Leader No. 22: Get Kevin Davis Started, and See What Cool Things Emerge

The 28-year-old helps startup firms find funding through his company Makepeace Thackeray.

At 24, Kevin Davis founded Makepeace Thackeray—a company that works to secure funds for startups.

With a focus on clean technology and green energy businesses, Davis, now 28, has led capital campaigns to secure millions of dollars for emerging companies.

But he’s also been active in politics—working for major political campaigns such as those of Govs. Mitt Romney, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sarah Palin and Rep. Brian Bilbray.

And he’s also volunteered his time raising money for homeless outreach, veterans causes and cystic fibrosis research.

A graduate of Point Loma Nazarene, Davis said he’s inspired by a certain Irish-American businessman and philanthropist.

“Beyond the worthy efforts endeavored upon by Chuck Feeney and other and many like him who have committed to giving away most of their wealth, what inspires me most is their passion for not only living the American dream,” he said.  “I’m inspired by the opportunity to work hard and enjoy the fruits of my labors, but also the opportunity that grants me to also invest my good fortune for the betterment of others.

 “Every person finds their own opportunity to invest their time, talent and treasury for the greater well-being and I think it’s important to treasure and appreciate the little and big things that people have done and will do to help others.”

 Advice for young people:

 “The best advice I have for young people is to keep asking for advice. Look up the people who are doing what you’d like to do, shoot them an email, give them a phone call and set up a time to talk with them. When I was in my early twenties, I set up meetings with dozens of executives and picked their brain about their experiences and the paths they took. Reading biographies of successful people can be great, but the opportunity to discuss how others achieved the same or similar goals you have is invaluable.”


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