Interview with Fuzz-Huzzi Lead Singer Allen Camp

Camp is something of a local legend and his band is more than 17 years old. "If you’re honest with your heart and soul, you create good music," he said.

I’ve heard so many stories about Allen Camp of Fuzz-Huzzi I almost feel like I know the guy personally.

My boss Jim often says “Back when Allen was here…” and goes on to talk about the way he used to run things over at the Music Room in the IB Sports Park.

Past members of the Fuzz tell me their first-hand accounts of Allen’s hard core touring ethic and when he enlisted their talents. Other acquaintances will more often than not have their own Camp tale to tell.

Needless to say, the guy is the stuff of IB lore.

Beyond the scope of our small town, Allen has led his band Fuzz-Huzzi up and down the coast and across the Mid-West throughout their extensive career. Their current line-up consists of Camp on lead vocals and guitar, Adam Baez sharing guitar duties, the prodigal Ivan English on bass, and Pete Abdou rocking the drum kit. 

Locally, the group has worked with such luminaries as Marcos Curiel of P.O.D., who produced their latest EP, “Smell the Streets of Hollywood“. They’ve been establishing a presence in Hollywood as well and took home the title of Independent Rock Artists of the Year in 2006 at the 16th annual Los Angeles Music Awards.

In this week’s interview, I got to explore the mind of the man, the myth…yup, I’ll say it: the legend. Read on.

IB Patch: How did you get your start in music? How long have you been involved with Fuzz-Huzzi?

Camp: I got involved in music as a young teen playing drums in garage bands in the neighborhood. I then picked up the guitar and started playing in bands as a guitarist, went to Chula Vista High School and studied music. Fuzz-Huzzi has been around since 1993. I am the last original member of the band. I've been playing in this band for over 17 years!

IB Patch: You guys have done some fairly high profile stuff locally and toured all over the country. What’s your personal goal for the band?

Camp: I just wanted to make good music and I always wanted to become a better song writer. I truly am blessed to have worked with many artists over the years, and I have been blessed to have met so many good people in this industry. My personal goal is to always get better as a musician and help others get better.

IB Patch: As a lyricist, where does most of your inspiration come from?

Camp: I take from my life experiences. The bottom line is I believe that the songs write themselves. If you’re honest with your heart and soul, you create good music. If you try and make it yourself, you are getting in the way of truly creating something real.

Music is all heart and experiences.

IB Patch: How do you balance what you do in Fuzz-Huzzi with your solo material? What’s the focus there?

Camp: Fuzz-Huzzi is my main project and will be my main priority always. I am really only doing some solo gigs around town to play with some of my friends and have a good time. Fuzz-Huzzi is my family, Adam, Ivan and Pete are my brothers. To create with your family is a true blessing!

IB Patch: What’s your opinion of the scene in IB/SD? Have any advice for upcoming bands and artists?

Camp: A music scene is up to the individual and what their definition of a scene is. I see a lot of cool bands that are not really cool enough to fit into a scene, and they never get any kudos. I also see bands in the music scene that really fit in and they are not so great and get tons of kudos. My advice to bands is to be who you are. Don't go jumping on bandwagons.

Have fun creating music because you love it, stay away from the cool factor, make your music from your heart and live the lifestyle of being an artist. Don't get caught up in all the drama. Love what you do. Partying like a rock star is old and tired.

IB Patch: Anything else you’d like to add, on music or life in general? Wax philosophical if you would.

Camp: Respect and love family and keep creating your music from your heart. Bring your life to the table, give it all that you have and leave it all on the table. Have no regrets and trust God. God bless all of you.


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