Less Electronics? Better Diet? New Years Wishes for Your Kids

What do you want for your kids in 2012?

With the New Years, a lot of us took some time to reflect and contemplate what we can do to make some positive changes in our lives. Being a parent, we do that constantly.

I asked my friends and family what they’d like to see in 2012 for their children.

One friend wanted her two-year-old potty trained but interestingly enough, everyone else wanted two things: I want them to eat better and I want them to get off the electronics.

As one friend said, "I would like them to simplify their lives... technology that is. Turn off the computers, call the friend on the land line, enjoy this thing called life, face to face!" Of course, one friend also wanted her two-year old potty trained, but I’m sure that will come in time!

As for my two girls, I agree – I’d like to see them appreciate life without cords or a dependence on electronics, although I do realize that this is the way of the world now. I am thankful that they both, especially the eldest, still enjoy reading and make use of her library card. They do use the phone and meet their friends for lunch. We all even still play board games together. Going into 2012, I feel pretty satisfied and grateful that my children are happy and loved.

How about you? What do you want for your kids in 2012?


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