Breast Cancer Support Group

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 751 Medical Center Ct Chula Vista CA 91911  See map

Women with breast cancer are invited to join the group to learn coping strategies and share information and support.

Joe Theragman January 18, 2013 at 01:18 AM
I have seen on www.Phoenixtears.ca that Hemp Oil with THC will successfully treat Most cancers and even CURE many of them. This is not a SPAM posting. They do not sell the Hemp Oil, the site only gives information on how to make your own Hemp Oil with THC, and have many written and video testimonies of those who have been helped and CURED of Cancer. All you Nay Sayers can POO POO this you want and try to get me and others into a debate, which I will not do. Just go to the site and look around and make up your own decision. What I would like to see here is everyone who has ever been helped with MJ for any Illness to put your own testimonial here and on the Phoenixtears Site. Some one who knows how to contact the Bilbray family may want to check this out and have Ms. Bilbray read this and look at the Phoenixtears site. I am not promoting that anyone should Smoke anything, that is not the point. Smoking MJ is already shown to alleviate various medical symptoms, but smoking MJ will not cure you. You have to get the THC into your system in larger amounts and orally does it the best. It will get into your blood stream and when it encounters any Cancer Cells it will kill them and leave the normal healthy cells alone. See the video www.the sethgroup.org on how the THC killing brain cancer cells and leaving the normal cells alone.


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