Burrito Vending Machine, SD Mayor Tells Denver to Bite It, BERT Leaves (His? Her?) Mark

Today's headlines from around the county.

A Burritobox vending machine. Courtesy: The Box Brands.
A Burritobox vending machine. Courtesy: The Box Brands.
There was a time in the not so distant past that the most exciting thing you could get from a vending machine was a soda. Well, a public vending machine, anyway. I'm told there are some interesting items to be had from vending machines in the restrooms of trendy night clubs. 

But now there are all manner of delights available to any consumer with a fistful of dollars or a debit card—socks, iPads, bouquets and tasty hot burritos.

You heard me. Burritos. 

From Imperial Beach Patch:

The company The Box Brands has opened its first burrito vending machine at a gas station in West Hollywood, according to LA Times blog Daily Dish.

"It's like a Red Box, with burritos," the article stated.

The new machine dispenses six varieties of burritos for $3 a piece. 

But, Would You Buy A Burrito from A Vending Machine? Click the link to answer our poll.

Elsewhere around San Diego County, here are the headlines that have people talking:

Carlsbad Police Help Crack Down on Mexican Mafia

Cities Weigh In On How To Replace San Onofre Power

Anonymous Surf Street Artist BERT Hits Encinitas

Library Volunteers Say No to Cell Tower on Carmel Valley Library

SD Interim Mayor Tells Denver to Bite It; Wagers California Burrito on Chargers Playoff Game

Big Brother View of The Hotel Del Coronado [Photo]

Photo of Robbery Suspect Released as Sheriff's Ramp Up Search

Ramona Town Square Concept (Cafes, Bars, Art, Yoga) to Be Explored by Planning Group

Council Meeting Adjourned in Memory of Lisa Hopewell [Video]

Body Found Near Lake Murray Boulevard

Weber Will Chair Committee Focused on Campus Hate Crimes


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