Have Breakfast with Mayor Jim Janney

The Mayor's Breakfast is July 18 in Imperial Beach.

Mayor Jim Janney. Photo Credit: City of Imperial Beach
Mayor Jim Janney. Photo Credit: City of Imperial Beach
Mayor Jim Janney is keeping alive the longstanding Imperial Beach tradition, the "Mayor's Breakfast," held in conjunction with the Sun and Sea Festival, July 18 at 10 a.m. This will take place at the picnic tables near the Portwood Pier Plaza, and public parking areas will be designated.

The public is invited to the Mayor's Breakfast which began as a celebration of the city's incorporation, which was recorded in the California Secretary of State's office on July 18, 1956, making Imperial Beach the 327th city in the state.

This year the Tegan Taylor Band will perform and Imperial Beach Boy Scout Troop 866 will handle the flag presenting honors.

—City of Imperial Beach

Jon Hall July 05, 2014 at 09:25 AM
Libi --- have never met him either but I am not hard to find and interestingly enough I have looked for him at meetings so I could ask him why Wildcoast supported the destruction of the entire ecosystem at the beach --- I would also love to ask him a number of other things in a public forum ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You see, everyone knows about Janney --- and like him or not at least he is consistent --- Dedina, on the other hand, seems to say one thing while doing the polar opposite ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Could Wildcoast have stopped the raping of the ocean ?? --- Highly doubtful --- but then again, we will never know will we ...
Susan miller July 05, 2014 at 09:49 AM
All I know is Janney came to my front door many years ago and asked that I vote for him. I did. Then throughout the years we have had numerous crime issues in our immediate area and I could not get Janney to return a single phone call. He is very good at avoidance. I made numerous calls to his office and not once has he returned a call. I am a home owner here in IB and I should think he could return a phone call. I had the pleasure of working for the City of Coronado in the Mayor's office under Mayor Smisek and he made himself available to each and every citizen's concern. I have yet to talk to Janney and I repeatedly see him coming out of Mickey's or another bar on Palm Ave. My husband and I joke that we need to start hanging around the bars in order to talk with our Mayor. I am not being rude or mean, just stating the facts and being honest about it. Janney is also a friend of our immediate neighbors who we currently have an active restraining order against because of all the problems we have had. Again, just being honest.
Susan miller July 05, 2014 at 09:54 AM
I called Serge a few months ago to introduce myself and to learn a little more about him and he was at my house within 30 mins. We had a nice conversation about his background and our issues and I found him to be sincere and he showed a true concern for our issues. Again, just stating the facts. I believe our Mayor should be accessible to our citizens and I think Serge is and will be.
Libi Uremovic July 05, 2014 at 10:13 AM
when i first started looking at the books in ib i sat down with janney ..... he was obvously not pleased to speak to the public....at one point i pointed out his duties as mayor and looked at the city ordinace for the 1st time and told me: "it's an elected position - i don't have to know anything"... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ it's an elected position and they don't have to know anything....but a little intelectual curiosity would be nice....
Pop Quiz July 14, 2014 at 10:28 PM
BIG city council meeting this Wednesday!They are going to change the zoning code to allow many more sub standard apartments to be built. Without required parking, off sets or landscaping the rest of us are required to adhere to. Pretty much another done deal by city staff, and out of town interests. The council vote is just a formality. Really, really sad and ugly part of this cities inner workings. Will Patton ever vote like a local with kids and an interest in our future?


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