Sea 180 Reservations Now Available; Pier South Reservations Available Soon

Sea 180 may open by the third week of December while Pier South Hotel hopes to set a firm opening date next week.

Pier South Hotel. Photo credit: Khari Johnson
Pier South Hotel. Photo credit: Khari Johnson

Pier South Resort and Sea 180, Imperial Beach’s newest hotel and restaurant, are scheduled to open in the coming weeks, according to management at both establishments.

Reservations can be made at the restaurant now and at the hotel starting next week.

Sea 180 Coastal Tavern employees started training Monday, said Operations Manager Erin O’Mara.

The Cohn Restaurant Group restaurant will serve Baja Med cuisine led by Executive Chef Ken Irvine of Coronado and Chef de Cuisine Jack Fisher of Imperial Beach.

Some permits are still outstanding but tentative reservations can be made now by calling the restaurant’s main number at 619-631-4949.

Once a website is launched, patrons can visit sea180.com to learn more about the new restaurant and see the menu.

Last week Pacifica Companies leadership told IB Patch the hotel would open around the third week of December, however Pier South Director of Sales and Marketing Carin Martens told IB Patch Thursday an opening date for the hotel will not be set until next week. One Pier South employee said the hotel may not open until January.

Progress is being made, she said. The lobby is nearly finished, glass railing balconies were installed last month, rooms are furnished and employees are being trained now.

 Room reservations can be made starting next week by visiting piersouthresort.com or the Marriott Autograph Collection websites, Martens said.

Gates surrounding the property will come down when the hotel opens, she said.

The hotel was originally scheduled to open in August 2012 but ran into several delays, including becoming part of the Marriott Autograph Collection group of hotels with independently owned establishments across the United States and Europe.

Pier South Hotel Timeline

September/October 2010
Seacoast Inn is demolished.

October 2010
Imperial Beach Redevelopment Agency gives $7 million to the $24-28 hotel project

December 2010
Imperial Beach Redevelopment Agency and Imperial Coast Limited Partnership sign agreement to give the land to Pacifica Companies for $1

April 2011
$12 million Wells Fargo loan to Pacifica approved giving the project finances needed to build the $28 million hotel

September 2011
400 cement truckloads make their way down Seacoast Drive topour the hotel's concrete foundation

February 2012
Frame of the hotel's first floor is built.

May 2012
Hotel to replace Seacoast Inn is named part of Marriott Autograph Collection hotels.

June 2012
Hotel opening delayed until 2013. Original opening date was August 2012.

August 2012
Hotel to replace Seacoast Inn named Pier South.

April 2013
Cohn Restaurant Groups signs agreement to operate a ground-floor restaurant and serve Baja Med food for hotel room service and events.

May 2013
Pier South opening delayed until July.

Hotel restaurant named Sea 180.

August 2013

Hotel opening delayed until Nov. 1

September 2013

Jack Fisher named Chef de Cuisine at Sea 180

Hotel holds its first event, the South County Economic Development Council Elected Officials Reception

October 2013

Pier South and Sea 180 hold job fair

Pop Quiz December 06, 2013 at 09:32 PM
So the poor guys trying to run a nice restaurant are going to have the ghetto prision gates up during their opening days? That will look good on the reviews and internet. Oh yea the pier is still under construction until summer. Don't walk on the pier after dinner.Logistics anyone? When do they tear up Seacoast to install the new lights? opening night? It would be funny if it wasn't so sad. Right Jersey boys?
Vanimaniac December 07, 2013 at 10:35 AM
Not even gonna bother to get my hopes up.
Mike G December 07, 2013 at 06:21 PM
Can't wait for all of the "I Love Coronado" license plate frames to roll in. God I feel sorry for all of those that bought adjacent businesses pinning their hopes on this 'boutique' hotel opening a year and a half ago and have now seen their dreams, investments, and for many life savings turn to crap because they couldn't get their collective shit together. Not to worry though, Marriott and CRG will be fine on their bottom line. I wouldn't stay or dine there if it were free!
Don Chaffins December 08, 2013 at 10:07 PM
People, beware of letting the condo/resort beast into your community. They tend to multiply along the beachfront sucking up access points to the beautiful beach. I currently am in the Gulf Shores/Orange Beach area of southern Alabama where once you could cruise down the boulevard with a view of the pristine white beaches with only a few private beach homes along the way. Today that same cruise only allows a view of interminable stretches of shoulder to shoulder condos with no beach access crossing their property which makes a virtual private beach of the sand that is on their south side. Think carefully before you allow this to happen in your community.
Don Chaffins December 08, 2013 at 10:12 PM
Oops! I forgot to mention in the above comment that I will be returning to the IB area sometime in the Spring and wish see our beaches without the snooty condo association folks giving me grief.
Buster December 08, 2013 at 11:39 PM
In the state of California there are NO private beaches, by law you cannot block public access to beaches, although some have tried. Next, the beach in IB belongs to the costal commission. There are any number of streets that have access to the beach, not to mention the illegals strolling up from Mexico. I am looking forward to the opening of the restaurant , bar and hotel. I will be spending money there. IB needs the tax revenues, who cares where it comes from!
Buster December 08, 2013 at 11:44 PM
Mike G. If someone opened a business and their business plan was solely based on the opening of the hotel they are morons. I'm not aware of many that actually did that, Jersey Boys closed due to other reasons. You can try to blame them but businesses along SeaCoast have come and gone for years. I will encourage anybody to come on down from Coronado , IB needs the revenue.
Mike G December 09, 2013 at 04:03 PM
Buster, if I understand correctly your logic indicates that businesses didn't open in the Gaslamp wholly or in part due to the presumed presence of Petco park. Petco is almost universally considered to be the prime driver for the resurgence of the Gaslamp. To assume that a future major hotel opening wasn't at least part of any new Seacoast area businesses plan is short-sighted and quite honestly ignorant.


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