Amor Flower & Tux to Sell Shop

Amor has been opened since November 2005.

Amor Flowers and Tux on Palm Avenue is speaking to two potential buyers, said Vince Villanneva who owns the shop with his wife Merle.

The couple have decided to sell the shop so Vince, a Navy veteran, can continue IT work for defense industry clients while Merle will have more time to spend with family.

Though the economy has been tough to businesses of all kinds over the past few years, the same has not held true for Amor.

"We had our best year ever in 2011," he said, adding that he anticipates the same this year. Sales triple around and senior proms in May.

Serious offers currently on the table, one from Tommy's Tabacco next door, will be considered first. If neither pan out the shop's sale will be advertised through commercial real estate websites.

Over the years Amor has provided flowers for Navy memorials as well as active duty and veteran servicemembers, local churches and other clients. Considering all the relationships made over the years, Vince said he wants to make sure they are able clients can count on them for important days upcoming this year.

"We'll take care of Valentines Day first and Mother's Day," Vince said. Students attending their senior prom can also count on being able to rent their tux.

"We want to give it to someone, make it work, help them get started and after that help them if they need something," he said.

However it is possible the shop may change to another business once it is sold.


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