6 Places to Shop In a Pinch For Last Minute Holiday Gifts

Couldn't get to the mall or your favorite store to pick up a present for Aunt Emma? No worries, this list may come in handy.

It's getting down to the wire and your holiday gift list never got a glance. But no problem, there is hope in a pinch.

Last minute gifts may be found in the most unlikely of places.

Here are six suggestions for picking out a gift for friends, loved ones, and even the mailman:

1. Drugstores: Most carry everything from cards and perfumes to electronics and books.

2. Gas stations: Yes, they often times carry stuffed animals, mugs and other trinkets.

3. Grocery stores: Who doesn't need a gift card to buy some of their favorite things or just every day staples?

4. Florists: Always great in a pinch for a bouquet of red roses or hand-designed arrangements.

5. Bakeries: Shops are typically loaded with cookies, cakes, and enough sweets you can even buy extra for yourself.

6. Hardware Stores: Some stores carry a lot more than nuts and bolts. Today's hardware stores have complete sections dedicated to home goods such as small appliances and knickknacks.

So, just when you thought you were no better than a lump of coal because you missed the boat on gift-buying, there is hope in the form of the most unlikely places for last minute finds.


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