Waiver to Establish Trustee Areas for SUHSD before State Board of Education in May

The San Diego County Board of Education is taking the Waiver for Trustee Area Designations to the State Board of Education May 7, 2014 http://www.sdcoe.net/business-services/Pages/Establishment-of-Trustee-Areas-.aspx
Please support this effort NOW.  State needs to know the public supports the waiver of election to initiate this change.  It means areas will be designated so that a candidate for SUHSD Board must reside in the area which he/she plans to represent.  It means real representation for areas that have been sorely underrepresented!  Real Change.  The SDUHSD Board members that were elected and were serving for over 15 years lived in the far east area of District.  No connection to the seats that they took on the Board.  Is it any wonder there's been no change at our schools?   Write, Email or Call the State Board of Education and voice your support before the May meeting!  Call Mayor council members in Imperial Beach and remind them how about democracy so that they do not oppose the Waiver.  Thank you.


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