New 'Things to Do in Imperial Beach' Brochure Promotes Local Tourism

The brochure was released last month. What do you like to do in Imperial Beach?

Residents of Imperial Beach have long known about cool things to do locally like ride a horse on the beach, visit state parks to the north and south of the pier or cruise on the Bayshore Bikeway.

Last month the South County Economic Development Council compiled some of those activities in a brochure to attract more tourists and visitors to IB.

"We want the tourism dollars to come to Imperial Beach as well as the rest of South County and we want people to stay in our hotels," said SCEDC CEO Cindy Gompper-Graves. "With Pacifica opening a different type of hotel with Pier South it gives us new opportunities to market Imperial Beach."

The City of Imperial Beach reviewed the marketing material before it was released, Gompper-Graves said. One city employee even hopped on her own horse for the horseback riding photo included in the brochure.

The brochure will be more widely distributed to area visitor centers and be made available for hotel visitors.

Most importantly, Gompper-Graves said, the San Diego Convention and Visitors Bureau has a virtual copy of the brochure on its sandiego.org website.

The brochure is part of a larger tourism effort by the South County Economic Development Council to attract visitors to South County.

Instead of a large overseas marketing campaign, she said, the SCEDC has been promoting things to do in South County through sandiego.org, a main landing page for visitors, in an attempt to attract tourists.

As part of the campaign, literature for tourists on art in South County is due out soon. Other cultural amenities will also be promoted in the future.

"We want to make sure people know there's plenty to do out here in South County, and I think in the past, as a region, we have not marketed South County as a tourism destination. But when you sit back and look at all the amenities in IB and also South County, there are tons of things to do," Gompper-Graves said.

Like other municipalities in the area, the City of Imperial Beach pays an annual membership fee for SCEDC membership. IB pays $1,000 a year, Gompper-Graves said.

"They got way more than $1,000 value on this," she said.

Copies of the brochure can currently be found at City Hall and the IB Chamber of Commerce office. The chamber also has a merchant and street guide with advertisements and a map of local businesses available at its Ocean Lane office.

Local business owners interested in picking up copies of the brochure can contact the SCEDC.

What do you think of the brochure? What other activities would you add to the list of things to do in Imperial Beach? Share in comments.

Kim Miller April 18, 2013 at 03:43 PM
I just read the brochure, are they serious?! I do like how they worded the outdoor surfboard museum lmao. When I plan my trips nothing that was actually in I.B. would even get a passing glance or thought to go visit there. I agree with both above well said. Also with the new sidewalks, road thinning etc. I now avoid from 7th St. to the beach all together. If it wasn't for the fact that I live here I wouldn't be coming to I.B. at all and after 50 odd years am considering moving or some other alternative. Well done for almost completely messing up a wonderful city.
Paula Winchester April 18, 2013 at 04:28 PM
Yikes, Shorebird if you hate this place so much why do you live here? My parents were raised here, I have seen it change dramatically over the years. I can remember when Seacoast was named First street and many of the roads were sand. We used to have a problem with drunks and bars but now all of the bars have cleaned up and we are no different than other beach towns when it comes to unruly people, we occasionally have issues but not like you described it. As far as the brochure...I went to the sandiego.org site and was very unimpressed with what was there. Seriously, border field park? Silver strand? Why not mention Coronado? It's a good thing we have a pier so they could include the word pier five times in 2 sentences. Surf henge is not named or placed it is just referenced as acrylic. I tried the link to download a PDF and what I got was unreadable. The Tijuana Estuary was glossed over, holy smokes the estuary is an amazing place to go, picnic at and take the kids to show them what most of our shoreline used to look like a hundred years ago. If this was put together by volunteers then I apologize but if we paid someone to do this we should get a refund!
shughes April 18, 2013 at 05:49 PM
If you follow the link to the Sandiego.org site, there is a typo...really people race through the san?????? Horseback Riding along the Beach Horseback riding along the beach is a fun way to enjoy the scenic coast. Whether you want to walk along the beach or race through the san, this experience takes you away from all of the noise of the bustling city.
Chuck Perkins April 18, 2013 at 08:09 PM
Well put.
team wombat April 22, 2013 at 05:41 PM
That dispensary would have been at the top of the list


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