Cow-a-bunga Rules the Cool

Bob Mac Dermot moved back to Imperial Beach after being away for two decades. One of the pleasant surprises upon his return was finding Cow-a-bunga.

Cowabunga is positive, good, great, in an aspect greater than cool. 

The term is used by, skaters, surfers, Ninja Turtles and the infamous Bartholomew Simpson. Add a little more emphasis on the cow and you have the name of the most southwesterly “Micro Ice Creamery” in the United States.

serve coffee, teas, munchies, and of course ice cream, 42 flavors with 16 available daily.

Part of Cow-a-bunga’s effort to raise environmental awareness and to keep our beaches clean includes the custom flavor ice cream “Clean Water Now”. Another flavor was also created to promote the HBO Series that was filmed in IB “John from Cincinnati”, which is appropriately named “John from Cincinnati.”

I found this place, unexpectedly, taking a walk to the pier. Stopping in for a coffee and being able to see the ocean was quite calming and pleasant. The regular customers include long time locals, lifeguards, military personal, vacationers and the children of all ages who love ice cream.

Cow-a-bunga is owned and operated by the Gaunin family. They sponsor youth programs, participate in city affairs and manage a wonderful business.

The shop was nominated in the Best Ice Cream Shop category for 10News 2011 A-List and fifth place in the San Diego Union Tribune's Best of San Diego Ice Cream Store category

If you haven’t stopped by yet, do yourself a favor. Espresso and bagels in the morning, ice cream in the afternoon and a nice chai tea at sunset.

So many changes have taken place in the past 20 years. It is quite amazing.  Of all the changes Cowabunga is certainly one of the many positive additions to the beachfront, and is definitely one of the jewels in Imperial Beach’s crown.

Cowabunga dudes.

Healing Wave Holistic Health Care May 20, 2012 at 06:32 AM
I agree. Cow-A-Bunga serves the best ice cream possible. Their homemade flavors far surpass Coldstone, and the espresso is fabulous!


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