Photo Gallery: Police K-9 and Candid Shots

Sarah Williams is a Southwestern College student who enjoys candid photography and is studying to be part of a K-9 unit for a police department.

With pictures of models dressed as a cheetah, mermaid and formal dresses Sarah Lavon Williams has a taste for theatrics.

She photographs kids, weddings, families and events, but her favorite photo assignments are editorial and fashion with makeup artist Brittany Thurman.

"A lot of moms like to take pictures of their kids," she said. "When i had my son about three years ago was when i first started getting into photography."

Williams will continue to take photography classes at Southwestern College this fall. She is also an administration of justice major and hopes to work the K-9 unit for a police department someday.

Despite an interest in fashion, Williams prefers pictures outdoor.

"Natural light is going to be a lot better than any kind of artificial light. always," she said.

Taking pictures near Silver Strand State Beach and the pier can be great spots for pictures near IB.

"You can create whatever you want from the landscape you have. It just depends on what can be imagined and seen with your lens," she said.

Candid shots of kids and pictures of military homecomings are among Williams' favorite things to photograph.

"Being able to watch and capture a father meeting his son for the first time. That had to be one of the most emotional, yet sweetest moments," she said.

Originally from IB, Williams moved back a few years ago with her husband, a sailor based at Naval Base San Diego.


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