Commercial Zone Changes, City Marijuana Initiative at Wednesday Meeting

Changes to the city's commercial zoning and a ballot measure for medical marijuana regulation to compete with a voter backed initiative are among items on Wednesday's city council meeting agenda.

Medical marijuana regulation drafted by the city and commercial zone changes will be discussed at the City Council meeting Wednesday at 6 p.m.

Meetings are also broadcast at the same time on Channel 24 for Cox Communications customers.

Among top issues to be considered at the meeting is the commercial zoning amendment project.

The City of Imperial Beach started work for amendments in October 2009. Public workshops were held throughout the process.

In 2010 the city spent about $275,000 to compile studies and an Environmental Impact Report (EIR).

On Wednesday city council will vote whether to approve amendments and the EIR.

Changes that will occur if a commercial zoning amendment plan is approved:

- 15-foot ground floor requirement

- commercial use standards that at least 60 percent of ground floor business be used for commercial activity

- standards for setbacks and stepbacks

If certain incentives are met like green building or building three-bedroom condo units, businesses can build taller or more population dense structures depending on where they are in the city.

from a panel assembled by the city to discuss economic matters earlier this month.

The California Coastal Commission will need to give amendments final approval.

This is agenda item 3.1.

City council will vote on whether or not to put its own competing ballot measure for medical marijuana dispensaries on the November ballot.

At its July 18 meeting after advocates gathered enough signatures from local voters. They also voted to put together their own competing ordinance and give voters more choices.

With the help of Councilmemebers Brian Bilbray and Ed Spriggs, city staff drafted a ballot initiative based on San Diego County’s medical marijuana regulation.

Under the city’s alternative, only one medical marijuana dispensary would be allowed to operate in Imperial Beach and only in the C-1 Palm Avenue commercial zone.

Standards for where the dispensary can be located would be based on current requirements for adult bookstores:

- 500 feet from park, playground, church or daycare;

- 600 feet from a school and;

- 200 feet from residential zones.

Unlike the Safe Access Ordinance of Imperial Beach, the city’s ordinance would not allow cultivation of marijuana on the property or smoking at the dispensary.

This is agenda item 6.3.

The public is invited to voice their opinions on the demolition of the vacant El Camino Motel. On Wednesday city council will vote to adopt a resolution that demands the two-story building and a bar be demolished within the next two months

At the end of June property owners were served with a notice from the city to get a demolition permit by July 18 when the matter was scheduled to be discussed at a city council meeting but was delayed..

The same day an inspection by city staff found portions of the building could collapse, termites, trash and toilets used as fire pits.

Since the end of June, with 12 violations, D&A Semi Annual Mortgage Fund LP will pay near $17,000 in code compliance violation fees.

According to the staff report, a day later, sheriff deputies found a man inside the building who said he was able to walk in through an open door.

A timeline of incidents at the property involving city code compliance and sheriff deputies is included in a staff report in the attached agenda packet.

Within the last five years, sheriff deputies have responded to more than 340 calls for service at the El Camino Motel.

Demolition is expected to cost between $250,000 and $400,000.

This is agenda item 5.2.

City council will also vote to approve plans to construct a crosswalk on 4th and 5th streets that leads to the Imperial Beach Sports Park and Recreation Center. The project will be funded through Community Development Block Grant funds.

This is agenda item 6.2.

The IB Redevelopment Agency Successor Agency will also consider matters with agenda items 7.1-7.4.

Gene and Christine Hillger will be recognized for their work with the Ocean Blue Foundation, who create and maintain dispensers with bags to pick up dog excrement.

