The World Will End in 40 Years; Activist Claims Assault Politically Motivated

The news in IB April 5, 1970, as told by the Imperial Beach Star-News.

The world has 40 years left, said Southwestern College astronomy professor Richard Marasso in 1970.

Man is poisoning his own ecosystem, said Southwestern College astronomy professor Richard Marasso, and if nothing changed, the world would end in 2010.

He made the statement at the start of a five-week lecture series called "The Dying Planet" and Earth Day celebrations at the college.

"Marasso said man has made the mistake of assuming, because of his vast knowledge, that he can set himself apart from the cycle of life, that somehow what applies to all other animals does not apply to him," the article read.

Economic opportunity and welfare rights activist Mauldine Valdez was kicked in the back, knocked unconscious and needed stitches below her swollen eye. She believes people assaulted her for political reasons, possibly as a result of her being named director of the Otay-Woodlawn Park Community Action Council.

Only weeks into the new position, she found discrepancies in the Otay-Woodlawn Park Community Action Council's financial books. She then reported the findings and resigned.

Since a replacement could not be found, the San Diego Economic Opportunity Commission closed their offices.

"I've been told to stay out of the Otay-Woodlawn Park area, or I'll be killed," said the member of the Imperial Beach Welfare Rights Organization.


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