Junior Lifeguard Program Signups

Cost of the session will be $375. Financial aid is available.

A community reminder from Serge Dedina's Facebook page...

Summer is not too far away, so make sure to sign up your kids for IB Junior Lifeguards. Both my boys did JG's for years and it is great to see all the kids everyday at the pier in the summer. This photo was taken in 2007-and many of these kids are already in college or have graduated from college and some are ready to graduate from high school this year.

We have to do more for kids in IB and provide more opportunities for kids to thrive. Our children are our most important asset in IB. The more we invest in kids the healthier our community will be. #ibmayor

------- Editor's Note -------

Serge Dedina hopes to unseat Jim Janney as mayor of Imperial Beach this November. In his blog post title; "Why I Love Imperial Beach and Why I am Running for Mayor", Dedina writes;
  • "At the age of 15 while a freshman at Mar Vista, I became active in local beach issues. Brian Bilbray was the mayor back then and he and council member Hazel Bailey (who ran the pier concession stand and bait shop) appointed me to the first-ever I.B. Youth Commission. After I put myself through UCSD while working as an I.B. Lifeguard, I was appointed to the Tidelands Advisory Committee." (read more)
  • Unfortunately, over the past eight years the deep connection our community had to our city and the ability of our citizens to contribute in a meaningful way to make our streets safer and our neighborhoods stronger has been eroded. (read more)

From the city's website

(619) 628-1419  /  jrlifeguards@cityofib.org


The City of Imperial Beach Junior Lifeguard Program is a comprehensive training program, designed to teach youth in our community ages 9-16 about respect and appreciation of the ocean environment. Participants learn how to build self-esteem, leadership skills, basic life-saving skills, physical fitness, water safety, and ocean awareness. They will be involved in a variety of activities including competitions, swimming, surfing, body boarding, and beach games. Guest speakers from different specialties organize presentations that pertain to the ocean and its environment. Participants will also be introduced to the profession of lifeguarding through exposure to standard lifeguard equipment and safety information presented by our staff.

Instructors are all experienced and USLA trained Imperial Beach Lifeguards. As lifeguards, they are required to re-qualify for the position and complete 24 hours of basic life support training every year.

Please note the following information regarding 2014 Junior Lifeguard Registration:

  • One 5-week session will be held this summer, from June 16th - July 18th, 2014

  • Tryouts will be held on April 26th, May 3rd, and May 10th. They will take place at Mar Vista High School from 9 am - 11 am.

  • Swim distances and times for tryouts are as follows:

    • Underwater Swim - 10 Yards - All Ages
    • Tread Water - 3 Minutes - All Ages
    • 100 Yard Swim - 2 Minutes 45 Seconds - Ages 9-11
    • 100 Yard Swim - 2 Minutes 35 Seconds - Ages 12-13
    • 100 Yard Swim - 2 Minutes 25 Seconds - Ages 14-17


  • Cost of the session will be $375.

Complete details can be found in the Parent Handbook (see below) . This document contains more information about program dates, times, fees, uniforms, payment options, and what to expect for the upcoming summer. Registration forms, financial aid applications, waivers, and out-of-town qualification forms can be found below under Additional Resources.

The Imperial Beach Junior Lifeguard Program offers those who are 15-17 years of age the opportunity to become Junior Guard Captains. The duties of a Junior Guard Captain include the following:


  • Help Instructors set up in the morning and shut down in the afternoon

  • Supervise younger Junior Guards when leaving the JG area

  • Understand and adhere to the Parent Handbook

  • Understand how to maintain and and care for equipment

  • Understand the dangers of the ocean

  • Be able to recognize a Rip Current

  • Help Instructors supervise Junior Guards during skill development and keep them out of dangerous areas

  • Help Instructors during activities and competition training

  • Participating in all activities each day

  • Participating in the Captain PT at least 3 times a week

  • Supervising Junior Guards during lunch time and reminding them to re-apply sunscreen

  • Must give your availability for the summer. Please give us notice in advance if you will be missing time during the session.


Tryout dates for the Captain program will be held on April 19th, from 8 am-10 pm at the Brian Bent Memorial Complex. For more information regarding the application process for the 2014 summer season, please see here.

ibsandyshores April 07, 2014 at 12:37 PM
Why is the Patch editor promoting a political hopeful by reposting a different blog post that has nothing to do with the Town Square post?
Marcus Boyd April 08, 2014 at 07:58 PM
Clearly the post's editor - not Patch - is hopeful that the political hopeful will be successful!


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