or other high foot traffic areas may support her. El Cajon, Lakeside, Santee, Lemon Grove would not. In the mean time, I would suggest she start with Farmers Markets and develop her product while keeping overhead low. Get the menus worked out and a feel for what people are willing to pay. I don't think Pamela will be able to obtain venture capital money. Most of it is being held tightly, and what is available is not going into upstart restaurants. Risk verses reward is too great. Pamela – talk to an investor. Pamela - good luck. I really do wish you the best. Don’t get discouraged, it is a very long road.
John Galt November 20, 2012 at 10:21 PM
"i'd also add boating skills for our town - the boat building, mechanics, sail making, sailing, and even the varnishing skills are all good money jobs that people use all over the world... " Chula Vista is hosting a Sea Scouts program to teach these skills. They need volunteers with such skills.
Libi Uremovic November 20, 2012 at 11:43 PM
'..Libi - just for the record, making no mistake about it, YOU ARE AN IDIOT. Is that clear enough for you? You make person attacks because that is what stupid people default too when they have nothing else to argue...' the best part is where you clarify that personal attacks is what stupid people do when they have nothing else to argue... might want to look up the term 'irony'... your frustration stems from the fact that my i.q. is 20 points higher than yours, i have far more advanced education, skills, I experience, and i deal with facts, data, and reality instead of parroting political talking points... small businesses can not operate in this city and your 'solution' is for them to go to another town ....my solution is to clean up the corruption so that small business can prosper... your entitlement mentality is the problem with government agencies... you've been pillaging tax payer dollars for so long you think it's acceptable... you are incorrect....unacceptable...
John Galt November 21, 2012 at 03:11 PM
Libi - thank you for proving my point. You don't know a thing about me but your IQ is 20 points greater. Are you the local MENSA Chapter President? Nevermind. You you lack, and really do lack, is common sense. You are just not smart enough to deal with the simple problems of the day. Like most radicals you lack forsight and problem solving skills. My statement stands, YOU ARE AN IDIOT! Have a Happy Thanksgiving; and thank you for the lively debates.
Libi Uremovic November 21, 2012 at 04:08 PM
i person's lies tells just as much about them as a person's truths.... read the portrait of dorian grey by nathanial hawthorn ...it will tell you a lot about yourself...
Ed Sorrels November 21, 2012 at 11:38 PM
Libi, I don't need compensation, I would volenteer, In my final years with the company I worked for I often asked to have a young apprentice assigned to me for me to teach, they used them to sweep floors and operate the fuel pumps and other such chores, When I walked away from the company I took with me everything I had learned in some 48+ years as a mechanic and 40 or so years of institutional memory of the company, To me this is beyond stupid as the investment in my trainning a young machanic would have over time more than paid for itself. The Company's position was if I trained him the first thing he would do is leave for a better paying job, my answer to that was if he became worth it just PAY HIM MORE and he wouldn't leave, LOL ! They would never buy it ! This is today's coroperation's !
John Haupt November 27, 2012 at 01:07 PM
Pamela-you may want to consider my project in your decision making: I recently enclosed the second floor of what was called "Beach Club Grille" on the west side of Seacoast in the C-2 zone. The process extended almost 8 years. I had to obtain the approval of 3 Home Owner Associations, City Staff, City Design Review Board, City Council, San Diego Port District and the California Coastal Commission before I could obtain a building permit.The construction phase was completed within 5 months. The permit process required SEVEN YEARS plus. The entire project was completed by May of 2011 but permanent certificate was not provided until after I sold the restaurant in January 2011.
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