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Public screwed again! Date street parking

Well our beutiful new hotel and restaurant have finally opened. Upon completion the Date street parking is supposed to revert back to it's original public parking. As always in IB politics a back door deal got done, and it is now 2 hour parking for all of those spaces. IB residents, you got lied to again. Nice they are giving the mayor a nice donation for his state of the city address.....same ol' story. Silver or lead....
Pop Quiz January 22, 2014 at 05:58 PM
Hey Jon, There is no parking shortage in IB. Despite the best efforts of this city council to cause one. Did you know the corner hemorrhoids at the beach took away over 50 spaces? When you go to the beach how long do you go for? You have said you live in SD, So i'm guessing you drive to this beach? In the future. when the city carries forward with your ideas (they will very soon), we will toss them out like yesterdays garbage. There are far more local beach users than hotel owners. Thank God democracy still works. I read your posts and know you love IB, why would you want to make it like some crumby two bit place? I don't understand why you, with all of your local knowledge, would support this bunch? They are not doing anything for the residents, but diminishing their quality of life. Have a great day
Jon Hall January 23, 2014 at 09:34 AM
Pop Quiz --- I am down there most every day --- sometimes more than once --- and yes, I ride or drive --- too damn old to hike the city ------ and as for *throwing them out* --- I have attended a few meeting recently & can count on one hand the concerned citizens who attend (unless something like the park is on the agenda) --- had any of you been paying attention you would have seen the plans for the current changes years ago --- and future ones are being shown now ...
Pop Quiz January 23, 2014 at 08:36 PM
Absolutely right Jon. Not enough public input. I go to council meetings. But this council does not like the residents. They do not listen to the residents. People get discouraged and the council likes that. That"s where the " throw them out" comes from. I am sure we can get the residents out to vote. Voting is all day and very convenient. I believe throwing them out is easier than getting the hard working blue collar folks to the meetings after work. If i am wrong you can yell it from the roof tops. But i am going to try. I am doing my best to not be one of the many "Internet Warriors". I am going to the meeting and talking to as many people as i can. I think what is going on in IB is fundamentally Un-American. The residents are ignored and the council can't spend money on their out of town friends fast enough. But you are right, this city has no conscience, without the residents objecting they think they are just great. Because the over developers tell them so.
Pop Quiz January 23, 2014 at 08:43 PM
Hey Jon, you know what else you missed? Maybe you already know. Palm Ave is going to reduced to 2 lanes of through travel with separate bicycle frontage roads. I figure like me you travel Palm regularly. The traffic that sucks now will get at least 1/3 worse and longer. So thank my city council, they voted for it.


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