Watch Council motion-second-vote- and pass the Consent Agenda very early in the meeting. You'd hardly know they just spent $1.3 million dollars without a word or the blink of an eye.  MOVING RIGHT ALONG.................Also highlighted in the video is the 1.8% rate increase in the Sewer Fee and some very revealing math by staff and their expert!! Councilman Spriggs asks a question about the math and decides to abstain from voting after not getting the explanation he requested. Also highlighted is an agreement by local citizens who sponsored BRING BACK THE BOOM  and joint announcement by Candy Unger and Andy Hall  that the city will support the fireworks effort this 4th of July. Mayor Janney did not think we should bother the Port to waive or assist in a $1000 fee for use of the pier for the July 4th event. Volunteers are collecting money in cans to help pay for the fireworks. City will match with Police and Porta-Potties for the event. An interesting partnership between citizens  and the City. Special Thanks to Andy Hall and Tom Clark for going the extra mile to make this event possible on relatively short notice and funds.  See  you all on the 4th of July at the Fireworks....and put some money in the collection cans when you see them.
Ed Kravitz May 25, 2014 at 11:46 PM
CORRECTION....Candy Unger and current City Manager Andy Hall. I apologize for the slip.


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