This is agenda item 1.1.

mom July 30, 2012 at 03:25 PM
when will i be able to take my kids to the park at the beach and not have to watch people smoke and do drugs, let alone smell it???
John Galt July 30, 2012 at 03:28 PM
The city plan for the pot store makes more sense. I think it is reasonable considering the small size of Imperial Beach. I am glad my homes and property are not closer to Palm. No doubt the pot loving carpet baggers from outside Imperial Beach will be upset because it meets the needs of Imperial Beach medical users and appears to try to keep control of the upcoming crime. I would like the city to add a factor to charge the owners of the pot stores for the increase crime. I would also suggest the unfortunate neighbors to this “business” keep good records; then sue the pot store for damages brought on by the increased crime and lower property values. Maybe a good place for this would be on Pond 20…
Ed Teel July 31, 2012 at 01:45 PM
A better place for the Pot store would be in the parking lot of city hall. The Sheriff's dept. could keep track of the business and the very sick customers that are seeking relief from whatever problems they have. Our new city motto, "Raise your expectations, lower your standards".
Libi Uremovic July 31, 2012 at 03:35 PM
2.2 is the Ratification of the Check Warrant. They have added '/Direct Deposit' to 'Payroll Checks'. It still doesn't account for the missing monies. Payroll Checks # 44749-44781 = $270,673.75 32 payroll checks - which would average $8,458.55 per check. General Fund # 80842-80902 = $1,385,623.13 60 general fund checks - average $23,093 per check....those are big checks - they're stealing from us faster....
Libi Uremovic July 31, 2012 at 03:46 PM
I have requested the payroll account(s) numerous times. My last request stated: "There is obviously another account where payroll checks are being cut. I requested ALL of the bank accounts on 04/23/12. This is the 4th request for ALL of the bank accounts held by the City of Imperial Beach and ALL A/P reports associated with the accounts." The City's reply was: "...investment and trust accounts are not considered bank accounts and therefore were not included..." good to have in writing that what they are stealing under the guise of 'payroll' is being funneled into trust and investment accounts.... ...but it doesn't make the money any less accountable... I put in another records request for every bank, fund, investment, or any other shadow organization which has taxpayer funds going in or out...
Libi Uremovic August 01, 2012 at 01:59 PM
this is a capitalist society....the number of stores do not need to be regulated by the government - supply and demand dictates the number of stores that are able to prosper in a free market.. if 10 people want to rent their empty buildings then let them rent their empty buildings....the building is private property .....as long as there is no harm to self or society the choice of who occupies a residence or business belongs to the property owner... if 20 farmers can grow & market their produce then big government needs to step to the side and let them grow and market their produce....our cali farmers should have the same rights as any other farmer to produce and sell their product....the state of cali gives them the rights - but it is the individuals & cities that are restricting the free market... if 100 jobs can be created then let 100 people work and feed their families.....100 more jobs is 100 more revenue streams into the economy...100 more parents able to provide for their children ... if 1,000 consumers ....or 10,000 consumers....choose to purchase the produce then the consumer should have the right to purchase the product. ...cali weed industry is estimated to be over $100 million/year...having weed stores would be a great way to generate revenue and give ib publicity... the only 'restriction' i would put is that all stores can only carry cali weed - nothing from other states or countries....all revenue is generated and stays in cali...
Libi Uremovic August 01, 2012 at 02:44 PM
'... I am glad my homes and property are not closer to Palm. ..." a few years ago it was: " i'm glad i don't know any fags...'' a few decades ago it was: " i'm glad those nig'rs don't live in my neighborhood...'' every conversation concerning weed is covered with insults to the weed consumers....demonizing and degrading us.....the racists search for excuses to look down upon their victims....justifications for their oppression ....applying rules and regulations to one demographic that would never be applied to the rest society.. weed producers and consumers have every right to live in a free society without being oppressed and over-regulated....we are law abiding tax paying citizens of this community and state... we have just as much right to grow, sell, and consume our cali produce as the wine industry....
Libi Uremovic August 01, 2012 at 02:52 PM
"..the city to add a factor to charge the owners of the pot stores for the increase crime..." that's a good point...1/3 of the crimes in ib are regarding booze....booze causes far more harm to self and society than tobacco yet it's taxed far less..... our sheriff's bill runs $100,000/wk...we'll monitor the police traffic and allocate taxes accordingly.... taxes and restrictions on businesses are supposed to be allocated based on need, not make up without shown cause.....or ignored because it's the politicians' favorite drug....
Paul SeaBreeze Meschler August 01, 2012 at 06:50 PM
You go Libi Uremovic, although I don't use weed myself, I don't agree with the individuals comments. You have touched on a much bigger issue. Unfortunately our city-as well as I am sure every US city and some of its employees are the real crooks here. It is a shame.


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