Family-Owned Lone Star Burger Ranch Opens Quietly in Chatsworth

The operators have been remodeling the former Denny's site at 20419 Devonshire St. since May.

Lone Star Burger Ranch opened quietly Tuesday without a whole lot of hullabaloo.

Patch bought the second and third lunches sold by the new Chatsworth gourmet burger restaurant. More about that later.

The family-owned operation has been at 20419 Devonshire St. since May.

It is the brainchild of partners Becky Owens, who was running the place on Tuesday, and Jeff Biscamp, who took charge gutting the building and doing the interior design.

Owens, a former long-time ad salesperson at the Los Angeles Times and current owner/publisher of Antelope Valley Magazine, is drawing upon her experience operating Italian and pizza joints in Santa Clarita and Palmdale, as well as Sheraton Hotel and Steak & Ale restaurants in Texas.

In the kitchen, she's has chefs Julius Dunn and Allen Rodriguez preparing half-pound burgers from grass-fed certified Angus beef.

The neon was still being installed on the roof as diners arrived for the unadvertised soft opening.

Although the kitchen prepares takeout orders, and the Lone Star Burger Ranch will offer delivery for a modest but still undetermined fee, this is a sit-down restaurant. Owens boasts that this is a restaurant "where the burger comes to you."

The room is bright and white, unlike the dark eatery that previously occupied the space. Booths look like they are upholstered in cowhide, but the seats are actually fabric. Installation of a 50-inch big-screen television is planned for the back room. And a separate area is being developed for kids parties, private meetings and luncheons.

There are plans to establish theme nights for classic car and motorcycle enthusiasts, Owens said.

When you enter the restaurant, you order your meal at a long rustic counter. Choose from any of the half-pound $6.95 burgers. There are $5.95 kids combos, too.

The well-textured beef is infused with the flavor of your choice, ranging from steak sauce to Italian dressing, or Worcestershire or Texas BBQ sauce. Since each is mixed well within the meat, the burgers can be served on a split corn-dusted bun without fear of the sauce creating a soggy mess. You don't find the burgers wrapped in butcher-paper envelopes here. And of course, you can get lettuce, tomato, onions and bacon upon request.

In addition, there's an unadorned Lone Star Burger served on a buttery bun. And if you are man or woman enough, the $12.95 Texas Burger is a full pound of certified Angus beef.

Patch ordered the Chuck Wagon Burger infused with Worcestershire sauce, the Bulls Eye Burger with Texas BBQ sauce, and a $3.95 basket of "Southern Sweet Tater Fries," plus a couple of Diet Cokes.

Friendly waitstaff attired in smart maroon tunics delivered the drinks and meals to our table.

The burgers were tasty, juicy and well prepared. And the fries were as we like them.

Chef Dunn came out of the kitchen to make sure we were satisfied and to ask if we had any suggestions. "Be brutal," he said. No need.

As more customers arrived, Owens looked around cheerfully and proclaimed, "I'm so jazzed up. We're so excited!"

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john doe September 17, 2012 at 12:17 AM
hi, i agree with you i just actually worked there on the 4th and 6th of september, she hired me and fired me the following weekend, well actualy frist told me she laid me off because of over employment, then told me she fired me because i didnt do things up to there standards, note i was never trained, or givin any training, also im filing a claim with the labor board because she layed me off between the 10th and 13th of september and told me id be payed my final paycheck on the 21st, this is illegal, she doesnt realize there are penalties for every day past 72 hours of termination that she has to pay for everyday past the 72 hours, DONT WORK HERE, they treat employees like garbage and insult and degrade us. people who have not been trained properly, she also had me prepare food without taking the food and safety test. i dont think this company will last
carolyn September 17, 2012 at 01:32 AM
to john doe, it's all about the karma. good luck to you and your claim. i think people who do wrong to others just keep doing it until they have to face what they have done. keep pursuing your claim. hopefully the wrong will be righted through the system.
john doe September 17, 2012 at 06:05 PM
She also fired me after working two days because she said i wasnt up to her standing, that may be because i was the only employee who dd not get to attend training day because i was hired after it, they did not train me at all, i hve a lawyer i am talking to and i do know law myself, its discrimination to offer some employees training and not others, i was fired unfairly because i wasnt given the fair opportunity of equal training, they are also insisting on paying me my final paycheck on the 21st which is under the labor laws is illegal because it must be payed within 72 hours of termination and i was layed off between the 10th and 11th when she called me. She doesnt seem to care about doing things legally or illegaly, i was hired as a driver too and never had the chance to do a single delivery, instead i helped in the kitchen with handling food and i wasnt given the opportunity to take the food handlers test. Bart or carolyn have either of you had similar experiences?
Nicole November 19, 2012 at 09:16 PM
WOW!!!!!! I wouldn't go there If you paid me!!!!! Wow wow wow!!!! Was hoping a great resteraunt would go in that spot! We need a great place with jazz music & good food!!!
carolyn November 25, 2012 at 10:26 PM
i wouldn't go there either except to get the money the owner becky owens owes me. her business ethic is horrible and deceitful all the while pretending to be a good christian woman. would never trust what she puts in the burgers to save a dime.


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