RINOs Support Muratsuchi -- Voters Support Huey

Al Muratsuchi attempts a final push by lining up a herd of Republicans in support of his candidacy. These RINOs give themselves and their candidate a bad rap!

Everyone knows that a worm will roll himself up into a chrysalis and emerge a butterfly. However, the vast majority of animals remain in their species for their entire lifespan. Even ligers and tigons stay in the same mix that they were born into.

Yet in the South Bay, in the 66th Assembly District, one breed of political Elephants has transformed into a creature of betrayal, wandering from their pack of pachyderms, hardening their long trunks into sharp horns, stabbing their cities, their constituents, and their state in the back. These "Elephants", members of the South Bay Republican party, have turned into "RINOs": "Republicans in Name Only". For reasons seemingly unforeseen and unspoken, these city leaders have repudiated the person running under their party banner and have cast their support to the Democratic opponent in the 66th Assembly race, Al Muratsuchi.

In his latest flyer against small business owner Craig Huey, Muratsuchi has lined up the endorsements of these "Elephants-turned-RINOS" who have caved into differing pressures to endorsed the Democrat in this Assembly race. City leaders like Palos Verdes Estates mayor George F. Bird and Torrance City Councilmember Bill Sutherland have sided with the Democrat in this fight, to their hurt and to the greater risk of LA County and the state of California. Included in this straying breed are Jim Goodhart, Don Suminaga, Richard Montgomery, and Gary Kuwahara.

Their support for a government official who has taken donations from public sector unions and huge special interests from outside of the district casts a darker pall on them than the Republican who is running for the Assembly seat. Their support for a School Board member who rolled his eyes at the concern of one South High student bullied by members of her sports team all the more underscores how out of touch they have become.

These RINOs have drifted from their herd, turning their trunks into horns and charging at their own. If they so glibly toss aside party for favors or for standing in this district, what value do their endorsements really have? As for Paul Tanaka, the mayor of Gardena, he supported both Huey and Muratsuchi, so his endorsement means nothing good or bad for either candidate, yet the Democratic candidate's flyer insists on including him in the list.

What's really going on? Why are all of these creatures denying their party and transforming themselves into thick, slow, and out of touch creatures with sharp horns and no sense? Most likely these city officials, like many leaders in cities which are hurting financially throughout the state, do not want to get snubbed for money and influence in Sacramento should the Democrat win the seat and they are left standing behind a losing candidate. Rather than lose out on money and favors from the state, they deny their party and go with the Democrat.

Their calculation is short-sighted, naive, and thick-headed, much like the Rhinoceros, whose horn can cause just as much trouble as good. Muratsuchi claims not to be an ideologue, yet his platform supporting Props 30 and rejecting Prop 32 represent the same, old statist status quo of taxing businesses and hardworking Californians to shore up the poor fiscal management and wasteful spending in the capital. Muratsuchi is one more step in the wrong direction for this state and the 66th Assembly District. Just because a small herd of Elephants have strayed from their principles and have turned into RINOs does not do Muratsuchi or his backers any good.

Al Muratsuchi is scraping the bottom of the barrel. He has thrashed his opponent Craig Huey as a misogynist, an elder abuser, and a Tea Party fanatic with no connections to the values or interests of the voters in the 66th Assembly District.

Yet individual voters have not been dissuaded nor discouraged by the media's liberal endorsements or the frequent mailers of the Muratsuchi campaign. Douglas Delong of Redondo Beach denounced the Muratsuchi in the October 11 edition of The Beach Reporter . He also faulted The Daily Breeze for endorsing a candidate because he will add one more vote toward raising taxes without cutting extraneous state commissions. Huey has outlined a plan to cut government waste. He has signed the pledge to Protect Prop 13. He does not depend on special interest money from public sector unions.

RINOs (political creatures deep in identity crises) support Muratsuchi. Voters, including a growing number of Democrats disgusted with the Muratsuchi attack ads, support Huey.

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Arthur Christopher Schaper November 10, 2012 at 05:25 PM
More spending is not the answer, Tom. 4/5 of school monies go to pensions and benefits. Without significantly cutting the disbursements, Wisconsin's budget reforms freed up cities and school districts to negotiate different insurance contracts and save millions of dollars without layoffs. Reform will hurt powerful union leaders, but not the employees. Without real reforms, cities will go bankrupt, and hurt everyone, including the unions. in France, public sector unions are protesting crippling tax hikes because they know that those tax increases will kill jobs. The social issues among some GOP candidates are a distraction, but even social moderates have not won in contested districts. We have to respect the individuals in our communities but despise the "entitlement mentality" -- we can do this! Give families choice where they send their kids to school. Provide a time-limit with job training for welfare recipients. Let felons vote who have done their time and now contribute to society. End the "War on Drugs" -- it's a war on minorities and communities. Cut the taxes -- you can raise revenues! Sounds counterintuitive, but it has worked many times before.
Arthur Christopher Schaper November 10, 2012 at 05:27 PM
"While a two party system is healthy, we need both parties to be rational." It is irrational to spend money that we do not have. It is irrational to demonize a state candidate about federal issues (Muratsuchi's mailers attacked Huey about Social Security and the FED). It is irrational to kill a bill that would expedite removing incompetent or immoral teachers. It is irrational to let a handful of interests dictate the interests of the entire state. Enough with the labeling, please! Let's cut to the chase and hold everyone accountable. Remember, a number of conservative Democrats supported Huey, too. I know, I spoke with many of them.
Shripathi Kamath November 13, 2012 at 05:27 PM
"Cut the taxes -- you can raise revenues! Sounds counter-intuitive, but it has worked many times before." We can argue about intuitive things, or we can simply look at history: http://www.taxpolicycenter.org/taxfacts/displayafact.cfm?Docid=200 Revenues increased under Carter, Reagan, Clinton, under Bush (till the freefall in 2008), and they showed no correlation to raising or cutting taxes. Tax rates have been the same under Obama. There is one thing though: the deficits increased under Reagan, Bush, and Obama but under Clinton we got to surpluses eventually. No, don't say "Newt cut spending", the same history shows no such thing. We can also go with the CBO on what cuts will do now, and how raising the top taxes will not have the sky falling, but cuts today will send us back into a recession: http://www.newsmax.com/US/cbo-spending-cuts-economy/2012/11/08/id/463431 (intuitively, this makes sense, we are talking about a return to the rates under Clinton) Once again, numbers remain the only way of determining which of two things is larger. Maybe time to intuitively go to the "if you tax everyone at 100%, no one will work" theme, since no one is proposing that, so you'll get no opposition
Shripathi Kamath November 13, 2012 at 05:28 PM
"Enough with the labeling, please!" A little late when you start the article with "RINOs support..."


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