Petitions to Remove City Officials Now Online

Petitions Available for the Removal of Mayor James Janney, City Manager Gary Brown, Ass Manager Greg Wade, and City Attorney Jennifer Lyon and Law Firm of McDougal, Love, Eckis, Boehmer, & Foley.

It is the duty of the Council to oversee the Appointed Officials of the City and to follow the guidance of the People.   When this protocal is breached it is up to the People to provide guidance to the Council.

Four petitions have been created to provide direction to Council. These petitions direct Council to remove the Mayor, City Manager, Assistant City Manager, and City Attorney.

On the next City Council Meeting the Petitions will be presented along with a 'Notice Of Intention' to seek the Recall of Mayor James Janney, Councilmember Lorie Bragg, & Councilmember Edward J. Spriggs for allowing waste of taxpayer money and failure to care for the needs of the Community.

All Signatures must be Registered Voters in the City of Imperial Beach.   Petitions can be signed on line and available in print form.  

Mayor James Janney:


Mayor Janney has demonstrated a lack of community awareness and desire to put forth the effort needed to govern the City of Imperial Beach.

As described in City Code 2.12.080 the duties of the Mayor is to preside over all City Council Meetings. Mayor Janney has abused his authority as Head of Council by closing off public discussion and refusing other Council Members the opportunity to speak about subjects not on the Agenda. Municipal Code 2.12.080 (D) clearly states: The Mayor may not deprive of any of the rights and privileges of a Councilmember.

Speaking up on behalf of the Community is a privilege and the only duty assigned to our City Council Members. Mayor Janney has lost Control of the Council and the City. The People have lost their confidence in Mayor's Janney's honesty and ability to lead.

The People direct Council to remove Mayor Janney from Office and encourage Mayor Janney to resign to avoid further burdening the Tax Payer with a recall election.

City Manager Gary Brown:


The duties of a City Manager are to work under the guidance and direction of the Council. The City Manager is responsible for the efficient administration of the City, to investigate all complaints, to see that the laws of the State pertaining to the City are enforced, and the Citizens' tax dollars are used for the basic needs of the Community.

Gary Brown has been the City Manager since 12/15/2003. Mr. Brown has proven to be a poor administrator and guardian of the People's tax dollar. Mr. Brown has wasted the People's tax dollar on Lawyers, Consultants, and Professional Services instead of providing for the needs of the Community. Mr. Brown has failed to provide an open government and his viewpoint on how to best utilize the City's tax dollars is not shared with the People of Imperial Beach.

The People direct Imperial Beach City Council to immediately remove Gary Brown from the position of City Manager as directed in Municipal Code 2.04.100.

Assistant City Manager/Community Development Director Gregory Wade:


Gregory Wade has been employed with the City of Imperial Beach since 04/24/2001. His job title suggests that he is paid to develop the community, but Mr. Wade has produced negative results.

Mr. Wade has abused his authority by over-regulating, stalling business and homeowners' building permits, and overall discouraging commerce and growth instead of working with individuals and small business to better the community.

Gregory Wade has proven the position of Community Development Director/Assistant City Manager is a waste of Tax Payers' Dollars for the City of Imperial Beach.

The People direct the Imperial Beach City Council to immediately remove Gary Brown and eliminate the Position of Assistant City Manger/Community Development Director. By eliminating this unnecessary bureaucracy the City of Imperial Beach can utilize the funds for the basic needs of the Community.

City Attorney Jennifer M. Lyon and the Law Firm of McDougal, Love, Eckis, Boehmer, & Foley: 


In the past Fiscal Year the City Attorney budget was $205,000, but the City of Imperial Beach was charged $416,548.89 from this Law Firm.

Every Council Meeting has a Closed Door Sessions with 5-10 items on the Agenda, but “No Action Taken” is the only response Ms. Lyon has declared in Council Meetings.

There have been numerous attempt by The People to obtain Invoice Copies to show how the taxpayer dollars was spent, but both the City and the Law Firm have refused to provide Documentation or Proof of Service. The People feel that Ms. Lyon and the Law Firm do not have the best interests of the City of Imperial Beach.

California Government Code 36505 allocates the duties of appointing the City Attorney to Council. The People direct Council to remove Jennifer M. Lyon and the Law Firm of McDougal, Love, Eckis, Boehmer, & Foley and hire an Attorney that has the best interest of the City of Imperial Beach.

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John Galt November 21, 2012 at 03:11 PM
Libi - thank you for proving my point. You don't know a thing about me but your IQ is 20 points greater. Are you the local MENSA Chapter President? Nevermind. You you lack, and really do lack, is common sense. You are just not smart enough to deal with the simple problems of the day. Like most radicals you lack forsight and problem solving skills. My statement stands, YOU ARE AN IDIOT! Have a Happy Thanksgiving; and thank you for the lively debates.
Libi Uremovic November 21, 2012 at 04:08 PM
i person's lies tells just as much about them as a person's truths.... read the portrait of dorian grey by nathanial hawthorn ...it will tell you a lot about yourself...
Ed Sorrels November 21, 2012 at 11:38 PM
Libi, I don't need compensation, I would volenteer, In my final years with the company I worked for I often asked to have a young apprentice assigned to me for me to teach, they used them to sweep floors and operate the fuel pumps and other such chores, When I walked away from the company I took with me everything I had learned in some 48+ years as a mechanic and 40 or so years of institutional memory of the company, To me this is beyond stupid as the investment in my trainning a young machanic would have over time more than paid for itself. The Company's position was if I trained him the first thing he would do is leave for a better paying job, my answer to that was if he became worth it just PAY HIM MORE and he wouldn't leave, LOL ! They would never buy it ! This is today's coroperation's !
John Haupt November 27, 2012 at 01:07 PM
Pamela-you may want to consider my project in your decision making: I recently enclosed the second floor of what was called "Beach Club Grille" on the west side of Seacoast in the C-2 zone. The process extended almost 8 years. I had to obtain the approval of 3 Home Owner Associations, City Staff, City Design Review Board, City Council, San Diego Port District and the California Coastal Commission before I could obtain a building permit.The construction phase was completed within 5 months. The permit process required SEVEN YEARS plus. The entire project was completed by May of 2011 but permanent certificate was not provided until after I sold the restaurant in January 2011.
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