How Do You Teach Your Children Responsibility?

It's an important virtue for your kid to learn. What tips can you offer other parents on how to teach their kids how to be responsible? What do you do to instill responsibility in your child?

Creating a responsible citizen starts at home, but how can parents foster responsibility in their children?

Begin with the basics – get your child involved and have him or her have some duties of their own.

From the time children are very small, they should be expected to do the basics – clean up after themselves, close doors and drawers, put caps on containers after use, etc.

Even as a youngster, children can be expected to clean up after pets, walk them, put out fresh water and feed them. They can do chores around the house like empty waste baskets, bring in the mail and carry their plates to the kitchen after meals.

Once children get older, their responsibilities should become more varied and complex, and possibly increase in number.

Some parents who believe in preparing their children well for the future create charts that get posted in a prominent place at home (the ever-present fridge??) with the entire family’s responsibilities – including the parents.

It is important for children to see that everyone plays a part in the family’s success and that all parts are important for life to run smoothly with everyone sharing the load.

christine howell September 08, 2011 at 02:17 PM
Wonderful article, my kids are adults now, but I always have said that I am not raising children... I am raising adults. It is our responsibility to teach them early that one, we are part of a society( begins in the family, family contributions), that we take care of those that can't do for themselves, ...family pets, as they get older to volunteer, and hopefully what we give to society, is adults that realize, the world is not about entitlement , and it's not about you, it's about what can we do for others, and make this a better place.
Matt Henry September 08, 2011 at 05:31 PM
EastLake Church Imperial Beach just did a really good series of messages on parenting that are available here: http://www.eastlakechurch.com/messages/series/project-parenthood/ These were very helpful for our family, especially the concept of how parenting needs to adapt through different phases of kids development. My son is only 15 months but I'm trying to teach him responsibility by signing please and thank you and we play the clean up game which involves him dumping out all his toys then putting them back one by one as we celebrate each returned toy.


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